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  1. I was thinking of something like that; however, I am sure there were lots of battles that used blitzkrieg and idk if I should specifically state on the western front or the eastern front, and the years too. I am also unsure on which battles actually used blitzkrieg. Do you know?
  2. I'm doing my topic on Germany's use of Blitzkrieg in WW2. I am concentrating on its successes and failures: specifically in France of 1940, and then its failures in Stalingrad and Operation Barbarossa from about 1941-1943. How should I format my question? Idk how specific or general to stay. Also, is my question argumentative enough? Or should I change my scope.?
  3. Which major battles actually utilized Blitzkrieg though? So far I only know of bulge, stalingrad, france, operation barbarossa, and moscow. I don't know if they all used it for sure, but I believe the online sources I found stated that.
  4. Sorry for the late reply, but should I talk about a specific year and battle of blitzkrieg? For example, the fall of france in 1940 with Blitzkrieg?
  5. Hi guys! I'm starting my Plan of Investigation today... My topic is on WWII and Germany's use of Blitzkrieg or "Lightning War" in other words. I want to investigate its successes and its failures. Does my research question sound good? To what extent was Germany’s Blitzkrieg successful from 1939-1945 during World War I?
  6. I don't understand this question. Give the formula of the complex ion formed between a. iron (III) ions and six cyanide ions b. copper (II) ions and four chloride ions c. cobalt (III) ions and three 1,2-ethanediamine bidentate ligands. I don't think I have learned this yet... but it was hw.
  7. Hi, can anyone help me find articles for my Econ IA? I want something related to supply and demand, and price elasticity. Is an article about the demand for higher minimum wage in the US good?
  8. kpatel27

    Log help?

    How do you do 4^ log base 2 of 6 ? I would like the full explanation thanks!
  9. I'm a junior, and my IOP is coming up this December... I have no idea what the purpose of the IOP is, and I was wondering if it really affects your overall IB score? Do you guys have any tips on how to do well?
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