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  1. I am doing a World Studies EE, for which I did a lot of background research. In my works cited, should I include the books and websites I used for background information as well, or not?
  2. I am writing a research-based biology paper hypothesizing on the mutations of ZEBOV (Ebola Zaire) and the potential for a worldwide outbreak, taking into account the likely environmental conditions along with the mutations and reproductive number. I am using a lot of vocabulary that is specific to virology and may not be widely known. Should I define each term in the paper as I am writing (ex: "... a pleomorphic virus, meaning its shape changes depending on its environment") or should I define everything in a glossary. If so, does the glossary play into my word count? Additionally, one more question. I was told by my advisor, who has had advisees score very well in the extended essay, that a research-based question such as mine was fine. He thinks my topic is very good and that there shouldn't be a problem with it. However, I've seen here that IB does not like Biology EE that are not experimental in nature. Is this something I should be concerned with? Thanks!
  3. I addressed all of this to my teacher, and I plan to show him the rubric tomorrow, but he said that if we were in groups, then only one person's creativity would be assessed because "some are movers and shakers and some are followers, so I prefer to assess everyone's personal creativity". On the plus side, apparently he gives everyone full marks anyway, but I still want to do it right. I feel its not honest of him to do it the way that he does. I have decided on my topic however, I am modeling the spread of avian flu among the bird populations in my area.
  4. I have talked to him and he has insisted that it is an individual project and that it must be an experiment based in the outdoors. I understand that his requirement may be that it must be an experiment having to do with nature, but we have only two and a half weeks (a little more than I previously thought). We usually have one week maximum to finish a lab. I am concerned because I definitely enjoy the sciences, and given the opportunity to explore something that we get to entirely choose is invigorating, but I also definitely want to still get a good mark on the IB. I would like to talk to both the IB coordinator and the Biology teacher, but every time I talk to the IB coordinator, he says that he doesn't know, ask the Bio teacher, and the Bio teacher just tells me that it has to be individual. For my project, I was thinking about modelling the spread of a virus among a population. Does anyone know how I might go about doing that?
  5. I am in a smaller IB school and my HL Biology teacher is not very well informed or helpful. What I have been told is that the Group 4 project must be individual and must have to do with biology. I am not sure, especially after looking at the posts here, how accurate this is. Please help me understand the group 4 project, as I do not know what I am supposed to do. I am also looking for topic ideas having to do with physiology or virology if anyone has any ideas, but my primary concern is understanding the group 4 project in general. My teacher gave us the assignment yesterday, due in two weeks. Please help me.
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