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  1. I was in IB-MYP in high school, and a Gifted and Talented program from 2nd grade - 8th grade, so it was a pretty smooth transition to the IB Diploma programme.
  2. Nah, I'm not afraid to admit I like Taylor Swift. The next person will confess that he/she secretly likes Justin Bieber.
  3. When I was in IB in high school, I was never really into partying, but now that I'm in college, I party every Friday and Saturday night. I don't think I ever did HW on a Friday night in high school or college, and rarely did on a Saturday. Obviously your top priority should be to do well in all your classes, but It's really important that you have time to decompress and have fun on the weekends, otherwise, you will get burned out from studying, and your grades and your well being will eventually suffer. It is totally manageable to get straight A's in all your classes, do well on your exams, and still have fun on the weekends - the key is time management. Don't wait until the last minute to do your homework; get it all done during the week or as soon as you get home so you can do whatever you want afterwards.
  4. I ended up in a similar situation as Emmi, so I can second a lot of what she said. 1. Not really, I probably would have gotten in to all the schools I applied to (PSU, Rutgers, Maryland, Delaware, Millersville) without IB because of my SAT scores, but I never applied to any reach schools. However, a full IB courseload is regarded as the most rigorous courseload, so it will definitely help out if you're applying to reach schools, though they'll still be crapshoots. 2. I would say so, as would the majority of my school's IB alumni. I haven't had written any large papers yet, but I do have problem sets and quizzes every week, and I would say that IB helped make the workload more manageable for me than for my peers. I have way more free time than I did in high school, even though I'm a STEM major. The material in college is definitely more advanced and faster paced than IB, but it's not too difficult to adjust, especially since I managed the workload for more classes at a time in high school.
  5. As a meteorology major who lives in the Northeast U.S., this is a really easy call: blizzard all the way. Thunderstorms suck here. Would you rather marry someone who you love but doesn't love you back, or someone who loves you that you don't love back?
  6. Amusement park because I'd have a great time no matter what, and it would be large enough that I wouldn't have to hang out with him/her all the time. Would you rather have a low-paying job that you love, or have a well-paying job that you hate?
  7. Everything I've ever wanted. Would you rather marry someone who you know has a great personality, but you don't know what they look like; or marry someone who has a great body, but you don't know what their personality is like?
  8. Since the last person didn't follow instructions... When you die, would you rather be infamous or forgotten?
  9. I'm specifically writing about colleges in the U.S, so I apologize if this information doesn't apply universally. Colleges don't care about what specific activities you do, just as long as you show passion and leadership in something. Many kids in the U.S. believe that having a laundry list of extracurricular activities is what colleges are looking for, but they care about quality over quantity. My advice to you would be to join clubs or activities that suit your interests (e.g. Model UN or debate team), and eventually get a leadership role. Joining a sports team and participating in national competitions is another good way to stand out. As the poster above said, make sure you volunteer if you have an opportunity to. Personally, I was involved in National Honor Society, Varsity Tennis, Math League, Academic Bowl, Mock Trial, and my school's radio station in high school. Good luck!
  10. If you're interested in Biology, then by all means go ahead and study it, but make sure you still have time to adequately study your other IB subjects. I took HL Bio, and was in a similar situation as you, because I had two lackluster teachers and needed to teach myself all the material. Overall, I would say it's doable, but there is a lot of memorization, and it's not a subject you can start studying in April and master by the time IB exams roll around in May. As someone said earlier, IB Bio Ninja is a huge life saver. Also, there are videos on YouTube (e.g. Stephen Taylor, Stephanie Castle, etc.) that I found helpful.
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