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  1. Hi, This question is directed towards current/past IB Diploma students studying in Australia who are about to take the GAT. I have been informed that the GAT scores are used in determining the conversion form IB score to ATAR. Besides that, is the GAT all that important and does the conversion rate sway in my favour if I do well, or if I do terribly?
  2. The IB guide for ab initio states that candidates are to complete the written assignment in their own time. Im assuming this means that it is to be done outside of school hours, i.e. homework. I think his questions is asking whether you had to write it under exam conditions at school, or if you were to complete it at home and upload it to the IB website yourself.
  3. As far as I know, if you get a 10 in your presentation, you should obtain a 9 (or 8 - not completely sure) to get an A overall. Are you serious? Can´t be that high grade boundaries? TOK grade boundaries were really low in the previous years (I know it´s new syllabus, but still) (46/60 was an A) Wow that is really high. I was hoping a 7/10 would cut it as that would have really lifted some pressure. Is it likely for the grade boundaries for TOK to be released with the marks of the May 2015 cohort?
  4. Hi, I understand that as of recent, the TOK essay and presentation are both out of a total of 10. If I get a 10 for my presentation, what mark would I need to achieve in the essay to be able to score an A for TOK? I tried looking around for the grade boundaries and was unable to find them for the new TOK marking criteria. All that I found was that the presentation was worth 33% of the total mark and the essay the remaining 67%, not what percentage was required to score an A. Thanks.
  5. I made the links into tinyurl so maybe that might help with redirecting to the right site. If it continues to not work, just google "The White Paper 1922" and "The White Paper 1939" and they are the avalon (Yale Law School) links 2nd or 3rd result. Also, citethisforme.com is really good however I don't know who to put as the author as these are official government publications that have been published online for easy access by members of the public. Thanks http://tinyurl.com/3gxks5q http://tinyurl.com/cvtw73
  6. I use Harvard style referencing in my History Extended Essay and I am unaware on how to cite official government documents/primary sources. Examples of these documents are provided in the links below. I would be really grateful if someone who has knowledge on citing such documents would show me how to do it. http://avalon.law.yale.edu/20th_century/brwh1939.asp http://avalon.law.yale.edu/20th_century/brwh1922.asp https://history.state.gov/milestones/1945-1952/creation-israel Thanks.
  7. I agree with lifeissolonggggg, Biology SL is pretty easy and interesting too. However, I dont know about Chemistry and Physics at HL. Usually one alone at HL is difficult to manage but still manageable, let alone the two. However, with that being said, you know your ability far more than anyone on this site could and talk to your teachers for advice. If you think you can deal with it then sure, but I personally think the too at HL might be a tad too much to handle.
  8. Which universities in Australia offer Undergraduate Dentistry courses, other than LaTrobe? Thanks
  9. I need to write up my History IA and I wanted to explore something to do with the World Wars and so I have decided to do an IA on the extent to which the Treaty of Versailles resulted in the outbreak of the Second World War. I was alerted to the fact that apparently this is a really common topic, is this true? Additionally, is this too broad to do in 2000 words and is it even worth exploring if I aim to achieve the high band of marks. Thanks.
  10. The person who received mine is a teacher and I sent copies of it to myself as a back up so hopefully I am fine.
  11. What happens if you email your EE using gmail? Will Turnitin access that stuff or not? Thanks.
  12. I'm currently near the end of my first year as an IB student and we are now required to select our HL and SL subjects. I'm taking Biology and Chemistry and am unable to decide which to take at HL and which to take at SL. Just some background information, none of the courses I aim to get into for University require me to do Chemistry or Biology at HL. Additionally my math is strong and I do not really mind all the memorizing that is required with the Biology syllabus. So which science is it wiser to take at HL keeping in mind that the aim is to achieve the highest IB score I can? Thanks.
  13. HI, I was just wondering if anyone had any information on ibguides.com? I've been using this site for help with syllabus points and now its suddenly down. Thanks in advance
  14. Thanks for the help guys. For some reason I dont receive notifications when people reply to my posts so I was unaware that you guys replied until now. But, thank you agian.
  15. Hi, Thanks for all the information. I'll probably avoid trying to sit on the fence as it means I'll have to constantly ensure that I do not say anything which would show that I am arguing for or against it. Like you, my history teacher told me that even if I take one side, I should still consider valid points against what I'm arguing so that it shows a broad understanding of the topic. And I'll pick the argument that will give me the highest possibility of writing 4000 words on. Probably stick to the white papers considering the RQ is about the British policy and I could also talk about the influence they had on the British policy in mandate Palestine. I'll go to the State Library of Victoria and hopefully I'll be able to find sources from there. Thank you. This helped tremendously.
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