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  1. If you actually plan to talk about this organic shop opposite your house, you should research more information beforehand on the organic market and the ethical implications of this. After doing your research then consider what you can write your extended essay about. Then formulate your EE question
  2. For my extended essay I plan to talk about how eddy current brakes are affected by change in temperature, voltage, velocity of conducting fin, etc. However I have come to find out that if I do a "what is the relationship between _____ and ____" type of question... I end up with a single sentence answer which won't benefit me at all for my essay. What should I do because of this and are there more complex sections to eddy current brakes where there isn't a one sentence answer? Thanks -Grixle
  3. Grixle

    Physics EE Topic Comments pls

    ok thanks alot this really helped
  4. Grixle

    Physics EE Topic Comments pls

    How owuld it be best for me to phrase it? or is that going against the forum rules?
  5. Hello i'm in my first year of the IB and I have figure out a topic for my EE being... What is the relationship between the amount of force applied and the braking force of an eddy current brake (Magnetic Brakes)? Is this a good topic or should i change it to other variables? Thanks Grixle
  6. Grixle

    What do you think of my EE proposal?

    You shouldn't use a topic similar to the IB example as it may show lack of research... as it is already provided in teh example. Also being around CS people doesn't really help unless you learn the things yourself and show understanding of the topic
  7. Grixle

    EE standard or higher?

    No advantages as long as you research all the information you need to know about your topic.
  8. Hi i'm doing an Extended Essay in Physics Higher Level for electromagnets and I was wondering if anyone had any ideas of questions for my EE? Thanks -Grixle
  9. Grixle

    Pre-IB vs. MYP

    I think one of the major differences is the Personal Project which you do in MYP. Other than that the subjects which you do for pre-IB are less than that for MYP
  10. Grixle

    Is this a normal thing...

    Same here so i guess its just you're unlucky or the teachers think you need to go through more things to get a better understanding
  11. Grixle

    Helpful links

    Thanks alot this really helps... here is a website for sciencers to try out to help them understand their classes http://www.yteach.co.uk/
  12. Grixle

    Course Selection!

    As many have said HL Chem and Bio are musts and other topics don't really hold any role in med
  13. Grixle

    Most Difficult IB Subjects?

    In my school people doing art HL and Math HL find the classes the most hard because of how there is such a large workload in art and how math requires so much creative thinking. Other than this, IB is generally hard for everyone and we are all just going through our courses the same (Physics Higher Level is definitely easy to do well in as long as you understand the underlying concepts of what you're learning)

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