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  1. polopipo

    What is your favorite topic in History? (Help please!)

    Thank you so much for your advice! I will try to keep looking for topics until I find one that really interests me. And regarding the personal engagement, I know writing about your own country is not enough and that in order to demonstrate personal engagement you have to show that you are passionate about what you are writing, but I was citing what I was told. Anyways, thank you!
  2. Hello IBSurvival! So I just started to think about my EE and I was hoping you guys could help me out ! In order to help me, I would like you to please think about one or to two topics (the more the better) that really interest you in History. I don't need anything too specific nor want you to write my research question or anything, just suggestions about what part of History I could write my essay on. For instance, "Modern Egyptian History" would be an example. Simply a topic that you specially like, and from there I will look into it and keep researching. PLEASE try to narrow it down to events or periods of history from the 17th-18th century onwards, mainly because (as you all probably already know) it is really hard to find primary resources related to events that happened before that, and this kind of sources are required in the EE. As I already mentioned, I am Spanish, and my EE Coordinator told me that it would be good to do something related to Spain in some way, to show personal engagement. I've thought about writing something related to the Americas or the Spanish hegemony in general as it is really interesting and I could have access to a ton of primary resources when I go back to Spain in the summer, but even though my Supervisor doesn't completely discard that option she suggested to write about something more recent, but to be honest, Spanish modern History (Spanish Civil War and such) is not near as interesting as other topics I have thought of. If any of you guys has written (or is planning on writing) their EE on History, could you please tell me if writing about something that happened in the 16th is not a good idea? Because every teacher seems to be against in my school, but I have seen really good History EE's about really old topics. Anyways, any suggestions or ideas are much appreciated and helpful!
  3. polopipo

    Started IB Today, Important Question!

    Yes I'll give it some time, thank you all for your advise!
  4. polopipo

    Started IB Today, Important Question!

    Welcome to the IB! It's always good to start early thinking about these things, but you aren't supposed to start on your first day! Give it some time: after half a year or so, you'll know better which IB subjects you enjoy and which you don't. One question: why did you chose the combination you did, if you don't really like the subjects you're studying? Anyway, to sort-of answer your question: maths EE are generally hard, and so are physics EE - but it's also very important to be passionate about what you're writing about, or the essay won't turn out great anyways. I wouldn't encourage you to write an EE in a subject you're not taking, especially if you're not sure what the subject is actually about, but I also wouldn't advice you to switch to history just to write an EE in that subject. Maybe write an EE in BAM? But honestly, give it some time. You might find you're a natural at analyzing literature! Yeah I'm probably thinking about everything too early, but I just want to have everything sorted out as soon as possible. And don't take me wrong, I enjoy all my subjects, it's just that I only feel "passionate" about Maths. I don't have a subject that I don't like, but Maths is the only subject that actually cheers me up when it's my next period. But I guess you are right, I'll give it some time. Thank you for your reply!
  5. Hey guys, So I started the IB Programme today, and I am really excited! Basically today we only met our teachers, CAS Co-ordinator and that kind of stuff, my actual classes are starting tomorrow. I have a question related to the Extended Essay that I hope you guys could help me with. I'm taking these subjects: -HL Math -HL Physics -HL Comp. Science -SL English A -SL French -SL Business and Management I'm starting to think about what subject I will do my EE in. The only subject that I'm passionate about is Math, but the general advice (as I've read in this forum from a wide variety of users, even some who did their EEs in Math) is that it's not a good idea to do a EE in Math, and that I should go for an easier subject. But the problem is that I don't really enjoy any of the subjects I have left, and as English is not my native language I don't feel comfortable enough to read English Literature and analyze it myself to get a good grade in an English EE. The only thing that's left would be Physics but my Physics teacher (who has taught IB for a lot of years) said today that it's really hard to get an A in a Physics EE, and that's the grade I'm aiming for. I've been thinking about this and the only two solutions that I came up with are: -1. Switch Business and Management for History, even though I think Business will be more useful for me in the future, History is interesting and I'd like to write my EE in that subject. -2. I've heard about something called 'World Studies EE', but I don 't really know what it is. My IB Co-ordinator told me I can do my EE in that. Please post any ideas you might have about my issue, solutions, or if you have previous experience with a World Studies EE. Thank you very much, any kind of help is appreciated
  6. polopipo

    Will this be too much?

    Thank you for your answer! What school do you go to in AD? I'll be going to Raha International School as a new student this year. What about you? I go to Gems American Academy, really close to Raha, and this is going to be my second year in Abu Dhabi It'll be my third :-). Good luck and I hope you learn to manage your classes well. Good luck to you too!
  7. polopipo

    Will this be too much?

    Thank you! I'm willing to put a lot of effort during this two years. I wanted to do 4 HL's too (Maths, Physics, Computer Science and Business and Management/History) but the IB Coordinator at my school told me it wasn't a good decision, as Universities don't really care about whether you take 3 or 4 HLs. Nevertheless, I will still try to take my fourth HL at the beginning of the year and drop it to SL if I can't manage the workload.
  8. polopipo

    Will this be too much?

    Thank you for your answer! What school do you go to in AD? I'll be going to Raha International School as a new student this year. What about you? I go to Gems American Academy, really close to Raha, and this is going to be my second year in Abu Dhabi
  9. polopipo

    Will this be too much?

    Thank you for your answer! What school do you go to in AD?
  10. polopipo

    When will you start school?

    I start the 1st of September!
  11. polopipo

    Syllabus Computer Science

    You're more than welcome!
  12. polopipo

    Syllabus Computer Science

    Here's the link for the Computer Science IB guide, you can find what should be covered in this subject throughout the two years of IB for both SL and HL. Hope it helps. http://www.ncbis.net/Editor/EditorImages/Computer%20Science.pdf
  13. polopipo

    Will this be too much?

    I might just be overthinking about it, thank you anyways!
  14. polopipo

    What does your name mean on Urban Dictionary?

    Pablo1.Good looking guy with a golden tan. 2.Likes to flirt with girls. 3.Makes girls fall for him very easy. 4.Preppy but likes to dress defferent every other day. 5.Gives awesome hugs :] 6.Is damn good in bed. Mmmmmm he did things that know one else would do to me ;] 7.Very good kisser! Does this little trick with his tongue, omg feels so damn good when he does it on my neck!
  15. polopipo

    Will this be too much?

    Alright, I think I'm going to try like this, with Physics, Math and Comp Science as HLs. Thank you very much!

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