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  1. mr_awesome

    Re-Marking an IA?

    Hi All, Is it possible for the Ib to re-mark/moderate an Internal Assessment? Thank you.
  2. mr_awesome

    The Change One Letter Game

  3. mr_awesome

    Nov 2015 Chemistry SL Paper 1 and 2

    I did it to 2 decimal places from memory
  4. mr_awesome

    Biology HL Paper 1/2 (no p/3 discussion!)

    I thought 'emergent properties' was ant because it can only occur with multicellular organisms. And the population curve, natality rate decreasing?, it was the only one who reduced population growth and made the curve plateau. Although I was confused with the immigration option too haha, I thought maybe they meant that when people immigrate (esp. illegally) it is dangerous, people can die and so the population can decrease :/ but that's way too complicated for an IB bio question right? and it wouldn't reduce the population that drastically (hopefully ) Or maybe the people are immigrating to Earth from another planet, and so the population increases? Yeah those were the only ways I could think of the immigration rates affecting world population. I decided to go for the automatic procedure of immigration = increase of population, & don't think how. But I'm not too sure haha For the exponential population curve one I answered A. Enhanced food production because that's what BioNinja said! "Exponential Growth Phase There is a rapid increase in population size / growth as the natality rate exceeds the mortality rateThis is because there is abundant resources (e.g. food, shelter and water) and limited environmental resistance (disease and predation uncommon)"I did Question 5 and 8 for Section B and literally wrote everything I had memorised from BioNinja down. How do you get the extra two points? I think you mis-read the question, it was asking about the transitional - plateau phase not the exponential growth. I did 7 and 8, and i hope they don't take down marks for my heart drawing lol The extra 2 are for your coherency and structure.
  5. mr_awesome

    Biology HL Paper 1/2 (no p/3 discussion!)

    What did you guys chose for the adaption of the xerophyte?
  6. mr_awesome

    Biology HL Paper 1/2 (no p/3 discussion!)

    Hey, so I thought the data analysis question on P2 was also difficult, however the rest was relative to other years. Yeah I believe the emergent properties one was "amino acids" since they can form polypeptides, and then proteins etc... For the Growth Curve there was only 1 that would reduce the population, from memory it was natality rate decreasing... however, I'm confused about how immigration would affect the population curve, where are humans immigrating too? the moon? Lol.
  7. mr_awesome

    Can IB ask this question...

    Lol, they asked this question in the MAY 2015 exam, and they used the command term "Explain", which is weird... but hey its IB.
  8. mr_awesome

    Can IB ask this question...

    Hi All, Just wondering if anyone knows whether IB can ask the following question for health psychology paper 2, since the command term is SAQ one and I've heard IB cannot ask SAQ questions as ERQ? "Explain factors related to the development of substance abuse or addictive behaviour"
  9. mr_awesome

    Bonding Question

  10. mr_awesome

    Bonding Question

    Hi All, Does anyone know the IB answer to why triple bonds are shorter than single bonds? ThankYou
  11. mr_awesome

    Need some assistance with IB subject choices

    Personally, from what I know chemistry is the most important science to do if you want to do anything medicine/science related in Australian Universities. So to keep your future options as wide as possible, I would pick chemistry and com sci. I don't believe physics is a prerequisite for any course... unless it is directly related to engineering. But even then you can find courses that allow you do to engineering without taking physics.
  12. mr_awesome

    Written Task 2 Grade Boundaries?

    17/20 would be classified as a 7. However your WT1 and WT2 marks are combined together. So in order to get a 7 you need to have a total of 34/40 when both WT1 and WT2 marks are added together. As such, getting a 17/20 in both will get you the desired 7.
  13. mr_awesome

    Did IOC today..

    Well according to the MAY 2015 IB grade boundaries, a 21/30 would be classified as a 6. So at your estimate you would be sitting on a high 5. Also keep in mind, your IOC mark and your FOA mark are tallied up and divided by 2, to get your actual IA mark for English SL. Edit: I'm assuming your doing English LAL SL.
  14. mr_awesome

    Please help me!

    done !

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