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  1. I asked the girl I wanted to ask a few weeks ago, but my 'prom' is in two weeks. I'm not sure when yours is, but you're right, you shouldn't be the first to ask someone, but definitely don't put it off or someone else will ask her. As for increasing your 'rep' with her, you should get to a point where you won't feel awkward hanging out with her. You'll be spending a bit of time together at the prom, and when you ask her she should be thinking that it'll be a fun time together. The worst thing will be if she says yes, but then you have a terribly awkward time together - worse than if she said no. The best advice I've seen here so far is to remember that she is a human, not some fairy tale princess or alien species. Girls and guys aren't so different, man. Just befriend her like you would any other guy or girl and she won't feel creeped out or weird or anything else you're scared of.
  2. Paper 1 was pretty straightforward. Paper 2, Part B had me scared until I saw that option with drawing E. Coli , but I still couldn't remember much on AIDS to back that choice up afterwards.
  3. I did the prose in Paper 1, against my better judgement. I found it terribly boring, and so I kind of made that the point of my commentary. In hindsight, probably a weird approach.
  4. The best way to get a girl to go to prom with you is to put yourself out there. Wait until everyone is in the same sort of area (eg. Lunch, Recess, Assembly, etc.) and start singing 'Kiss from a Rose' by Seal. As you sing, make eye contact with her and smile. She will blush, and realise what's going on. As you come to the last line of the song ("A light hits the gloom on the grey,") turn away from the girl and face the principal of your school. He/she will be confused, and take advantage of that confusion to ask the principal to the prom. This has two possible outcomes: 1. In confusion, the principal says yes. Everyone will be as confused as they are. Smile and approach the principal, and then introduce another shocking plot twist! Slap them and yell, "NO! I want to go to prom with [girl's name here]!" The girl will see that you would even give up the principal to go to prom with her, and she will be so in love that you might get it on right then and there. As you consummate the new love, be sure to say "I knew we'd Seal this deal." This step is vital. 2. The principal says no. Start crying and turn away. As you turn, make eye contact with the girl again and look hopeful. She will certainly ask you out of pity. It's a foolproof plan.
  5. Apparently research-based Extended Essays do not do well in any scientific subject compared to experiment-based EEs.
  6. I'd say that dividing history into periods is useful because it provides context for events that happen in these periods. Periodization allows us to categorize historical events and distinguish groups of correlated events from each other. A possible problem to discuss might be that we are simplifying, or 'dumbing down,' the concept of time when we do this. One might say that time is something that we as humans do not have the capacity to fully understand (eg. we cannot comprehend eternity/infinity), and so we often use methods such as periodization to simplify it for our own understanding. Well, at least my ToK teachers would enjoy going off on a tangent about time itself, but if you think your own ToK teacher wouldn't appreciate it, then it's probably best to ignore my take on the topic
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