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  1. Cris_101

    The Change One Letter Game

  2. Cris_101

    Math HL Paper 2

    Ughhhh, you managed to frustrate me hahaha. I hadn't thought about that, I made the same mistake
  3. Cris_101

    SL Chemistry Paper 1

    I said pH5 but I wasn't too sure about it.
  4. Cris_101

    Math HL Paper 2

    I'm also TZ2 and I almost started laughing in the middle of the exam when I read that they had named the goat I think I did better in this one than in part one. Overall it wasn't too difficult although I almost run out of time.
  5. Cris_101

    Mitch's IB Physics Exam Preparation Extravaganza

    Thank you very much! Those videos are awesome, wish I has found this earlier, now I can only use it for a last revision for tomorrow
  6. Cris_101

    English B HL Paper 1 Discussion

    I also wrote hopefully!!! And most of my classmates wrote hopefully as well
  7. Cris_101

    English B HL Paper 1 Discussion

    I also found Text B the most difficult in P1 but overall I think the texts weren't difficult. As for P2 I wrote the speech and although I went slightly off the topic I think I did alright.
  8. Cris_101

    Survey for EE

  9. Cris_101

    Holaaa, are you Spanish?

    Holaa! Yo también estoy haciendo el BI en España. Ahora estoy haciendo 2º. Si tienes alguna duda, pregúntame lo que quieras.
  10. Brief notes and info about spanish medieval literature
  11. Cris_101

    Guess something about the next poster

    Yes!! That's right. Oh wait... If this is a lie, am I lying? NP thinks ToK is the best class
  12. Cris_101

    When will you start school?

    11th of September for me!!
  13. Cris_101

    What does your name mean on Urban Dictionary?

    Cristina:One of the best people you can ever meet. A ROTFLCOPTER awesome best friend. Some anyone would be lucky to date. She is fantabuloso/licious"dude, u r such a cristina" "hey, cri, wasap?" "cri, u r rotflcopter awesome"
  14. Cris_101

    The most helpful anti procrastinator thing ever!

    This site is cool!!! But actually I have spent the whole morning in it instead of doing something else hahaha But I still like it, I'm gonna try to use it
  15. Cris_101

    How did you find out about IBSurvival?

    I was looking for anything that might be helpful for my history exam and eventually I got here

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