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  1. Depends upon what the question is asking for and how many marks the question is asking for. You can't give 12 pts worth of information using a neoclassical LRAS curve.
  2. mckenziefsg

    Drama essay practise

    consider talking about the different conventions employed in these two productions to prove your thesis. I'd explore how both playwrights write about the mentally ill. There are doctors present in both as well. Good luck!
  3. mckenziefsg

    IB Biology EE

    What are your interests? Why biology? What parts of the course do you understand easily? Are you looking to do a case study or perform a lab? You need to figure these things out yourself.
  4. mckenziefsg

    English A1 EE

    Look for quotations to support your comparisons. Make sure you can justify why these comparisons are important. Sources other than the two books may prove to be very helpful as well. What prompted these two American writers to write about prejudice? Looking at the political and social climate of the American south may prove to be helpful.
  5. mckenziefsg


    case studies are acceptable they have to be very thorough though.
  6. mckenziefsg

    Theater PPP Help URGENT!

    Whatever you do, make sure that if you take stuff from online you cite it. go ahead and handwrite and draw stuff! the ib eats that stuff up.
  7. mckenziefsg

    Questions about doing HL Theater

    I really enjoyed IB theatre HL (just handed in my last IA last week!) and would definitely recommend it! In terms of it being time consuming, it depends on your creative process and your time management skills. I found trying to get my IAs done kind of hellish at times because I had IAs due in other courses at the same time. If you're on top of things and work on them from the time you get them though, you should be fine. It's really nice to be able to do a course and produce work that's so different from everyone else's instead of doing all sorts of standardized stuff. Good luck with your decision!
  8. mckenziefsg

    Should I take IB Music?

    IB music is a really fun course, though the IAs aren't a walk in the park. If you're not enjoying history, why stick with it though?
  9. mckenziefsg

    Workshop for IPP?

    Great Acting Teachers and Their Methods Vol. 1 has a whole chapter dedicated to Anne bogart's Viewpoints It's on google books too i think.
  10. mckenziefsg

    IB Theatre question for Sunday

    For my RI, I spread out a bunch of scripts on the floor in my bedroom, closed my eyes, and spun around choosing the one my finger landed on when I opened my eyes. If you want to go the route of picking a play then an aspect of the performance to research, make sure you choose a play that strongly employs conventions of a theatre style so you have enough to talk about.
  11. mckenziefsg

    IB Theatre SL PPP Fabric?

    Attaching fabrics is a great idea! Anything that you have to support your pitch and explain your ideas is excellent. Just staple it to your papers and you'll be golden.
  12. mckenziefsg

    Extended Essay Help

    It's a lot easier to find info on this topic that supports single gender education :/ I'd try searching for research supporting co-ed education for boys though because it is apparently supposed to increase boys' academic performance
  13. mckenziefsg

    Last week! Advice/tips?

    -for language A, my teacher told us to search for short quotations in our books to memorize and use in the exam to support your ideas. -Though it isn't best to waste time reviewing things you're confident with, still give them a lookover -For subjects like bio that require a ton of memorizing, try doing different things while memorizing sutff- associate a movement or a song with a series of things to memorize to make them stick. This is going to sound crazy, but I run up and down stairs while memorizing stuff for economics- it works for me though!
  14. mckenziefsg

    study outline- market structures

    list of things to review for market structures- part of microeconomics

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