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  1. Yeah, I'd also say apply to more than just 2, the UC system is great and you don't lose anything by applying to more, if anything, you will just end up having more options. I go to UC Davis and I'm so happy I decided to apply there too, it wasn't on my initial list, but more of a might-as-well action, and it worked out perfectly.
  2. Actually though, it seems kinda easy to cheat in an IB exam. Cheat in the sense of taking a test as somebody else. Cause nobody checks who you are or if you sat at the desk with the paper with the right name right? So if the invigilator doesn't really know who you are or what subjects you take, you can be writing an exam as somebody else. I dont know why you would want to, but it would be possible
  3. That's all there is to this post - just wanted to wish good luck to all of you who are going through the same struggle I am I hope that you reach your aspirations and your ideal IB grade and finish IB alive, proud, and excited for all the wonderful things that lie ahead (~summer partying).
  4. Harry Potter was basically my childhood, I grew up with the books and the movies, the first book was published 5 days before I was born
  5. Pending Really? Then how will the universities know my marks and scores? Your councelor sends your predicted grades. I don't remember how they get the final exam grades though, but they do in July But I am applying as an individual so there is none to send my predicted grades to the university or is it? Ooooh then sorry I have no idea... If you can't find it on google then maybe email UCAS?
  6. Pending Really? Then how will the universities know my marks and scores? Your councelor sends your predicted grades. I don't remember how they get the final exam grades though, but they do in July
  7. Pending
  8. IB Chem HL!
  9. Ooh GCSE would be the national exams in grade 10 of the British system. So it's less hard than IB math, but it has a few syllabus similarities. C in GCSE math is not really hard to do.
  10. Hmm the course you want to do is not math-related... But still, this type of unis would want to see math SL. Try e-mailing them to be sure.
  11. Hey! This is the link: but most of the files need a VIP membership By the way, I just read through your blog. You really inspired me! I wish you the best of luck in everything you do!
  12. Yeah it's not really a requirement so don't over-stress about it. Some unis say that they look at any experience but in your situation it's not like you're plain lazy or unmotivated. And they would see where you are coming from so they might understand that it wasn't easy for you to find these opportunities. Definitely explain it in your PS though, not as an excuse but as a 'contemplation' that you wish you could have had more chances to get experience in ur community.
  13. Yes I applied to the UK for medicine and I'm applying to the US for neuroscience/ neurobiology. So we have one session per week, two students (juniors or seniors) are assigned to one ES student throughout the year and we meet and do physical exercises that improve balance, coordination etc etc. I singed up last year cause I thought it would be a great way to start getting a sense of doctor-patient relationships and I was also not great with kids so I wanted to learn how to communicate with them less awkwardly Most kids suffer from like Sensory Integration disorder or ADHD so interacting with them definitely gives me some experience and understanding of how such disorders work and how kids that have them behave (neuroscience things basically, which I love). Why don't you start something yourself? It could even be your CAS project! Talk around, maybe you could start a club for IB people that want to study medicine or health related things in which you talk about diseases, learn how to CPR, things like that A student-created club like that would show devotion to medicine and initiative, and if you are actually the founder I'm expecting that unis will be super impressed!
  14. In my school we have an Occupational Therapy program where HS people help ES people with neurodevelopment disorders. It's a great activity but I guess not many schools have it
  15. So you're interested in car engineering? Are you looking into UK universities or somewhere else?