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  1. jmartin

    Tok essay for may 09

    But, out teacher is making us do a practice one. and I chose " "In expanding the field of knowledge we but increase the horizon of ignorance" (Henry Miller). Is this true? I have all my iideas and points, but don't know how to reference things out of my own ideas..like out in the world...examples. Can someone explain to me how I would go agout doing that? Please and thank you!!
  2. why not submit a few pictures instead? Kidding, but I do have a question. My definite topic is this : Looking at Bram Stoker’s Dracula and Anne Rice’s Interview with the Vampire, how has culture influenced the humanization of the vampire myth? Now I need some sub-points. I'm already looking at culture at the time and culture now, then at origins for the myth...then I need some themes within the book but I'm unsure which I should use...
  3. jmartin

    Hard to get accepted

    ...requirements? we had no requirements, just take the ib diploma if you want or don't...
  4. omg, thankies, so helpfull!
  5. do you know were i can find them?
  6. I basically want to look at the books "Interview with the Vampire" and "Dracula" and see how the vampire myth has modernized through literature. But I have 3-4 aspects that my english teacher thinks would be best to narrow it down to one. what would be easier, and what would you find more info on? - Religous symbols - how the myth has changed due to science/modernisation - (I don't know how to shorten this aspect, but basically its how the human nature has changed, and how fear has changed and how human reactions are different ect.) - the role of women in vampire literature - sexual imagry / love (also would I be allowed to say that in my essay?
  7. when I write any essay/paper, saying "I think..." or "I believe that..." is not acceptable, what about in the TOK Essays, because are they not BASICALLY personal answers?
  8. jmartin

    I THINK that I have an idea for my EE

    I like the idea of going indepth for how the time in which it was written, affects the way fear/suspense is created, through various literary devices. so... "The portrayal of suspense and fear in Bram Stoker's [i]Dracula[/i] and Stephanie Meyer's [i]Twilight[/i]" --------------------------------------------------------------- "How do the eras in which Bran Stoker's [i]Dracula[/i] and Stephanie Meyer's [i]Twilight[/i] were written, affect the author's use of literary devices to portray a sense of fear or suspense?"
  9. jmartin

    I THINK that I have an idea for my EE

    Well I was thinking twilight because it also is written in 1st person, and it goes around the central vampire theme. I like the idea of changing it to looking at how they build suspense with different literary elements.
  10. Please tell me if the idea is suitable. It would be greatly appreciated, as I've spent about 5 weeks thinking of a topic. I would be very unhappy if It were to be horribly unsuitable, but also I want some feedback/critisism on the topic. I'm thinking of looking at the theme of fear and how the things that usually trigger fear, have been altered over time. I'm specifically thinking of looking at Bram Stoker's [i]Dracula[/i] and Stephanie Meyer's [i]Twilight[/i]. Not altered, CHANGED is a better word there.
  11. jmartin

    AHHH what is there to do?

    There are so many topics but I cannot think of ANYTHIING to do and my proposal is due TOMORROW. Ive chosen English A1 for my subject area, but have been thinking of a topic for 5 WEEKS, I have nothing. How did you come up wit yours? How do you know if its suitable? like what are you supposed to write, your opinion?
  12. jmartin

    would my course load be good enough?

    what would I have to get in each subject. what if I only got marks from even 3 to 6? I'm not that brilliant and I want to do well, but I do not see my getting 6/7 or higher on any of them. I really want to go to a good university...
  13. what about percent equivalents? and thank you
  14. Firstly How does that work? 7 for each course, that would be 7 x 6 = 42. were do the 3 points come from? also. I know that you cannot just take your mark and divide it by 45 (x100) to get your percent. But on the basis that 86% is generally good, what would the equivalent to that be?

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