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  1. Don't have a youtube channel lol. IB life no time for that.
  2. I've heard mixed reviews about it but most of it was positive. The best way in my opinion to watch the movie is on a plane where you experience high turbulence, that way you will fully experience the movie.
  3. It's quintessential that your question is specific and not to broad in addition do not formulate questions that makes the reader think "no **** sherlock". For instance it's obvious to say that "Robespierre was responsible for the execution of thousands during the Great Terror in the French Revolution". For example your question goes in the lines of "Analyze the changes during the era of Charlemagne", this would be to broad and a huge topic to cover in just 2000 words. Perhaps you could make it more specific by changing the question to "Analyze the educational reforms that helped spread Christianity under the reign of Charlemagne during the 9th century" something like that. Our teacher advices us to chose our IA topics based on what you are studying in the course, this way it will help with revision and gain a deeper insight. Most important of all the topic you chose for your IA should be based on your interest. An alumni in our school did his history IA on a time period he didn't like, his IA grade didn't end up too well.
  4. Unfortunately the service, action and creativity hours you obtained prior your first year of IB doesn't count as CAS, you have to wait till the term starts then the activity you participate in counts. One of my friends got so pissed after he did a month of tutoring prior to our first year in IB and he found out it can't count as CAS hours. Don't be stressed to much about CAS, complete as many CAS hours as possible during your first year, if your supervisor allows you to complete all your CAS within the first year of IB then you are lucky and I advice you to do so, right now it's hell for me in the second year IA's, EE's, Mock Exams and TOK presentation. Our supervisor doesn't allow us to finish our CAS within the first year because of the IB CAS guidelines.
  5. 2 ESS labs and a test, English written task 2, Chinese WA draft, TOK presentation, Psych IA 1st draft, History IA final draft, EE 1st draft and personal statement. All of them are due the coming weeks and haven't started even one of my assignments.
  6. If you want to know the definition of "unhealthy food", one only needs to explore the realm of Epic Meal Time. I mean a meat castle with a "hotdog draw bridge", wall of chicken nuggets, bacon and ribs dipped in barbecue sauce and Jack Daniels. Quite the hitter I must say.
  7. Well for a start I think you should contemplate on what you want to study in university, personally I think History is an extremely compelling subject, the skills you learn in History will be extremely beneficial for your future endeavors especially the analytical skills you will gain throughout the course, since you like History and you are good at it I don't see why you shouldn't take the course. There's quite a lot of content in the course to remember but it is extremely interesting and I think you can pull through it, it all comes down to dedication and interest. The course focuses a lot on writing essays rather than testing your knowledge on what you know about a certain period of time. My teacher said that IBO is modifying the History course, they are combining route 1 and route 2 together. So the course is going to be much more diverse and you won't be focusing on just one period of History. Right now I'm taking route 2 History which focuses a lot on pre-modern and modern History. I'm not an Economics student so I can't say much but from my friends econ does require some mathematics, since you aren't very good at maths, econ might not be a subject you want to take. Nevertheless, the decision on what subjects you take is under your control, just remember to chose subjects that you are interested not being forced to.
  8. 45 not good enough, gotta get 45+, at least 50. Gotta fulfill that Asian stereotype.
  9. I think it's extremely rare for any university to accept math studies when you apply for medicine based on my research, the minimum requirement is maths SL.
  10. Otto Dov Kulka's Landscapes of the Metropolis of Death, it's an extremely well written and emotional memoir.
  11. WOW this is horrendous and atrocious! It's never too late to deal with this, by stating that your supervisor is definitely not doing her job. If I was in this situation I would inform my parents and meet with the head of the school to discuss this matter.
  12. My school offers PYP, MYP and DP, there are around 2000-2400 students in total, 110-130 doing their second year of DP and another 110-130 doing their first year of IB. I'm currently in my first year of DP. There are numerous of groups in my year, we usually tend to stay within our own group and year level, sometimes we linger around and venture into different groups. The DP students tend to stick to themselves, while the MYP and PYP students stick to themselves as well.
  13. This is preposterous, your supervisor has no right to tell you what you can or cannot do, they can only give you their input whether or not this is a doable topic, in the end choosing the topic comes down to you. If I were you I would actually inform the IB coordinator about the situation you are in even if she does not know how to do her job, it's her responsibility to guide you and help you throughout IB. Josef Mengele is definitely a doable and fascinating topic, unfortunately your supervisor said you cannot do this topic, right now I would chose a topic that you extremely enjoy and fascinated about. After choosing your topic make sure it is focused and specific, for example as you mentioned the French Revolution, by just doing the French Revolution is too broad and general not specific enough. You could focus on the causes of the French Revolution or the long term effects of the revolution itself, for instance to what extent did the French Revolution of 1789 led to the rise of Napoleon? Something like that. Best of luck in finding topic that your supervisor approves.
  14. 12 months, I think 24 months might be too long, I'm not particularly sure on the time period they allow you to take gap years but personally I think 24 months is a bit too much. 12 months should be fine, when you apply just ensure you explain explicitly why you didn't attend school during that time period and justify that with the experience you gained. I don't think you can apply more than one time per year, I'm not sure about this but you could perhaps do some research on their application processes whether or not they allow you to apply more than once per year.
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