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  1. Desktop seems like a good idea, however we must be able to take this device to school for everyday use.
  2. Which laptop do you think would be the most 'helpful' for the dp?
  3. Hi everyone, where can I access the Chemistry syllabus for the upcoming year. (2014-2016)
  4. I was doing some summer work given by my chem teacher to help prepare us for chemistry class starting in september. I need help with this question: "Rubidium has only two isotopes in nature: 85Rb and 87Rb. Calculate the percentage abundance of the isotopes of rubidium given that the relative atomic mass (weighted average) is 85.47." How would you calculate this? Thank you.
  5. Hi everyone, im starting the dp next year and ive received some summer work from my school. Some of the stuff seems a bit confusing and stuff ive never really covered in last years science class like drawing the strucutres of different molecules like glucose, glycerin,etc and describing how monosaccharide (glucose) is converted to a disaccharide (maltose). (Honestly, I dont even know what that means lol). Ive received my Bio and Chem textbooks early and I have been reviewing some content before school starts in September. What are some useful stuff that should be mastered and learned before someone starts in DP? Thank you.
  6. Thank you for your help, so does that kind of mean we need to learn that stuff by our self over the duration of the class?
  7. Hi there, im entering IB DP next year and I just received my Bio textbook (Biology - Course Companion. Oxford University Press) by Andrew Allot and David Mindroff. Ive noticed that the content in this textbook is somewhat different than some other textbooks i have seen, notably the Cambridge Bio textbook. For example it doesnt have the statistical analysis section on error bars and stuff. Is this because the syllabus is changing or is that something our teachers will teach us without the textbook? And where can i access the Bio HL syllabus for 2014-2016? Thank you!

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