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  1. Elc

    Chem IA help?

    ...dry ice acid-base neutralization? Would you please elaborate?
  2. Well, mine was on how different concentration of inhibitors influenced enzyme activity. Still got a decent score. I doubt your subject is "too easy". I had few friends do similar subjects, and they did pretty well on them, too. Go with the one you feel comfortable with; as in, more realistic, easy for you to control and evaluate. Tbh, most experiments are barely original. They don't seem to care that much. Really, what really matters is how well you write up your IA.
  3. Didn't apply for Cambridge (applied for Oxford and got rejected after that one interview), but to speak from my experience, you wouldn't need HL math for UCL. I got an offer from UCL biomed and Imperial biomed/biochem with SL maths. Plenty of my friends got an offer from UCL without HL maths. It will still be better to have HL, with a better chance and all, but if you think you are going to get a 4 or 5 in HL and 7 in SL, I recommend you to stick to SL and devote your time on other subjects. Sure, it is good and impressive, but not when you are getting under 38 with HL maths when you could get 43+.
  4. Oh, wow, there is a petition for biology now, too? That is just depressing..
  5. (Some random notes from a desperate student in IB finals who is still procrastinating instead of preparing for chemistry) From personal experience, I'd recommend economics HL over SL; I only got a predicted 7 for economics because I did HL, not SL. Hell, I'd be bordering on a 5 if I took SL. The calculation part (paper 3) that SL does not have was an absolute godsend for me, and I predict it would be for you too. Besides, I felt like there wasn't much HL content to cover anyways, compared to other HLs in the sciences. Viva la Eco HL. Also, I had no clue about economics whatsoever before IB (like, nothing. NOTHING. Our middle school ), but it turned out to be fine. IB starts with the absolute basics. At this stage, why not try 4 HLs? It seems you are pretty good and enjoy physics and maths, so I personally don't see why you should drop physics to SL. Besides, it is difficult to say at this stage with absolute certainty in which subjects you will find difficult/easy in the IB to drop to SL or raise to HL. I was top in mathematics and physics/chemistry in my year group of 500 before I entered IB, and had no interest in biology or economics (which wasn't offered) whatsoever, but now in IB I do biology and economics HL with SL in mathematics... well, then again, there wasn't really much of an option since I ruled out mathematics as my potential career path almost instantly as I entered IB. Difficult or not, I would literally do HL for all my other subjects than do math HL. That would still have been less of a workload for me. Sorry, rambling. Back to the subject, I recomend you try all of them out and see which one suits you.
  6. Paper 1: I answered CO2, since it mentioned "dough" and not a "cooked bread", or something of equivalence. Paper 2: iirc, for the small intestine diagram, I think I answered circular and longitudinal muscle... not too entirely sure either, human physiology was never my forte.
  7. @#teamnosleep Did question 1 and 2 here, feel horrified now since I didn't include the word "average" either.
  8. Specimen here too, some questions were a little icky in the sense I didn't know what they wanted exactly.
  9. On the subject of paper 1, who actually understood that question about surface area having an impact? The one with the choices of absorption of glucose, release of surfactant, release of enzymes? I was stuck between (a) (kidney/glucose) and (d) (villi/enzyme) the entire time because while I knew villi surface area is vital for maximized absorption, I wasn't sure if release of enzyme is significantly affected by such.
  10. Wait, Gel pen is banned? Even if it is black and blue? What? When did they say that? Crap. Some answer this ASAP please, I've been using black gel pen since this Monday for my finals.
  11. Jesus, 8 hours daily for 4 months? Around 2 daily for me for around a month or so. Perhaps that explains my grade..
  12. huh..you already finished your CAS journal? Anyways, nope, at this stage I feel like I'm going to perform unsatisfactory for my exams. You know you're in IB when you are seriously considering the November retake.
  13. ..and..you know, amazing extracurriculars, leadership roles, family background and stuff like that. Other than that, your grades seem fine! I believe it would not remove your application from the application pile.
  14. ^this, can totally relate. My grade improved for English once I gave up actually trying...
  15. I had a dream about my finals. I woke up in my dream (yeah), realized my finals were on. Everything was just like mocks; just the questions were extremely easy for Economics and atrociously hard for Chemistry and Biology. I was feeling pretty good after my first Economics paper, then I realized I misread the entire evaluation question for Economics paper 1. I was absolutely mortified; my economics teacher told me (don't know why) I'll be getting less than 20% in paper 1 and that I'd probably get a 3 in Economics, while all my friends were happy that the question was so easy and straightforward. My following science exams was equally horrendous as I couldn't answer more than half of the paper in time. Mathematics was even worse: I missed the bus and couldn't make there in time, and my mathematics teacher called me privately and hesitantly told me my IA grades were moderated down so bad I'll get a really bad score. Following the exam, I got my final decision from all my universities (..even to ones I didn't apply to, funnily enough) saying I got rejected to all schools except one. Even for that one, I think my offer got withdrawn after I finished my exams as I (apparently) failed my diploma. My friends all were partying on how they got into Ivy Leagues and other equally prestigious schools with decent financial aid, and I was... just there, not knowing what to do. It all felt so real. I woke up feeling utterly distraught. I actually thought this is what happened, so I was seriously confused when I checked the date on my phone. Took me around thirty minutes to realize this was all a dream.
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