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  1. Mehboob Chatur

    Physics HL Notes

    Hey guys, I lost all my physics notes an dI'm freaking out. My final exams are in May 2015 and I dont have enough time to make new notes all over again. Was windering if theres anyone out there that can help me out? :help: Thank you in advance.
  2. Mehboob Chatur

    Mathematics IA

    Hey guys, Hope you are all doing fine. I needed some assistance from anyone, if possible. I'm beginning to do my Mathematics HL IA, and I'm kind of confused on what to do. I want to do something on how the Golden Ratio (and/or Fibonacci Numbers) is used in Architecture, but I'm not sure whether its HL enough. Please help me, it will be appreciated a lot. Thanks in advance.
  3. Mehboob Chatur

    Name Your IB School

    Aga Khan Academy - graduating May 2015

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