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  1. i don't know hahahah but since today there wasn't any finance or operations then get ready for a lot of finance and operations tomorrow!!
  2. Firas Hommos

    A senior was killed in palestine several hours ago

    امين يا رب ان شاء الله oh hello yess inshallah soon all palestinians are going to be able to go back to palestine and live like any other country in the world :D
  3. Firas Hommos

    A senior was killed in palestine several hours ago

    Thank you very much Aline for making things clear this is what I was trying to explain but some people don't want to see the truth I don't know why! I wish that they search more to see the reality and to know that what you are stating is 100% correct
  4. Firas Hommos

    A senior was killed in palestine several hours ago

    thank you very much and i brought some evidence and the video that shows the moment nadeem was killed! I really appreciate you comment
  5. Firas Hommos

    A senior was killed in palestine several hours ago

    what exactly were they protesting against? not sure if i got it right, but were the teens throwing stones at the army guys? 15th of may is alnakba day, 66 years ago at this day zionists came to palestine and the war started and that was the day whats called "israel" was created, till now my grandpa cannot visit his city which israeli gangs took from him that day, and 90% or more of the palestinians are living the same situation. So every year at this day palestinians protest. There was some boys throwing stones but nadeem and mohammad that were killed as you see were not from the guys that were throwing stones they were protesting peacefully. Ofcourse the conflict between us and them is way more complicated, but the point is that nadeem and mohammad were not throwing stones and the video shows this clearly
  6. Firas Hommos

    business revision book

    hahahahah yess man yess
  7. Firas Hommos

    A senior was killed in palestine several hours ago

    hello, since a lot of people asked for evidence of how the two guys were killed by israeli soldiers the defence for children international organisation is planning to start an investigation and here is its video that shows the moment both of them were killed. And every week palestinians get killed in such aggressive ways. but this is from the few times whats called "israel" was not able to get rid of the video! the video: ITS NOT FOR faint-hearted or people that don't want to see the truth! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CaibEqx2m_k btw a lot of people tried to write comments on the previous post but there was a problem facing the website so they didn't show up!
  8. Firas Hommos

    IB final results

    if you mean our grades then our school's co-ordinator told me we receive them at the 5th of july at 5 o'clock!
  9. Firas Hommos

    Best Wishes

    since a lot of us already finished and a lot will finish soon I want to say inshallah every one gets high grades and to be able to accomplish all the other things you was planning to do after the school. It was a tough experience but i believe that I learned a lot from this program and these two years will have an effect on my life till the last day of my life! Im sure this is gonna be the most amazing weekend since we started the ib hahahah! Best wishes everyone and good luck in whatever you want to do in your life after the school, I'm sure all of us are going to have a bright future :') -Firas
  10. Firas Hommos

    Interview: Who are you?

    1. What is your real name? Firas 2. Where are you from? Palestine 3. How did you find out about IB Survival? Google searching for physics exam discussion 4. What made you register on IB Survival? all of us here are ib students which makes getting answers about any think easy and fast. 5. When did you (approximately) register here? 1 week ago i guess 6. What is your favourite IB subject? Business 7. When are you graduating? 1/6/2014 8. What are your plans for university? Business 9. What are your free-time hobbies? Swimming and Soccer 10. If you could change one thing on IB Survival, what would it be? Fix the comments problem
  11. Firas Hommos


    umm im an arabian muslim in a quakers school! a lot of friends are christians and we live with each other peacefully, so the problem is with bad people doing what ever they want and then say they did it because islam asked them to do so .. if you go and read alquraan you will see the reality of islam and how much this religion is an amazing religion that asks for peace between every body so i think the world thinks islam and arabs are bad because of some people that claim to represent islam which if you look in quraan these people should not even be considered to be muslims
  12. Firas Hommos

    You know you're in IB when...

    when ib survival is your favourite social network :')
  13. Firas Hommos

    You know you're in IB when...

    when drinking one cup of coffee does not make any difference!
  14. Firas Hommos

    Coalmine disaster in Turkey

    I have been reading about this disaster, and i feel sorry about what happened and about the families that lost the ones they love in this disaster. But from what i know is that the turkish government in really a good government it it worked hard to turn turkey into such an amazing country, even though the media tries to show another image of the government as a "bad" government. And i would like to know from you as a turkish about the government and if its as good as i think about it or its the way the media tries to show it and i think the media tries to show the bad face of the turkish government since a lot of countries want to get rid of this government!
  15. Firas Hommos

    business revision book


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