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  1. I got undefined as well! I thought I did it wrong as well so I left it at that, I didn't want to waste time looking for my mistake. My friends told me that if you get undefined you're supposed to take 1 or -1 or something as the gradient of the normal, or 0 like someone here said?, so I guess I got part a at least (which was most of the marks, huzzah). Or maybe we all did the same mistake, which would be weird. There were so many distributions in section A though! Not that I'm complaining, but I was hoping for them to turn up in Section B so that I get a tonne of marks for that, I found those pretty easy before. Did anyone catch a Viete's Theorem question? I think I did find one which had to do with the roots of a question but I didn't finish it. yeah there was a question involving viete's theorom but I couldn't do it as well
  2. Same here, I thought about doing that but then I thought that the Ib won't ask a stupid question like that so I moved on... Apparently I was wrong
  3. Did any body solve the implicit differential equations question? Because I wasted 10 mins trying to figure out why I got 0 as a denominator in b) and I still don't know why. If any body remembers the question please tell me and tell me the answer that u got. btw overall the paper was way easier than paper 1, it's easy if you're good at probability
  4. If anyone has a link to the may 2013 Math HL subject report or the file itself, can you please upload it here or send it to my email [email protected]?? I really need it and I would appreciate it very much if someone can help me find it
  5. I did exactly the same, hopefully it's right because that question was 5 Marks!!! Guys they were talking about the VARIATION. 15.55 it a very large number for apparent magnitude... So you do maximum - minimum.... And the answer should approximately equate to about 73 pc... which is then converted into meters... 7.6x10^6 pc is a very large number.... but you should get marks for the working out don't worry No I'm pretty sure you were supposed to get the mean, I even looked it up on the internet and it said the same thing. http://www.atnf.csiro.au/outreach/education/senior/astrophysics/variable_cepheids.html. I don't remember the answer that I got but I remember it being a very large number, and if you look at the example in this website which had values close to the ones in the exam, you will find that the answer was also big.
  6. I did exactly the same, hopefully it's right because that question was 5 Marks!!!
  7. So How did Everyone do? I did Astro and EM waves. Astro was a bit harder than usual but overall not too bad and EM Waves was OK as well. So what did you guys think about it?
  8. I hate to break this to you, but the angle was correct. I also got this question wrong. The correct answer was tan(1/n) Isn't it tan(n)?, I don't underatand why was it 1/n. I knew the question was too easy to be true, but I didn't do anything about it
  9. I thought that these two exams were the most difficult I have ever seen! (TZ2) especially paper 2 which was hell. For paper 1 there was a question about newton's third law, asking what is needed for it to apply. Is it momentum or momentum and kinetic energy?
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