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  1. IEAFBC812

    English HL

    As Maple said: you're not obliged to do English HL. But it really depends on the subjects your School offers: My School for example only offers English Lang&Lit even to those only wanting to take certificates.
  2. IEAFBC812

    IB Subject choices?

    Hey, First of all, I can't tell you what to do about E.S.S. and B.M., because I don't take them. Regarding the difficulty of your subject combination .... you have to consider that Maths HL and Physics HL are the hardest subjects offered in the IBD Program and that most People avoid even doing one of them. But all that also depends on how comfortable you are with These subjects. I didn't take Maths HL for example, because (even though I did well in Maths in the time before IB) I don't think I'm up to the challenge. As for Economics HL, I heard from a friend of mine that it is a lot of memorization. Hope that this helps you
  3. IEAFBC812

    Can you please do my survey for my math IA?

    Completed it
  4. IEAFBC812

    Chance me? :)

    You defenitely have a Chance to be accepted, because not only you have outstanding academics, but your extracurriculars are also a big Advantage. So as Long as you do well in your last year of IB (especially on your final exams ) and, as Emmi said before, write a captivating personal Statement the Odds are that you'll be accepted into one of your Chosen universities
  5. I think by.andrew is right. You schould really contact your School on what not obtaining the ib score that's necessary for your offer means for you getting the place. As far as I know it all depends a lot the University you got your offer from, so contacting them will be the best way to find out about it.
  6. Thank you all for your replies. I think i'll just wait for my teacher to decide what books to read and then start reading them over the summer
  7. IEAFBC812

    Difficulty of IB

    The subjects themselves are not too difficult, but you have to be ready for a lot of writing (which usually takes a lot of time). That's especially the case for history, but also for the languages and the Group 3 subjects. But that won't be a Problem if you work consistently (try to avoid procrastinating too much so the workload won't hit you too hard) and if you're comfortable with Long written assignments.
  8. I think you really schouldn't have a Problem with English Literature if you like reading. And considering you've already read classics you won't struggle with the Level of English either.
  9. IEAFBC812

    IB advice

    This combination is defenitely well Chosen, though it also depends on your future plans (like at which University you want to study, what you want to study etc.) Some universites have very strict entry requirements for certain courses. But with your classes you schouldn't have any Problems
  10. IEAFBC812

    English B Higher Level

    Level A is for native Speakers so you schouldn't have to take English A if you're not a native Speaker (assumig your School doesn't have any Special restrictions)
  11. Thanks, that's very helpful. I actually read Kabale und Liebe and Faust this Schoolyear so I won't have to worry about it next year
  12. IEAFBC812

    IB Advice?

    Hey, it's defenitely helpful to look at the syllabi of the subjects you'll be taking beforehand so you'll have an overview of what is still to come. Also, you can start reading a few books from the prescibed list of authors (only the ones that interest you, beecause nobody would be able to read that many books in such a short time). And try to catch up on the subjects you're weak at (assuming you have one, but even better if you don't ).
  13. IEAFBC812

    Extended Essay Topic

    Well, I find it very interesting. But you have to decide yourself if you are okay with it in Terms of lenght and Content. It should defenitely be okay if you feel that you actually have enough interesting Content.
  14. IEAFBC812

    Math Studies & Psychology?

    I think that almost all of These Universitys require at least Maths SL. I don't know about all of them but for the uni of Kent you defenitely have to take Maths SL to meet their entry requirements. You should look it up University for University to see what exactly their entry requirements are. It generally is difficult to apply for an English uni with math studies, because they're really sceptical about it ...
  15. IEAFBC812

    IB classes

    Yes, this combination is defenitely doable. But you have to remember that History HL requires a los of (essay-)writing and that Biology HL requires a lot of memorization. If you remember that it won't be too difficult

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