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  1. han24

    Can communism ever work?

    not in a capitalist system
  2. han24

    Geography HL Paper 2&3

    and also on paper 2 I didn't always leave space between my answers, do you think that's still ok?
  3. han24

    Geography HL Paper 2&3

    I did the same question on p3. I just ended up using the 5 paragraph essay structure for both questions on p3 and the 10 mark questions on p2. As long as you included 1 or 2 detailed case studies in each long answer you rise above the "generalized" section of the mark band. I didn't really have a case study for the first question...I only talked about contenarisation and general stuff... and for the second one I kinda gave an example but it wasn't very detailed either..hmm I'm kinda worried now
  4. han24

    Geography HL Paper 2&3

    yeah I did questions 1,4 and 7 but I feel like I havent used enough case studies.. yeah and I did the same question on Paper 3 but I wasn't sure how to structure it properly and what exaclty to include cause I didnt have time to do any past papers really.. but I think it wasn't too bad though
  5. han24

    Geography HL Paper 2&3

    So guys how did you find it??
  6. I recommend the IB Oxford Study Guide, it's so helpful and very easy to understand
  7. han24

    SL/HL Geography Paper 1

    I did the one about gender equality. the question about energy flow was it about like short wavelength radiation from the sun and long wavelength radiation from the earth and the natural greenhouse effect? cause that's what i basically talked about
  8. han24

    IB Geography HL Paper 3 Tips?

    I have exactly the same problem and I'm stressing out, especially cause I find it so difficult to remember all of the case studies..
  9. han24

    IB Exams Marks in July

    it just gives you your final marks but your teachers will have all the details so you can ask them after you've checked your grades online
  10. han24

    Biology HL Tz2 May 2014 Paper 2

    I chose 5 and 7. what did you write for the energy flow part?
  11. han24

    Biology HL Tz2 May 2014 Paper 2

    i think it went ok actually, and I answered this question too and said salivary amylase
  12. han24

    Biology HL TZ2 paper 3

    to people doing option G, what did you write for what other reasons could have caused a decrease of the birds' population?
  13. han24

    Biology SL TZ2 Paper 3

    didn't the question ask about trypsinogen? or have i misread it
  14. han24

    Biology HL TZ2 paper 3

    yeah I didn't really know what to say and as far as I remember I said that the human milk is better because more fat is absorbed but I've no idea if that's the correct answer
  15. han24

    Biology HL TZ2 paper 3

    I also did options G and H and I think the paper was quite easy but I was surprised that the Bohr Shift came up. It was a 6 mark quesion and in the revision guide there's literally only like a sentence about it. I just wrote about CO2 concentration increasing in respiring tissies and pH falling so hemoglobin releases oxgen.

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