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  1. Do you know of any good electronics (part of option F) problem sheet? I've been searching and I can't find any. It'd be great if it had the solutions too. Thanks!
  2. Arnau

    I'm worried

    You're my savior!! Do you know if there are any videos in the same style but for Physics? I've seen there's a Biology one too
  3. Arnau

    I'm worried

    The most advanced point in Environmental Chem is radicalary reactions, which we faithfully learnt by heart. The rest was pretty doable considering prior chemistry learning (acid formulation) and some basic stoichiometry.
  4. Arnau

    I'm worried

    Ok, so a few days a go, me and my classmate started reviewing for a test we had. We took out the Chemistry Guide and out of curiosity started looking at all the topics we had covered. We found out we had only covered topic 1 (Quantitative Chem), 2 (Atomic Structure), a part of 3 (Periodical Properties), 12 (Measurements) and Option E (Environmental Chem). We are both in an HL class, so we have all of the core topics plus the AHL topics left, plus our second option, Analytical Chem. We are basically at the end of our first year and the amount of stuff we still need to cover is huge. Plus, we should have some time to take practice tests and to do the IA. Is this a normal thing? Or is the organization in my school terrible? Should I be worried? Btw, all of the chemistry students have agreed to bring this up in class to see how our teacher is pretending to approach this.
  5. Thank you. That's a pity however
  6. Do you know if using skeletal notation for organic chemistryis accepted for the External Assesment papers? I've been using it throughtout my course and find it's so much more convenient.
  7. I think I'm gonna stick with Chicago since I love footnotes too
  8. Would you recommend using APA during the IB?
  9. This is something that has been going round my mind for quite a while. Our EE manager explicitly stated we should use the APA citation style in any written task, not only our EE. But as a student that complies with the IB profile ( ) I had a look at the EE guide and other subject guides to find any explicit mentio of that. I was quite surprised to see that there were no specific guidelines besides citing everything and keeping it consistent. Do you have a prefered citation style? Is there a particular style you would recommend for specific subjects?
  10. Hey, I'm currently working on my IA. I'm kinda lost with regards to idea choosing. I was thinking about doing something related to the Mathematical methods used in Physics, namely Integration used in Thermodynamics. Is this adequate? How should I manage it to avoid falling into too much Physics instead of Math? And if you have any other suggestions please do post them. Thanks!
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