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  1. Yeah that's true. Also because my chem teacher marks really hard for written response. People last year were telling me chem SL was really easy, but I think it's because they were in the old curriculum. Being in the old curriculum I must agree, since I am really not the smartest when it comes to Chem and i'm doing pretty good in my course. And I think it is always better for the teachers to mark as harsh as possible, because it forces you to get used to the style of answering questions quite early even if it is a pain.
  2. I heard that alot of the Chemistry HL course was moved down to the SL course for the ones taking exams in 2016 and onwards
  3. German HL is being tough on me, simply because no matter what I write it either is not enough for the teacher or not good enough.. languages are always tricky because it seems to depend on the mood of the teacher and if they like your style of writing.
  4. So I am writing my extended essay for Computer Science, and I know there is a regulation that for code within the essay, each line counts as 2 words. I also used screenshots of code. My question is, do these screenshots even count as words? If they do, does the 2 words per line apply for this? Thanks in advance
  5. I'm a senior now and I don't know if I would say I'm respected or not. I'm in the "nerdy" group at our school, none of us like partying so that does not seem to be an issue. I'm just generally happy that I am friends with these people, and it doesn't matter if I get invited to parties or not (not that there was time to go anyways) Just stay true to yourself, and yes not everyone will like you, but that is just tough luck for them
  6. depends where you want to apply, all good universities in the UK want math HL
  7. to be quite honest, as i'm doing my IB in May 2015 I am nervous, as I - as of now- do not have a clue of what to do with these questions at all. It might just be the stress getting to me, so we'll see how it goes the next few days.
  8. all the good universities in the UK i know, require you to have HL since economics tends to be quite mathy from what i heard. If you are not confident in math and do not have the time to invest into it, I would not recommend it, especially talking from experience ( 2 students in my class aren't that confident and one is basically failing but the other is getting like 70-85% in school exams) It really depends how much time you have and how willing you are to give that time up to do math revision. I'm entering my second year right now, and it's really not a subject to be taken lightly. BUT basically everyone can make it, when they have dedication, determination, and loads and loads of practice I hope this helps
  9. I don't believe they will be upset with long research questions, as long as you get it focused and to the point. You cannot really put a focused research question into a short one (haven't ever seen someone successfully do that). Mine is something like this: To what extent is Secrity Code Analysis effective in preventing SQL injections done with user input?
  10. Not having CAS. Some schools only require students to have 1 project per aspect, but mine is expecting us to have continious projects throughout the 2 years and have atleast 15, strictly following all the aims (global importance, working with others, etc.). It's a real pain to get everything signed and so on...
  11. IB2 is about 80 students and about 90 in IB1 but with popular courses (like Chem SL) it can get really crowded and quite annoying with so many people together
  12. I'm a girl who hates shopping and nearly everything about fashion, interested in gaming and in love with programming and math. I am german and I dislike beer and do not walk around in a "dirndl".
  13. thankyou very much must have overlooked it
  14. So, I am planning on applying to Oxford (god forbid I get my hopes up, I'm basically not expecting anything but just gonna give it a shot and see what happens, might as well try and fail than never try at all). Ofcourse I need to achieve all the grades, but for applying it would really help (and ofcourse i'm interested) in reading some books on these 2 topics. Does anyone have any recommendations for economis or management books? I heard freakonomics was supposed to be pretty good.
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