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  1. Sylvette

    How hard was your Ib school to get into?

    In HK, my school was one of the few private international schools, so there's always more demand than supply. Last year there were about 5000 people (I think?) trying to get in, and there was only about 120 places. Not to mention the hefty deposits that the parents have to pay to even be "considered". Good thing I came in when I was around 7/8 when there was way more supply than demand Would have loved to do A-levels instead of IB tho, but my school doesn't really give us a choice
  2. Would have loved to take Japanese an initio (forgot if there was such a course) or just Japanese SL. Really wanted to learn the lang, but couldn't balance it with my other subjects. The school wouldn't allow me to take it as it was only available as an option in the next year (when I would be in yr 13). Also regretted taking physics, would have changed to bio if possible
  3. Sylvette

    How hard IB is?

    I guess you just have to be really careful. EE and other internal assessments/essays/tok have a heavy emphasis on teacher marks, and if your teachers arn't good enough to give you accurate markings, you might find yourself in a situation where you get awarded less points then expected because your teacher doesn't know the mark scheme very well (happened to me, would have changed it if I knew something was amis). Sometimes coursework can be essential in saving you a grade, and sometimes it would be the reason why you lost one too.
  4. Sylvette

    Remarking EE/TOK

    It's not uncommon to go from a predicted B to a D in EE (I'm one them), so depending on your subject it can be highly subjective. For me, I wouldn't risk it as you might lose an extra mark if you got marked down to a C in either one, and it doesn't seem like you need a 45 for your uni offer. 44 is already an achievement in itself
  5. Sylvette

    How did you all enter the IB?

    It's my first time hearing people talk about pre-IB. In my school, after IGCSE's you either had a choice of BTEC or IB. I don't think that they even filtered who should do what as I know people who just slack around and don't even pass exams still get to do IB, or opt for the less-recognized option of BTEC. Since most people don't want to do BTEC because universities might not accept them, we had to do IB whether we liked it or not. Where I live, all international schools do IB, so if you wanted to do another qualification you have to either go to boarding school or another school in the 'outskirts'. So yeah, I kinda jst got thrown into IB and tried my best not to down ._.
  6. I say go for the remark. I did Art HL (Option B) and my teacher told me that grades are mostly subjective. In an extreme case, there was someone last year in my school who got predicted a 7 (and sustained it), but when she got her results back she got marked a 3. Since the examinors could only increase the grades (after remark) by a maximum of 2 points, she ended up getting a 5 when she 'deserved' a 7. It's just an example that this course is VERY subjective, especially for option A people. Seeing as you got such good marks before, you should definatly try again as I feel that you are so close to the next boundary, and it's likely that you will meet an examinor who appreciate's your art more than the previous
  7. Sylvette

    Physics paper 3 (options)

    I did options E and F, Astrophysics and Communications respectfully. Astro was ok, the questions were straightforward enough, but not overly easy. Communications on the other hand....well, I'm not so sure what that was
  8. Sylvette

    cheating on IB exams

    I think it counts as cheating, as you're still bringing in materials that are not allowed into the exam hall (ie. names of books in your hand as you may use them in your lang exam). All i can say is, hope for the best :x
  9. Sylvette

    cheating on IB exams

    Don't cheat, the stakes are too high and the penalties are too heavy to justify cheating! Besides, there's a very high chance they you'd get caught if your invigilators are experienced (for you friend)
  10. Sylvette

    Does anyone get the feeling...

    Which Time Zone did you do? My class actually found this year's psych HL questions to be unpredicted and not that easy (I'm TZ2 (or TZ0))
  11. That this year's exams in general was much harder than previous years? I was surprised at the difficulty of the questions in Sl Chinese ab initio, not to mention that physics SL wasn't a walk in the breeze either...
  12. Sylvette

    Chinese ab initio SL Paper 1

    Yes, paper 1 was so difficult! I walked out of the exam hall having only a vague idea of what the text and questions was about, and I swear everyone was having a panic attack outside the exam hall X.X
  13. Sylvette

    May 2015- Physics Paper 1 and Paper 2

    Did anyone got the questions about T=2pi sqroot L/g? How did you solve for sqroot x? Did anyone choose question 4? If so, how did you find it? What did you write about the turbines being on water instead of land?
  14. Sylvette

    Psychology Paper 1

    What questions were you hoping for? Personally I liked the questions in paper 1, it was simple and straightforward I took the one about compliance technique too!
  15. Sylvette

    English Literature Paper 2 Discussion

    I did the poetry question, the one about symbolism Used "Valentine", "Spinster" and "Havisham" to talk about the use of domestic items and unusual objects as both extended metaphors and symbols to represent the speaker's view on love. I know that people could have easily used like "medusa" and others. Wrote about 6 pages just pouring my entire soul into it. Still not as much as you guys tho

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