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  1. IA

    Hi can anyone help me? 1) For the part where you have to analytically develop two functions that model the data points, people have been saying the cubic and expo work the best? ( I think) However, the previous question requires a justification for the functions that you are going to create and why it would be a good one to use. Expo is easy to think of, but why cubic? I don't understand why everyone is using cubic!! I was playing with the trendlines in excel and it seems that the higher power polynomial functions fit a bit better...why are people using cubic?!? 2) ALSO: Does anyone know how to create an exponential function algebraically? Desy, thanks so much for you scan! It helped a lot for the polynomials, could you teach me how to do it with exponential? (I'm pretty sure you can only use polynomial functions with matrices to solve) Thanks Also there is one thing I don't understand. Desy, you know how you substitued numbers 0, 1, 2.... for the years 1950, 1955.... when you were solving for the polynomial equations by hand with matrices? How does that work? I mean if you change the x values that will change your entire graph! Does that mean you have to graph EVERYTHING from that point on with the years as 0, 1, 2, 3....instead of 1950, 1955,1960....?
  2. Good Health. I can manage the rest myself
  3. Andy, I don't think she is applying for September 2010. Some schools write their SL exams at the end of year 1 and write their HL exams at the end of year 2
  4. I wrote my Biology SAT II in June. All the studying that I had done for the exam in May really helped. Plus, I had time to look over stuff that the IB syllabus did not cover. I'd say, write it in June
  5. Hm. Maybe read about the topics that IB Chemistry and Biology cover... If you've done some reading on those already, it might help you better understand them when they are taught in class... So what topics do IB chemistry and biology cover? -- check out the IB syllabus documents
  6. Yes. For Biology SL, I wrote the exam for Option A although we were taught Option C in class. Just make sure that you follow the syllabus carefully while preparing for an Option by yourself.
  7. It wasn't an unbearable read although it was annoyingly superficial. Bella got on my nerve now and then "oh my god he is gorgeous... who cares about my education? i want to be a vampire. he is so beautiful" etc etc etc.
  8. Hm, I think a girl should marry an intelligent and practical guy. Love and money should follow.
  9. Never tried them The next poster is doing/has done his/her EE in History
  10. I took SL Biology and liked it. If you are good at memorizing a whole bunch of facts, you wouldn't have a single problem with Biology =)
  11. We neveeeer have spares. Just time to work on our Extended Essays (supervised). But, no spares So, if you're lucky enough to have one, use it wisely.
  12. Yes. Do you regularly go on fmylife.com
  13. Hm, I don't know. I like quite a few of them. But since this is ibsurvival.com, I'll say 'I think, therefore IB' haha, get it? So, do you regret staying in IB?
  14. One of my friends moved after IB1, and her IB Coordinator arranged everything for her... She talked to IB coordinators in the new city and got her enrolled in a school that offers the subjects she is to take, etc. So, talk to your IBC.
  15. You're right. However, experimental science EEs tend to score better than the theoretical ones. I'd say choose a simpler topic. Something that can easily be done in a school science lab.