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  1. Ahh the good old existential crisis, I have experienced many of these. These tend to happen to me when I'm bored or extremely stressed. What I tell myself to get out of that mindset is that these things do matter because these moments are what make my life, and that is significant. As for avoiding future thoughts, I create a new project, work on homework, something to keep my mind busy. These thoughts come and go and it shouldn't change the way you are going about your life. If it is constant and it is affecting your daily life it could be depression and I recommend seeing a professional. Try talking with your friends about what you're feeling and maybe spend more time outside and with them if you have the time. The worst thing to do when these thoughts come is to be alone. Here's a video I think comically describes the infamous 'existential crisis'.Hope this helps!
  2. the draft should be the full thing. This way you can fix any big mistakes right away. Make a plan for how you want to structure it and research in order, and make it flow. Really you just have to buckle down and right it. Hope this helps!
  3. There are other pathways into uni, for example taking college courses to supplement what you're missing, to do this you need an explicit list from the university of what you're lacking. Hang in there, things will work out as long as you don't give up! Hope this helps!
  4. Having doubts in IB is like breathing. All throughout my IB I doubted I could pass, do the EE etc but looking back I did it, you just have to take it one step at a time. You'll get through it Hope this helps!
  5. I got a lower score than you and I'm happy. I dreamed of a 45 but realised that anything above 30 was out of reach for me personally. Not everyone can get 30's or above, and that's ok. As long as you can get into the uni you want it shouldn't matter. I personally don't think you need to retake the IB, just accept the score and end that chapter of your life. Hope this helps!
  6. I did an EE draft and was told that I needed to completely scrap my whole idea and start from scratch. I researched drafted, and redrafted an extended essay in a month. You should have plenty of time if you put it as a top priority
  7. you have 2 questions smashed together, maybe make it something like "to what extent is Vicario's remorse a result of machismo?" Hope this helps!
  8. I'm predicted a C (history)
  9. As mentioned above, you will have to discuss religion in TOK, if you are not up for that this may not be the program for you. If you take biology you will also have a small unit on evolution, no need to believe it but it is a mandatory unit. Before I started IB I was Christian. I was very close-minded (sorry to anyone who talked to me during that phase) and IB really taught me to be open minded and question things around me. I soon started questioning religion itself and found that my perspective had changed and it was no longer something I believed in. I'm not saying this is going to happen to you but I did some reevaluating and religion just wasn't doing it for me anymore. However there were still classmates who believed throughout the program. Hope this helps!
  10. I did it in history and I loathed it. I really wish I would of done it in English lit but what can you do?
  11. May15

    I did E and H (HL) and they were easier than I expected as I've done some much more complicated DBQ's during the bio classes Did you do TZ2? or TZ1? Yeah exactly.I did option D and E. The qs were rather nice and smooth and it was just a bless after the previous papers I feel you. I was memorising like crazy and the questions were so simple. I spent a week studying paper 3 and I probably didn't even need to. You actually found the paper easy? What options did you do? TZ2? I did A and E at SL TZ2. My teacher had us doing past papers for 6 months before the exam so all the questions I had encountered, I had seen at least a few times before and I knew the answer I needed to put to get max marks
  12. I used TGM but not DOAS even though I studied it. I compared conflict within the play between characters and if conflicts in the other play resembled it. I talked baout the generational conflict between Amanda and her kids, i talked about the difference in gender between the way Tom is treated and the way Laura is treated. I talked about class, Amanda present vs Amanda past.
  13. I only studied DOAS but you could talk about the different classes between Willy and his brother (the diamond guy). The fact that Linda doesn't have a job could show conflicting gender roles.
  14. May15

    Yeah exactly.I did option D and E. The qs were rather nice and smooth and it was just a bless after the previous papers I feel you. I was memorising like crazy and the questions were so simple. I spent a week studying paper 3 and I probably didn't even need to.
  15. May15

    I did option A and option E (SL) I found them so easy. The questions they asked have been asked so many times. I found the data response alright, I know I got one question wrong, but overall it was really easy.