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  1. Hi there, i am writing my IA on Mary Tudor and her catholic reformation(from 1553), and i cannot get hold on the statutes anywhere. Do you have any experience and know where i could get official documents? I really need the first statute of repeal, the second one and the anty heresy laws. Thanks for your help in advance guys, may the force be with you this senior year
  2. Easy way to party in IB- go to MUNs. The social events rock ^^
  3. I think you should stick with HL if you do worry about any other subject(physics or chemistry). Geo is almost the same at SL and HL, and it is an easy 7 if you are good at writing your BS in a respectable looking way ;D Case studies are the key, don't use the ones in your books, find something else, so on the exam if you forget the data you can just make it up, nobody will know! Whatever you decide, good luck
  4. Hi, so i have decided that i would like to do my IA on game theory, the prisoner's dilemma. The question is if it is a good idea for an sl student to do so and if any of you guys have tips for doing this topic. Maybe you wrote an exploration about game theory and have some materials, links, videos that could be useful? I know i am asking for a lot but right now i dont know how to start working on my IA and i should have had at least done some reading by now so i am freaking out. Thanks in advance.
  5. I think that Chem Sl is easy but writing good essays for History HL is hardcore!
  6. She realised she is a 'dragonborn" and could just demand anything she ever wanted.
  7. If i were you i would take geography. I am doing it now and it is just pure bull**** ;D
  8. Do past papers/ questions from maths question banks. It helps me prepare for test. And if you don't get what is going on, talk to your friends, maybe a study group would help you get a 4?
  9. For anything economy/business related it is best to have HL maths, or at least SL. I would stick to history if i were You. Other thing i find strange, why are you doing bio and psychology hl if you want to study law/business? Both of those subjects are just pure memorization whch is not needed for your future degree. I would recommend you to change from bio hl(drop bio to sl) to english hl and from pyschology HL to economics HL if possible.
  10. You should stop spamming other posts, i have seen your "please help" under 3 post already.....
  11. Every school has somehow different entrance exams. One thing that i suppose is the same is that they are pretty focused on maths, since ib maths is quite demanding. So i would suggest revising math form previous grades and what you have learnt in grade 9 so far. But I think that your school should give you a list of things one has to know to do well in the exams so maybe ask teachers/current pre-ib students about that? Good Luck
  12. Europe and Middle East If that is what you were asking for...
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