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  1. Mowbray College - Caroline Springs, Victoria, Australia A1 English (HL/SL) B French (HL/SL) Chinese (SL) (has been phased out and is only being taught to remaining second year Diploma Students) Ab Initio Japanese
  2. Rob

    What time do you go to bed on average day?

    I usually get to bed between 11pm and midnight during the school term. On holidays i try to get to bed between 9:30pm and 10pm...
  3. Rob

    Ideas for a senior prank?

    I simply must jump in here! At a school i went to in England, their 6th form class stole all the coffee mugs from the staff room and left a nice note on the table which said that they would return them all (in one piece) if they were dismissed early... Their demands were met... All teachers need their morning fix
  4. I suppose i shouldn't brag, but i recon my B&M Teacher is awesome. He works from the book we have, but he's more than happy to write notes if we ask for them. He also mixes up what we're doing in the text book with stories so it's a little easier to remember. We don't really get resources as such, but it's really early days for me (My exams are 2010), but he has quite clearly said that he's marking according to the IB criterion. The one thing he's trying at the moment with us is that he's given us an old exam article (about Organix i think) and we're writing questions based on what we've done in the textbook so far, and to build on it as we go further through. I suspect we'll get a new one (that is to say another old exam article) next term and have to do the same thing again, just to keep us on our toes (this is in addition to tests). @IhateTOK: I know that my BM book comes with unit (and chapter) review questions, and my teacher gets us to do them and then hands out the answers after so that we can compare our answers with the author's (and ofcourse the author's are a hell of a lot more detailed - compare 5 or 6 handwritten lines to half a typed page). This helps us to work out how to add extra content to our answers. Does your text book have a similar thing in it? Perhaps going through it like this may help you to answer structured questions better.
  5. Just posting an update, Wikileaks has been re-allowed back onto Australian internet (I can access it at the present), and the Australian censorship page is completely accessible (including lists). It has been noted on wikileaks that the list has been severely pruned since wikileaks was blocked; almost half the list has been pruned off. It should also be noted that the two lists (before and after) came from the same supplier. I would almost be certain that the ACMA has 'tagged' the lists to find the leak by removing or adding unique (normally nonexistent) websites to or from the list. For example, if you were to give A ISP a list with uniquewebsitea.net and B ISP a list with uniquewebsitec.org and a list was published with uniquewebsitea.net surfaced, you know that the leak originated from A ISP. @Irene - Yeah, I didn’t think that it would be censored here, but you never know. It's good to know that there are still some corners of the net were people can talk without fears of censorship. @Ruan Chun Xian - I always knew that my internet was being filtered, if not by my ISP then by the government. It would be foolish to think anything other than EVERY packet of internet traffic that goes anywhere is filtered (most likely for security purposes, although the definition of security can sometimes blur). America would have to be one of the MOST censored countries in the world with regards to communications.
  6. Being a citizen and a patriot this will sound a little biased, but Australia is pretty awesome. For anyone planning a trip down to Melbourne, pack clothes for 45 Degrees and 5 degrees (Celcius), and plan for both temperatures to be experienced on the same day
  7. OK, so as some of you may have heard, an alleged copy of the "Top secret" (well, I guess that’s a little disputed now) ACMA (Australian Communications and Media Authority) website blacklist was released today on wikileaks.org (a website frequently used by anonymous whistleblowers to release confidential information to the free world), and as it would appear, has subsequently been added to the list, (none of my methods of getting around on the net yield me with their homepage, so they may just be getting hammered be people who want the list, but most likely they have been blocked out). The ACMA Blacklist is completely run by the ACMA – a Department of the Australian Federal Government, and is said to be in place to prevent access to things like child pornography, and other such disgusting things, and I support the ACMA in doing this. But, to what point do we allow the government to filter our access to a system which is supposed to give users the liberty of 'freedom' of speech. Another interesting thing is that a report in Melbourne newspaper 'The Age’ claims that there were two Australian websites on the list, one of which was a dentist and the other a tuck shop, interesting to see the reason for their appearance on the list. This should really make you wonder what other false positives have crawled onto the list. It should also be noted that you can never really tell if something is on the list, as it just times out like if it did not exist in the first place (it's not like you get a page telling you it’s blocked, it’s just plain nonexistent). Also, you don’t know if what you’re seeing is the authentic either, as pages may just be swapped as they run through to your computer from the ACMA filters... Of course, the ACMA in its infinite wisdom has almost instantly released a statement which claims that the list, although containing vulgar websites some of which were on the blacklist, is not an accurate representation of the ACMA blacklist. The ACMA defend that their blacklist contains approximately 1060 websites, not the 3000 or so the wikileaks website was alleged to have contain. The one thing I still can't get my head around is why did wikileaks get blocked in Australia for publishing a list of websites which can't be accessed from any computer inside the country anyway? My thoughts for a counter argument would be something like "so the bad people in other countries can't look at the websites". (Thought: why didn’t the ACMA just deny the list completely and then make up 1000 completely fake websites and say that that was their list – no one in Australia could verify it anyway). If the list were public, it could help other countries to also filter out the extremes of the vulgarity which plague the internet. HOWEVER, then it could (and most certainly would) be scrutinized by anyone and everyone, and the Government don't always take kindly to being told what to do BY THE PEOPLE WHO ELECT THEM! For more information about this visit [url="http://wikileaks.org.nz/"]http://wikileaks.org.nz/[/url] (all the other mirrors I tried were... unresponsive). If you get through, good for you, if you get the message I did about Australia blocking wikileaks, then perhaps it’s time that you stood up and thought about how far you think the government should be able to go on matters like these. What kind of a world are we living in? I guess it goes back to not trusting the government of your country to make decisions, but the people of you country to make sure the government don't make the wrong ones, and this clearly, is a wrong one. As you can no doubt tell now, I am an advocate for freedom on the internet, and do not like the ACMA’s decision. Really what I believe The AMCA is doing is being a childish bully and throwing their weight around to force other people [wikileaks] to do what they want, and when people resist the bullying, they fall down in a crying heap and block them out. Honestly, if you’re doing something shifty [like having a ‘top secret’ block list] and get caught, accept fault, take the punishment and LEARN from the mistake like responsible adults, not deny everything, pretend it didn’t happen and keep doing it like two year olds. I am now absolutely sure that this post will be filtered, modified or deleted by the moderators of this website. Unfortunately that’s the very sad direction that this world is moving into – Political correctness and censorship. Soon the whole world will be full of ‘large’ people, ‘rainbow’ coloured sheep, and most disturbingly *******************************. -Rob SHA256: e44f5fd2766f58c2b6e96be2796441d6f3449add5766aca50c66c1e2ef28f5b7
  8. one of the kids in my IB year is learning Guitar from a friend, and my IB Coordinator said that it's fine as long as she writes her reflections, fills in the paperwork and makes sure that at the least a responsible adult sees them start and finish the lessons.
  9. Rob

    Do you like CAS?

    My CAS Advisor actually published a booket for us to use internally, which goes over everything we're supposed to do for CAS... in it it says oh, and it also says in this booklet that the reflections should be 500 words... EACH!
  10. Rob

    Compulsory voting or not

    When you turn 18, you have to enrol in the Electoral Role, and when you turn up to vote, your name is checked off the role. At the end of voting, all the people who haven't had their names checked off get sent fines... Keep in mind that this means that all you have to do is turn up and get your name checked off, you don't actually have to vote ('donkey' vote).
  11. thanks for all this guys, i'll keep a look out for the things you've talked about above and try to make sure that nothing hits the fan
  12. Rob

    Share your priceless IB quotes!

    my favourite one so far (and theres plenty of time to go for me becuase im dec 10) was one i came up with (and shouted quite loudly in class the other day by accident) was "THEY TOOK THE CAS OUT OF MY CALCULATOR BUT WONT TAKE IT OUT OF MY CURRICULUM!"
  13. Rob

    Rant of the day!

  14. Rob

    Do you like CAS?

    My school goes with the 150 Hour policy, although my CAS Advisor has said that although we all need to get the 150 hours done, we should look at it not as a chore, but as a chance to get out and about with other people and get away from our classwork to de-stress for a little while. She also told us that some schools/universities look quite favourably upon people who do a form of service to their community. I side with ashika and pretty much everyone else, i hate the paperwork too... i believe what i said in a lesson a couple of weeks ago was "i could go and lobby to prevent deforestation, then come back and fill out the same number of trees in paperwork"
  15. Rob

    Does God exist?

    personally, i don't believe that there is a god (although if it appears before me and can proove every claim thats ever been made about it, i'm all for believing). I remember a lecture that i had to sit through in 9th grade, and by then end of two hours, it was concluded that there is no way at the present to conclude the existance (or non existance) of a god. I will have to dig up the lecture notes and handouts for that some time as i'm almost positive it will come up somewhere in ToK.

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