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  1. _corrina_f

    Precision and Scale

    Hey all! I have a question on scale calculations for scientific diagrams. In my classroom, we used a calibrated reticule to measure a cell length, lets say a value of 1.234mm If my diagram length was 12.34cm, what precision do I use? Scale for the assignment is to be shown as size of diagram:size of object in cm : micrometers In this example the final scale value as 1.00cm= 10.00 micrometers after calculating scale: (1.234mm) / ( 123.40mm) = 0.01000mm x 1000 = 10.00 micrometers ->> 10.00 micrometers follows sig figs, however, is not the measured precision of the reticule at 0.001mm. So my question is, are these precisions of decimal places correct? And do you follow sig figs or original precision when showing scale?
  2. _corrina_f

    IB Course Selection

    For Canadian universities, you do not even need IB to get in. I would take a lot of consideration if you really want to do 4 HL's. IB is challenging, and 4HLs is an unnecessary evil. Based on my experiences with people who have HL math, I think it is only for the very mathematically insane. Sometimes a lot of studying gets you there, but in math HL, it seems like you really have to be genuinely interested in pursuing a math degree later on. With your focus on science, especially medicine, I'd keep it to HL chem & bio. Regular school physics should be considered too, just for the sake of getting into a science program- you normally need all 3 sciences. Your subject choices look good, but if I were you I'd change math HL to SL (& add reg physics). This is just my opinion, but I wish you the best of luck choosing!
  3. _corrina_f

    Are You a Feminist?

    The definition is "the doctrine advocating social, political, and all other rights of women equal to those of men." The word feminist has stigma, so the way i see is it to focus on the meaning. If you want gender equality, then you are a feminist by definition. So yes, I am feminist, because yes, I believe gender discrimination is not okay. P.s just listen to Emma Watson's speech: link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p-iFl4qhBsE
  4. _corrina_f

    Out of Curiosity

    Thanks for your answer, I did HL: chem, english, history SL: bio, french ab & math
  5. _corrina_f

    Out of Curiosity

    Hello all, my school offers the following IB courses. I was wondering if you could give me your feedback of the best course load for someone who wants to study chemistry. All other factors put aside. HL SL English Literature Biology World History Physics Math Math Chemistry Business and Management Visual Arts Language B (French, French ab, Mandarin, Mandarin ab, Cantonese, Spanish ab) Computer Science Thank you! This is just for curiosity, all my courses are set
  6. I'm not 100%, but I think universities will not mind that you send in hard scores, in fact it may seem better simply because its the actual score. I know you can get university credit if you send the actual results and they are good. I also think that universities will like you skipping grades, it means you are gifted! I would assume someone as gifted as yourself could get into those universities with good essays, EC's and SATs. I'm not a fortune teller but it's pretty obvious you have a bright future ahead! Good luck!
  7. _corrina_f

    3 places u want to visit after IB?

    1. Australia (other side of the world, surfing, great weather) 2. England (Harry Potter sets everywhere!) 3. France (practice French while I'm at it)
  8. _corrina_f

    How well do you know the 4th of July? (Quiz!)

  9. _corrina_f


    I may be wrong but I believe you would call it copper sulphate electrolyte. I also agree to use the second formulation.
  10. _corrina_f

    Math Studies IA Question (Significant Figures)

    I honestly have no idea, but I would ask your teacher. It's a good question that she or he would have an answer to.
  11. Hey, I agree with most of what negotiation has said, although I personally would take HL English. There isn't too much of a gap between SL and HL but universities like seeing your native language in HL (assuming your native lang is english). Otherwise I think your subjects are good! You'll have to stay focused and put in a lot of work, but it is manageable. Ivy Leagues will like those HL subject choices.
  12. _corrina_f


    I agree, an interesting topic. One approach could be to compare a time period of say 10 years and the art made in the era, conceptual "vs" "traditional" art. For example in the 1950's abstract and field painting grew popular and you could explore those concepts in comparison to things like figurative painting. Another idea I've had experience with is contemporary art work by people like Andy Goldsworthy or Richard Long and how their art contains primitive and spiritual pieces (i.e. aboriginal art). For both these ideas you can include how critics saw art works and how they valued the pieces. I think it best if you stick to a refined time period or artist and not conceptual art as a whole. Hope this made sense! Good luck!
  13. _corrina_f

    Should I take HL Business or HL History?

    For example, in the first point: http://www.adm.utoronto.ca/adm_pdf_files/ibutsc.pdf ^ Most universities I have seen say something along the lines of "transfer credit will be given for HL only"
  14. _corrina_f

    Should I take HL Business or HL History?

    I know your counsellor says its hard, but I would do the two HL sciences! Worth the effort as it looks extremely good on applications!
  15. _corrina_f

    Subject choices

    Definitely good choices, in my opinion.

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