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  1. It's really not to hard tbh. I was predicted an A for EE and a A for TOK. It ended up having a B for my EE and an A for TOK. My teacher predicted an 8/10 for both my essay and presentation, and the predicted grade ended up being my final grade as a scraped by the A boundary with a total of 24/30. I figured my EE would drop because my teachers made a big deal about how great it was, but I really only did it in 12 hours. Really, if you spend time on them and follow the criteria, especially for TOK, it isn't that tough. Choose a prescribed title that you actually understand and could see yourself making a strong argument for.
  2. I thought it was horrible but I'm extremely terrible at french so take my thoughts with a grain of salt. Were all the vrai/faux questions vrai. I think I put vrai for two of them and faux for the other. I totally guessed on those. My justifications were correct I think. I put en meme for voire as well. Although I guessed on it, I just looked, and they have the same meaning I would think that is the right answer. I put "recherche de" for "en quete de" The newspaper one, text C I believe, was really horrible.
  3. uh I put no change for that one. I thought Kc is only depended upon temperature. Since it was constant temp i think Kc remains the same. My bad. The question I was referring to was what affects k, the rate, not Kc. But I put no change for the Kc one as well!! I thought that question was actually about Kc and how it would decrease, where one answer was a decrease in temperature - which would be correct. And the question with two arrows, I thought the answer was an alcohol - I don't remember what A was for the answer, B had added a Cl and an H which wouldn't have been possible with the bonding structure (there would be one extra H as the hydrocarbon was already saturated), C was the alcohol, and D was a halogenoalkane that ended with Cl2 which I don't think is possible (but it may be, I didn't study for organic at all before the test) For paper 2, I also ended up doing questions 6 and 8! For the economic need, I said that it increases the rate of reaction - does not affect the yield but producing production speeds up Yeah, but there was also a question that said rate = k [c] and then it asked what would affect the value of k. That's the question I'm referring too. I guess I got "X" question wrong because i put B, with the one Cl. Yeah, I said the catalyst increases the rate of reaction as well, but I wasn't sure if that completely answered the question, so I said the increased rate of reaction allows for the preservation of time and resources. Since you did eight, do you remember what you got for the first pH question. I think it said find the pH of CH3COOH?
  4. uh I put no change for that one. I thought Kc is only depended upon temperature. Since it was constant temp i think Kc remains the same. My bad. The question I was referring to was what affects k, the rate, not Kc. But I put no change for the Kc one as well!!
  5. (TZ1) For paper 1, what was the answer to what would change the Kc value. I put C (increase in concentration) but I'm not sure. There was another question where there was two arrows. It went something like hydrocarbon -- X -- CH3CH2NH2 and said find x? Does anyone remember it. For paper 2, I remember doing 6 and 8 for section B. I wasn't sure about the economic need for catalyst in the contact process on question 6? Left a whole pH question blank even though I knew the ph = pKa - [weak acid]/[base]
  6. I don't know if HL and SL are the same, but I chose C because CH4 didn't have lone pairs, which is essential in dative bonds.I wasn't sure about question 2, I believe, which asked about which solution had the most concentration of Cl. I think I put D for that. What was the answer to the redox question?
  7. My teacher stated that the first question of every paper two involves some sort of quantitative chemistry question. Kinetics, Energetics, and Organic Chemistry are 100% guaranteed. I think the rest are far game. The last question of the multiple choice section is a lab, data based question. I noticed they like oxidation and reduction, entropy, and enthalpy as well.
  8. I knew it was geometric when it told us to find k and r in (3/8)r^k, which takes on the form of a geometric sequence. I still got it wrong though. What did people put for k and r?
  9. Oh I found the exact question in one of the past papers about greenhouse gases. One mark is just mentioning the greenhouse gases like for e.g. carbon dioxide, methane, water vapour etc. Then there are other marks for the explanation, short wave coming in from sun, long wave going out, long-wave trapped by greenhouse gases. And then obviously stating that this causes climate change/global warming. Pretty easy marks, hope you got it. Thanks. I feel relieved now because I included all you said.
  10. Yeah, I said something similar. I hope I get partial credit.
  11. Yeah, I just ended up defining it and giving examples with some bs explanation about energy flow. Pretty bummed out about it. And I found out I messed up on the millennium development goal question because I said sub-section C was about infant mortality when it was really about maternal care. Lol, thank God it was 1 point
  12. I answered the essay on rapid population growth causing soil degradation and reduced biodiversity. I was happy because I studied a similar question right before the exam. I didn't know the energy flow of greenhouse gases
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