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  1. Disagree! I just think about English A instead... You know you're in IB when you lie to yourself about how you need a party to relieve the pressure and the stress while in real life you really need to get a grip together of your pathetic life and study more and stop procrastinating like you are doing right now, but you go on partying anyways cuz you're feeling stressed.
  2. English is not my first language either, but I still took English A Lang Lit. It was the best decision in my life. Why? Because you actually learn about HOW and WHY the language works, not just boring grammar and memorizing "glosor" like you do in elementary school. It gets much easier to improve a language once you understand its core instead of just leaning about the surface. Think about it like studying math. Ofc you can just learn how to solve the math by doing tons of exercise. But is it fun? Not as nearly as when you learn about the logic/principles of it. I think as a non-native speaker your English seems sufficient enough for you to do fine in uni, even in the UK. However, if you truly want to master English as a language, don't settle with just choosing English B even if it means easy 7. But the thing is, you really need to be interested in studying language in the first place. This means that you will have to READ. Not just read-so-you-understand-the-content, but CLOSE-READ. To be able to be good at that you have to be curious enough. You need the drive of wanting to know more. When you detect a metaphor, you need to wonder why it works the way it does, what is the effect of it on the reader, what does it do to the entire text, etc. So if you really hate reading books, then maybe forget about this - as I said, after IB your English should be able to get you into uni anyways without English A. After all, priorities are so damn important when you take IB (personal experience).
  3. Just out of curiosity, how does a self-taught language IOC work? Who chooses the passage? Who asks the questions at the end? Sorry I can't be any help :/ Good luck Haha thanks for showing your concern either way Well, in the first year your coordinator will give you 10 questions (one for each genre) and you just choose passages accordingly. During the actual IOC you get two questions from the same genre and you choose one of them to answer. So you can imagine that with good preparations it's actually pretty easy to get high grades The "jargons" are a pain in the buttocks tho hahah, but I have another taught A language so that def helps
  4. So I have always been told that the extract should be 40 lines no matter what kind of work is chosen. But lately I came across the syllabus in Chinese which stated that for poetry it is okay to just choose ONE poem at any length (as long as it provides enough content for good analysis I suppose) or an extract from a long poem.... The language in the syllabus was kind of vague too. I feel kind of confused, how have you guys done it?
  5. may I ask where can you access to the chinese version of the syllabus? I kept searching but all I find are the ones in english. https://teachersh.scis-his.net/juliana_zhu/wp-content/uploads/sites/187/2014/08/A1-%E6%96%87%E5%AD%A6%E6%8C%87%E5%8D%97-2013.pdf
  6. I have heard that the predicted grade is often "raised" when universities give out offers? Maybe they kind of expect your final grade to be higher so it might be okay to have a lower predicted grade and still get an offer.
  7. Have you read the Chinese version of the syllabus? It actually states that the word count is 360-480 for the reflective statement and 1440-1800 for the written assignment.
  8. So I miserably failed my IOC today and I'm just expecting a score of 14-16/30. I'm just wondering if there is a chance for me to still get a 6 in Eng LangLit HL? What do you think is the "crucial" part in achieving a high grade in English? What can I do to balance off the disastrous failure of my IOC?.......
  9. Think about your goals in life! Think about why you chose IB in the first place! And most importantly, learn not to be too harsh on yourself, maybe lower your expectations and convince yourself that as long as you keep on working, everything will turn out just fine!
  10. It really depends on your ambitions I think. Some settle with 30-35 in my class while there are also those who aim for 40-42. The average score in my school is pretty low as well in my opinion (27-32 or something is the usual range I think), but it is still considered "good" because when you convert it to the Swedish system it's still above average. But well, don't get me started on the school system in Sweden........ heheh.
  11. I don't think self taught as B language is an option, since from what I remember the only possible self taught is as language A Literature (not even Lang Lit was an option I think). This is because all self taught students are assumed to have the knowledge on the language as native speakers, and B language is usually for non-native speakers. I might be wrong, but all the English B students in my class are non-native English speakers. I am currently taking Chinese A Literature self taught as well as English A Lang Lit From my personal experience I would suggests you NOT to take self taught if possible, because YES, IT IS SO DAMN HARD. Unless you are a literature enthusiast or has great outside support (such as parents or tutors), I strongly recommend you to avoid taking self taught at all cost. I personally could have taken Swedish A easily since I actually speak Swedish more fluently than Chinese - which is ironic - but I was too naive and thought it would be fun to be challenged. That was before I realized that the entire IB was challenging enough as it is : ))))) And also: from my conversations with other self taught students, they find self taught difficult to understand concerning the SYLLABUS, because they do not take another A language course like I do. So if you really, really, really want to take self taught, it is perhaps better if you take another A language as well - unless as mentioned earlier, you are enthusiastic enough or have strong support in the subject of Chinese literature. Otherwise, it is not THAT hard to do two A languages. It depends on the quality of your teacher(s) of course, my English teacher for example is absolutely fantastic and I feel fully confident in achieving high grades in this subject (and I'm not even a native English speake). On the other hand, Chinese A Lit per se is entirely doable too once you fully understand what is required from you, but it is not so easy to tackle if you want a good grade. Right now the goal for me is to just get a 5.... because anything beyond requires toooooo much effort (okay I admit that I am not really prioritizing this subject). And my Chinese is not that great either P: (it's like on elementary level). But English A has really helped me to understand languages though, and that knowledge is actually very transferable. What is difficult in my case is that the lack of knowledge in Chinese cannot be fully amended by my knowledge in English, so that's why I predict that I cannot get anything higher than a 5. Anyways, hope I was helpful! Don't hesitate to ask me questions
  12. UCAL? It's in London, its an art school that entirely focuses on art, esp practical art I think. And mostly, IT'S IN LONDON. There is another one called UCL which is a more "broad" type of uni, but I have also heard that their art faculty is great as well. Then there is Oxbridge ofc They both seem to have fantastic museums and collections (duuuh) but unless you are very ambitious with your IB grades in general it is VERY competitive to apply to both.. (double duuuuh). I'm not applying for fine arts or anything like that though, do not consider myself qualified enough for that Instead my goal is to get into history of art somewhere in the UK, preferably in Scotland There is a very interesting program in Glasgow uni called Digital Media which can be combined with History of Art! I'm also considering Edinburgh which provides History of Art and Literature - I think I would enjoy this combination very much as well since I love literature. But I guess you're still in your first year of IB and although it is great to have a general direction to what you aim to achieve, searching for uni is perhaps not that great of concern for you atm But I would recommend using QS ranking as guidance in your search (if you're not already using it ofc ) , but don't rely on it too much since it is still biased to some extent.... I believe that there are great art schools out there in the UK that produce brilliant artists but don't really get the credits for it since they are not big enough to be put amongst all the "prestigious" unis. Good luck with following your heart!
  13. I hope my profile pic answers ur question (â—°u°â—)​ 〠Animes I'm currently following: Gintama OP Tokyo Ghoul (s1) Mushishi Natsume Yuujinchou I'm acutally binging alot on Gintama only atm, taking a break on OP since I have caught up too much with manga and would like to go back to just watching anime again
  14. Mexico Tibet Australia Wanna party, drink tequilas and eat tacos in Mexico. Wanna climb the Himalayas and visit the monks in Tibet. Wanna learn to surf and sunbath by the Australian coast. Actually, anywhere besides IB would be perfect. : ))))
  15. oh hello there strangerrr ;D I actually think that statistics and probability do count as math to a great extent, although the applications of them may not seem to be in the "science" subjects if that is the reason why you have this question? Oxford dictionary defines math as "the abstract science of number, quantity, and space, either as abstract concepts (pure mathematics), or as applied to other disciplines such as physics and engineering". So despite the fact that statistics cannot be applied to physics to the same extent as e.g. functions (??), it is still an "abstract concept" and a "science of number and quantity". ...........I dunno if I'm being helpful at all ËŠ_>Ë‹ I should really be doing my EE heheheh..
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