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  1. Banned for giving more then one reason.
  2. banned for having a magenta user name.
  3. banned for having a pretty avvie.
  4. I love disney! =D I think its pretty awsome and makes a ton of money by overpricing everything. Do you perfer frozen yogurt over ice cream?
  5. PPE at Oxford, but I'm not a fan of the UK so that probably won't happen lol.
  6. Hmm, I'd be in Paris, doing nothing but sipping a cup of coffee. What is your favourite season and why?
  7. Melanie

    new to the forum

    @ Dodo: hey fellow Canadian!
  8. Haha nope more of an Amazing Race person. If you were asked to go on The Hills, would you?
  9. Well, does normal school give you a proper vison of how life is? I don't understand your reasoning behind this, so I would like it if you explained your reasoning.
  10. Those are some of the best TV shows I ever saw when I was a kid + sailor moon.
  11. Pocahontas, i looooove that movie and still watch it if i bump into the DVD every now and then
  12. Ugh no, and i like to try different brands. How many pairs of shoes do you own?
  13. Has Al Gore gotten to you? Personally, I believe that humans were too selfish and abused the planet and now all we've done with the fosseil feuls, etc is catching up with us.