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  1. autumne


    I do have 'friends' who are people I really don't like, though they consider me friends, it's kinda hard for me to consider them as my friends as to me, friends are people who I can trust or can be comfortable with, and people who I dislike definitely do not fit the criteria. Confession: I should be preparing my English IOP and Econs IA now but... I'm feeling so lazy right now ;-; NP will confess that he/she loves to argue with his/her teachers just for fun
  2. autumne

    does anyone ever take a chill day?

    maybe not a full day for me, but generally I give myself off times of a few hours when I'm like 'screw it!' and just hang around the mall
  3. autumne

    Advice needed - IOP

    Probably diary entries with more revelation about his outlook on life that wasn't touched in the book and his emotions? As he was a really young boy when he died... I had to use kiddish words for it too...
  4. Hello guys, so I've planned to do my IOP on The Maus by Art Spiegelman. My IOP's gonna be a analytical + creative one. I'm gonna self write some diary entries of one of the minor character in the book, Richieu. I want to describe his young life before he was poisoned by his aunt to prevent from being sent to the gas chambers. My analysis part will be mainly on the emotive language he used, diction and tone and changes in his writing style before and after separating from his parents. What do you guys think about it? Any advice and suggestions are very, very welcomed!
  5. autumne

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas everyone it's 15 minutes to Christmas! Well, I am a Buddhist so I don't celebrate Christmas... usually my family and I spend it like any normal days lol Christmas season falls in the month of December, where most students have their long study break (5-7 weeks, not that long for IB lel), so it's kinda a shopping season for me haha. I've been shopping quite a lot and I love the year end sales
  6. autumne

    3 places u want to visit after IB?

    1. South Korea ftw 2. Norway 3. Japan Ans also Australia, NZ, UK, Greenland, Iceland, Canada, etc haha
  7. autumne

    Things IB Students Say...

    'Are you dating while doing IB?' "Why, yes of course! I'm dating several at once, too! My laptop, my math books, my CAS wiki, my study table... etc. The list goes on..." What is sleep? Can eat?
  8. autumne

    How many languages do you speak?

    omg!!! They are so many!!! When did you learnt them?? Teach me your time managing skills Im so jelly!! jk erm for all the dialects it's all in the cultural norm here haha. You gotta have to know how to speak multiple languages to converse with the multiracial community here for Korean, watch dramas LOL
  9. hey guys, this is quite late, but I am somewhat interested too!
  10. autumne

    Favorite teacher? Worst teacher?

    Well, my Chemistry lecturer is pretty knowledgeable and fun and he's awesome! My Eng Lit lecturer is a feminist so she's pretty funny when it comes to books like Woman at Point Zero and I know why the caged bird sings. She's good too! My Math lecturer is very very very very wise and knowledgeable, and the way he teaches math is super duper awesome but my classmates just doesn't like it. But I like his style a lot haha. My Physics lecturers are craps. The first one was an A-Levels teacher who substituted in but he isn't that good as he contradicts his words occasionally. The second one was an undergraduate lecturer so he is pretty good in explaining, just that he always teaches something beyond the syllabus (like something we will learn in Chem or something for the undergrad level which kinda confuse us). My French ab initio lecturer is really good. She's the examiner for the DELF exams so she is really good and patient in teaching us from the basics. My Econs lecturer, OMG he's da bomb. He is so chill with us and we can basically do anything we want in his class. He gives us pretty good notes and his teaching is easy to understand. Well, for ToK, I usually zone out so I really do not know what my teacher's talking about. Basically, most of them are okay or good. Just that for Physics, I really have to put in a lot of effort to self study... which is bad.
  11. autumne

    How did you find out about IBSurvival?

    my seniors who are from my hometown introduced me to this website
  12. autumne

    Further Mathematics study group/club

    whatsapp-ed you dy
  13. autumne

    Further Mathematics Higher Level textbooks

    I'm sorry but I haven't really started on the options yet so I can't comment on the books. I personally have the Pearson Baccalaureate ones. My school library has the Cambridge options but as I haven't started, I couldn't comment on their quality, yet I'm planning to use Pearson and H&H for FM HL self studying
  14. autumne

    Further Mathematics Higher Level textbooks

    For now, H&H is the only one who has the books for the two topics... I'm really not sure for the other publishers as there wasn't any news about it.
  15. autumne

    Interview the person below you

    Pokemon ftw! Do you like quiet strolls alone?

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