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  1. Magician


    Leave your IAs, EEs, and TOK essays to the last day before deadline for that extra motivation. Just kidding. I highly recommend that you start working on (or even finish a couple of) your science IAs, EEs, and TOK essays in the summer vacation before IB2 because IB2 will be a whole lot busier than IB1 with deadlines popping up spontaneously and exams coming soon.
  2. Magician

    B&M HL or Eco HL?

    From experience, the majority of universities seem to recognize IB Econ more than IB B&M (credit courses, course content, etc.).
  3. Magician


  4. Here are the links to the IB skype groups (apparently, there are two). https://join.skype.com/GHcgxJ5z5frd https://join.skype.com/Nb24NrVpBWys
  5. Magician

    Subject Choices for CS or MIS

    I am going to studying CS/CPEG for uni and my subject choices are relatively similar to yours. Thus, I think your choices are perfectly fine. For US universities, I would choose to take Chemistry as you may be able to transfer it for natural science credits when you are in undergrad. Since most US unis do not fully appreciate the IB system (compared to AP), there may not be such an option for CS. However, you should research into your goal unis for more specific information - some unis require you to take 2 natural sciences. On the side note, if you are going to choose between CS and ITGS, I strongly advise you to pick CS as ITGS is more of a humanities subject.
  6. Magician


    I advise that you should only pick one between Economics and B&M and replace it with a Natural Science. Other than that, with English HL and Econ/B&M HL, I think you are good to go.
  7. Magician

    Can a school have more than 1 option topic?

    On a side note, my Math HL class chose the Calculus Option while one student self-studied the Stats Option (as he took Stat classes from Stanford camps).
  8. Magician

    The difference beteende HL and SL papers (Physics)??

    Agree with above. HL is basically SL questions + Questions from AHL (Additional Higher Level) topics. Thus, HL papers are longer and have longer examination times than SL papers.
  9. Magician

    Physics Options

    Astro is the easiest imo.
  10. Magician

    Would you rather...?

    Risk it - as long as it is moral and complies with the law. Would you rather magically flip genders every year or be forced to move and start fresh every year (this includes location, friends, school, job, etc.).
  11. Magician

    Ban the person above you

    banned for quick response
  12. Magician

    Rhyming Game

    What a beautiful day.
  13. Magician

    Point Out the Obvious.

    You have exams in November.
  14. Magician

    Would you rather...?

    See in grayscale. Would you rather have poop that tastes and smells like curry or curry that tastes and smells like poop?
  15. Magician

    The Direct-the-Story Game

    It was a cold winters night when I brought my brother to a shed in Central, Hong Kong. I was drunk and had a GIANT bruise on my back because of a violent scramble with a polar bear. Experiences had taught me not to play fair, especially when a man with a polar bear is chasing you through pedophiles. I couldn't find my keys and it was starting to spontaneously snow. My brother suddenly realized there was someone watching us from the lighthouse, waiting lustfully for some action. I spied him searching for his gun, destroying everything inside the pant's pockets. Fear killed my brother and octane almost began pouring into our mouths since hydrogen bombs were reacting with corpses, causing exothermic decomposition. In ten years, doomsday was going to be a terrible plague woman with cookies and sperm whales' noses covered disgustingly in endometrium sandwiches. Pringles were my secret favourite weapon. The man exploded when I oxidized a metal Pringle and my dead uncle exploded into Master Chief yelling "I made green tea spontaneously evolve by adding hydrogen bubbles". It soon evolved into sixty creepy centipedes that could devour anything. Suddenly a chimpanzee exploded. Then Austin Glau came in and said: "What the fox Like this

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