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  1. YBrion

    English A Literature HL Paper 1

    I did "Meditation on a Bone" as well. I focused on the universality of hate (it transcends time) and how easily it is passed on from one person to another, and then I talked about how the final stanza represented a wiser, objective man, who wishes to be remember for more than just hate (hence, the 'higher' emotions of pride and to some extent, a desire for good.) I think it went fairly well.
  2. YBrion

    Things IB Students Say...

    "This isn't the right grade, Mme. A 41/43 on a Paper 1 practice does not mean a 6. Just because percentage wise it's not 97+ doesn't mean it's not a 7. Damn it, seriously? You don't convert to percentage and then to IB grades! That's backwards!" "This is interesting and all, but is it actually on the test? Because I'm not going to study it if it's not." "No, sir, I'm not in university." < after discussing how you need to cut 300 words from your English EE because it ended up over 4000 words "University? Pfft." "Who are you trying to kid? I haven't slept properly in ages, and neither have you." "I used to have low blood pressure. Then I came here, and now it's normal."
  3. YBrion

    Urgent questions regarding citations

    I don't know the answer to 1) about the study in the sentence, but footnotes are usually formatted differently to bibliography entries (e.g., in Chicago firstname/lastname are switched), but for 2), it depends on your citation style. In Chicago, for example, a footnote (I see you are using them) for the instance of a source doesn't need the full sourcing, just the author(s)' last name(s) comma page number. For a book, for instance. I would consult https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/section/2/ based on what citation style you're using, because without knowing which one you're using no one can really answer your question accurately.
  4. Yeah, it's expected usually that you've studied the language for a bit ahead of time. I'm taking Spanish B, but to take that course at my school you have to have taken the prerequisite, local Spanish courses for 1/2 years...
  5. YBrion

    Do you find (your/the)Extended Essay Fun?

    Oh, I had a lot of fun writing it. (The editing not so much.) But I chose A Game of Thrones, a book I absolutely adore and know like the back of my hand. Writing my essay took a grand total of 2 hours to read the book and sticky all of the quotes I wanted and 2 hours to write the actual essay. In many cases I put sticky notes on the quotes just to get page numbers, because I knew all the quotes by heart (oops?). So yes, my English EE was a lot of fun.
  6. YBrion

    How many languages do you speak?

    English and French fluently, because hooray Canada, along with Russian (heritage speaker.) Like previous posters mentioned, speaking Russian pretty much lets you understand most of the Slavic languages, although sometimes you get some hilarious misunderstandings. Like Czech. That's a prime one for awkward moments. And I'm learning Spanish at the moment, with the intention to work on Mandarin at some point.
  7. Alright, thanks so much. This is what I initially thought the essay was about, before the admittedly helpful yet rather misleading explanations were sent my way by the teachers. From them we got "at least 5 sources", but never how prominent these five sources were to be. As it is, I'm now home free and fully researched for writing an EE on A Game of Thrones. Thanks!
  8. YBrion

    What kind of bags do you guys use?

    I don't know if you can find these outside of Canada, but I use a Mountain Equipment Coop Campus Book Bag. It's huge - it fits binders, textbooks and a 15'' laptop, and it also has the clips that go across the chest and stomach so your shoulders aren't screaming in pain by the end of your commute (which in my case is a multiple kilometer walk plus 50 minutes on a bus.) I've seen very similar bags with other logos on them, so maybe search it up on google to see what I mean. The bag was a good 50$ instore but honestly, it's lasted 2 years already without a single bit of fraying or fading. In my Canadian salt-spray commute, that's not bad.
  9. All the explanations I've been given are leaving me a bit confused. On the one hand, I'm being told that an English EE is supposed to be an analysis of the chosen work. This, I understand. Then it's added that other sources than the chosen text need to be incorporated. My main confusion is centered around the balance needed for this: do I analyse the work myself, and use some accredited critical essays as support for my evidence or for my conclusion? Because while I can certainly see critical essays not of my own writing lending themselves to my proofs as being actually relevant (for instance, if I said something was a foil, another analysis agreeing that that something is indeed a foil), I can't wrap my head around the concept of other people's critical essays supporting my entire essay. Wouldn't that be altogether a narrative essay about other people's essays, as opposed to an analysis? Forgive me if this is a naive question with an answer most likely glaring right under my nose. I just can't seem to reconcile my teachers' collective explanation with my understanding, since their explanation sounded oddly like "write an original, creative essay on a book of your choosing based on other people's original, creative essays." If that IS what the EE is (and I suspect it is), any guidance on how to actually do that would be appreciated. I know how to analyse literature and I know how to use other sources as proof, I just don't know how that fits into the English EE. Thank you in advance. Note: I do actually have time for this. This isn't an "oh my goodness I have 2 days to write an entire EE" post. I just want to understand exactly what I'm supposed to be writing before I spend 40 hours writing something that eventually turns out to be unusable.
  10. YBrion

    Name Your IB School

    Colonel By Secondary School, Ottawa, Canada, I'll finish this May 2015. Getting there!
  11. YBrion

    What was your IOP topic?

    The historical inspiration for the Spies of 1984, or rather how Orwell copied the Soviet Pioneers. Easy to get bonus points when you have pictures of your seven-year-old parents on the powerpoint screen and use "first-person sources", otherwise known as my parents' stories about their childhoods.
  12. YBrion

    Geography IA Rivers Conclusion

    Hope I'm not too late for you. I did the same IA and got a 6 (not bad considering I did procrastinate a little too much...), so if you're willing to take my advice, my conclusion essentially stated that: -the river we studied followed the BRM in aspects a, b, c (like discharge, velocity, etc.) -the river we studied did NOT follow the BRM in aspects d, e, f, (other characteristics shown on the model) -this anomaly may have been caused by our measuremeants or -by the fact that the BRM is idealised, and -Overall, the river did indeed follow the Bradshaw River Model.
  13. Oh thanks, to both of you. Definitely helpful, especially the bit about it leaning towards Psych.In terms of comparing to another author, though, I'm not certain what examiners look for. I mean, could I do something like "How is the theme of honour explored differently by Martin and X?" Otherwise, "How does the author use foils to develop the theme of ambiguous morality?" Just came up with that. Maybe an exploration into how using various characters with differing moral codes underlines the pervasive theme of nothing being black or white.... hm.
  14. I'm looking to do my EE in English, and I was hoping to do it on one of the many fantasy series I like. I don't want to do it on Lord of the Rings (very little to analyse there, heavily discouraged by my English teacher) and Harry Potter I can't think of much, but I have several possible ideas for A Song of Ice and Fire research questions. Any feedback on how good the questions are, how likely they are to end in me failing, or even just little things like wording would be great! -What is the effect of misogyny on Sansa's transition from child to adult? -How does parental approval affect child characters' morals in A Song of Ice and Fire? (I'm thinking of focusing on Joffrey and/or Arya) -What is the effect of religion on Catelyn's moral ambiguity? Anything would be great. We were just told to pick our selections by Monday, and I don't want to rush into something I'll regret. Thanks!

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