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  1. Hi everyone, I had purchased the online question bank for 2 years (It's still active for approximately 1 more year) and since I'm done with the IB, I no longer need it. If there's someone who would like to buy it, PM me All the best with the IB
  2. Hello, So this is especially for people who are struggling with Economics in their DP (like I did) and are aiming for a high-score. My teacher (who is an experienced IB economics teacher and examiner and who helped me get a 7 in Economics HL) has come up with this unique way of supporting students across the IB spectrum and help them achieve the top marks they deserve. She's hosting an assessment preparation weekend which will cover strategies to ace the assessments for both the internal and external components of the IB economics exam. To know more and register your interest, kindly go to https://goo.gl/forms/BS193aryx8zEFgqR2 PM me if you have any questions, I will forward them to her Hope this helps _^
  3. If you're looking for scores, definitely go for Business Management. It is one of the easiest subjects to get a 7 in. By easiest, I mean that you'll have to put in less effort and you could possibly invest more time in your other subjects. On the other hand, I don't think Math Studies would disadvantage you in Paper 3.
  4. Hi, Can you please mention the source so IB Survivors can guide you by verifying it Thanks
  5. Hi, I agree to the point made by @Black Bird Lockheed. I recommend you to take a print-out and annotate the article, highlight the points you can delve into your commentary. Ideally, you should not focus on more than one point and instead try to develop your selected point and explain its consequences for the different stakeholders involved. Here below is a link that I always use when doing my Econ IA, hope this helps https://ibmastery.mykajabi.com/blog/how-to-write-the-economics-internal-assessment-getting-started All the best
  6. I personally think IB BM is one of the subjects which you have a reasonable chance of getting a 7 (in HL, the grade boundary for a 7 is 73%). I would recommend you to talk to your teacher and your IB DP Coordinator.
  7. Yes, CAS is an amazing experience and really helpful when applying to Universities (especially if you do something related to the course you want to do or your field)
  8. Hi Marcelgs, I think it should be completely fine, as mathematics is 'the language' of physics and as long as you are explain and highlight the physics theory (from option C in your case) it should be fine. Quick Tip: I know you may be knowing this, but try to use more of physics terminology and notation instead of maths. This will help you in the communication criterion. Hope this helps
  9. Hi, sure let me try this one. Btw which book does this come from?
  10. Hi @Thundercracker, thank you so much for your help I do plan to include it, but I was unsure of it. Thanks for the clarification
  11. Hi all, I looked at previous years samples and saw that everyone of them had a hypothesis. Is it an IB requirement or is it optional? Kindly guide me Thanks in advance
  12. I haven't gone through all of them, but the one's I read were good. I did not see examiner's comments though
  13. I completely agree to @apoello. Well said!
  14. If you've searched on google for EE examples, you'd find the "50 excellent extended essays"! But has the list been made by the IB? Is it reliable?
  15. You're in IB 1 right? @ibnewB I think it would be too early to decide on a topic as you haven't been through ample amount of the syllabus.
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