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  1. Not providing an answer myself, but like @mac117said above, all engineering courses have similar requirements, so looking up previous questions on the forum will give you a good idea of what subjects you should take. One little thing that bugs me though is that you seem very specific regarding the career path you wish to pursue. You've gotten so far in picking a field, so why not do more research into the subjects that might tie into it? I guess I mainly want to say, do your research before asking on the forum.
  2. With all respect, I personally would not share any written work I have with just anyone. There are mainly implications associating with that which include plagiraism and the risk of losing credit for work I've worked on. Also, Monica, I really don't think you should just put your email out there. It's easy to find more information using that one little piece. Just be careful everyone.
  3. Being honest, those exams aren't IB oriented most of the time and are mostly school based. A good tip though regarding what I did, just make sure you're familiar with you're grade mathematics and probably make sure your English skills are somewhat sharp. They're really just tests which you simply need to make sure that you score high on them.
  4. I'm planning on taking Chem HL when DP starts which is in about two weeks. The best part is that all students got to try out the chemistry subject with the same teacher for around 4-5 months in Pre-DP. I must say that while many didn't like it as much, I was always excited to do the lesson and actually did the work as soon as possible, while showing genuine interest and paying close attention to the criteria. That helped it make the process really easy and fun, while achieving 6s and 7s in my final chemistry grade.
  5. Ok, first of all. I should say that you're quite late and that you should not have done this in the first place. However, we all make mistakes so onto the advice. Personally, the first question you provided seems to be the best. The reason is that the second and third rely on Nike actually having a media marketing strategy while the first doesn't specify that, but rather, simply implies that they made use of social media. Plus, the other thing is that it takes too factors into account which is always good. Now, onto the question regarding the essays, I wasn't able to find much either, but this seems like it can be helpful regarding structure. Take a look at it: Also, please don't post two different threads regarding the same topic as you can edit your older post. I noticed your other thread regarding finding essays. Oh yeah, one more tip. A better way to search for essays would be to look for extended essays in "Business and Management" as it's the course's official name. Good luck!!
  6. Ok, so I tried two different browsers and nothing has helped. Also, I have previously messaged the admin Sandwich, however, I can tell that he has not read the message yet. Finally, the transaction isn't showing because I'm not able to make it past the point of entering my details. I'm getting what's shown in the picture when I press continue after I have entered my name and address. And yes, I'm trying it from this account.
  7. Hello, I have been trying to buy the VIP package off the store for a while. When I'm signed in, it asks me to enter my residential information which I do. When I press the confirm button, it gives off an error. The tab on top says "A configuration or server error has occurred". Please help as I'm looking forward to getting the rank in preparation for DP1. Also, I was wondering if the website accepts PayPal as a method of payment. Thank you for your help. Edit: Sorry if the post sounds like a personal message as it was originally sent to an admin on the site who hasn't replied in more than 2 weeks. Thus, I thought to bring the message here and see if anyone else can help.
  8. Seeing that you have chosen Economy and Biology as two of your HLs, it would be better to go with psychology. That is because it can be used alongside Biology when studying the biological aspect of psychology or can be used as a skill in order to understand people and how they act when it comes to economy. Chemistry on the other hand may go well with Biology but that leaves your HL economy just hanging there alone. Whenever you have to choose your subjects, make sure that your SLs go along with the HLs and support them. Also make sure that your subject choices allow you to go two ways in the future rather than limiting yourself to one.
  9. Logically, they would not carry over. Just like all his assessments and tests, he has to redo his CAS hours as all his previous grades and results are wiped.
  10. I am currently in the MYP 5 program, also known as Pre-IB to some. The "Sl Mathematics Grade 5" you're referring to is the Standard mathematics you mentioned here. The second page has the MYP grades on the left and their GCSE equivalents on the right. A 7 in MYP is an A* in GCSE, a 6 is an A, etc. Hope that helped And when it comes to standards curriculum-wise… As far as I know MYP isn't the same in every school. They're more or less the same in order to prepare for the IB, but every school does things differently. Usually they're all on about the same level as GCSEs, therefore they're comparable. Hope this helped! Hi, Yes, it has helped to give a clear idea. However, there are two levels of MYP mathematics; standard and extended. From the IB website; Standard mathematics, whichaims to give all students a sound knowledge of basic mathematical principles while allowing them to develop the skills needed to meet the objectives of MYP mathematicsExtended mathematics, in which the standard mathematics framework supplemented by additional topics and skills, providing greater breadth and depth. Please advise, Thank you! If you have already completed the MYP 5 year and got a grade for Standard mathematics, then just check that you got a grade equivalent to a B or higher through this link.
  11. Calm down. This question is actually a trick question which has been going around the web for a while. All the numbers offered are odd numbers, and adding three odd numbers will always result in an odd number. Unless what gusmanK said is true, then there is no answer as the question itself is impossible.
  12. Our school is giving out Samsung Chromebooks to all of us for free. I'm not really an expert when it comes to computer specs but they seem to satisfy the job quite neatly considering I'm using it for browsing and writing documents.
  13. I guess the reason it solely specified females is because a girl's shorts can tend to be that short and it's not abnormal to see a girl wearing them. As for guys, shorts are usually no more than 5 cm above the knee. Anything shorter than that is something you can only find in specific places. To make more sense, it's not something every male would have access to. Just like saying "Boys, don't stand at the toilet." This may also include women but how common is it that a woman stands when doing her business. Brainzzzz
  14. This forum is really great, however, I definitely would add an IRC channel in order to communicate with other members in real time. It's also really helpful for getting quick answers when necessary.
  15. Though what you're saying is true, the only things members are revealing are their country and their first name so it's not a big deal.