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  1. Hey everyone, I have been brainstorming ideas for my physics extended essay. I wanted to do something along the lines of eddy current or magnetic braking. I was thinking of using some sort of application with disk size or perhaps the rotational velocity. I was wondering if you knew what other factors I may perhaps work with, also what dependent variable do you think I can investigate because the calculation for the eddy current itself is extremely difficult. Thanks!
  2. Delnatour

    Extended Essay in Physics

    I am having trouble trying to finalize my research question for my EE in physics, but I have a few questions. I currently just have finished the Mechanics and Data Measurement units only being through semester 1, and I feel very limited in what topics I generally understand. I am doing very good in that class with an A in HL physics, but when I look at sample extended essays, the topics and general things they interpret are things I never knew even existed, or have to do with later units such as Thermal Physics, Gravitational fields, etc. All I have done is mechanics, but I really don't seem to find a research question or topic in mechanics that I am somewhat happy to go with and wake up each day wanting to answer that question. Surely, mechanics is a huge unit, but I am out of ideas. Should I wait till I cover other units and maybe start my extended essay later on in the year, or should I find some sort of thing to do with mechanics? If you have any ideas or any particular aspect you think I can zoom in on please give your two cents.
  3. Delnatour

    Physics EE Help

    Hey guys, So I am in my first year of IB and just began thinking about my EE topic and believe I want it to be about physics. The main aspect or idea I'm revolving around has to do with water rockets. I am thinking about: "What is the optimum amount of initial water that should be added to a water rocket in order to reach its maximum height" I would use different ratios of water to the space left over in the water rocket and I would use video analysis and loggerpro to analyze velocity and acceleration as well as maybe through that video I would find its maximum height or I can add a spool of thread right under the rocket and attach the string to the rocket so when it flies up into the air it would pull the thread along with it and then I would be able to measure the long piece of thread with measuring tape. I don't know whether I am focusing in too much and might be missing a lot of words. I could later on bring in alot of equations that involve thrust, pressure, and velocity in order to find calculated maximum altitude and find percent error between my measured and calculated and see where it goes from there. I don't know I don't really want to limit myself, I want to give myself plenty to talk about so I am not worried about making it close to 4k words but at the same time I don't wanna go so in depth into aerodynamics. Any thoughts? Thanks
  4. Hey guys, I am sorta moving slow with my extended essay, I am in my first year but just wondering if you could help me out. I want to do my EE on physics but struggling where to start. I originally was planning on looking at the effect of sound frequency on velocity or acceleration of a body; or some sort of limitation or effect on the acceleration or velocity of water rockets, something of that sort if anyone can give me some insight I just got briefed about the EE so I am not really in a hurry to come to a conclusion but I really would like to do it on physics just need some insight. Thanks
  5. Delnatour

    Which Review Book should I get?

    Please help?
  6. Delnatour

    Which Review Book should I get?

    IB Physics Course Book 2014 Edition Oxford IB Diploma Program (Came out April 1) http://www.amazon.com/Physics-Course-Book-International-Baccalaureate/dp/0198392133/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1401908239&sr=8-1&keywords=ib+physics OR Physics for IB Diploma Coursebook by K.A Tsokos *the new one coming out August 31,2014. http://www.amazon.com/Physics-Diploma-Coursebook-Online-Material/dp/1107628199/ref=sr_1_13?ie=UTF8&qid=1401908378&sr=8-13&keywords=ib+physics Which one is better?
  7. Some people were saying getting iCalc or iProcastinate as apps to organize your plans and stuff like that. Does anyone have advice for that kind of stuff on windows though? Any other advice on organization?
  8. I am taking these classes: HL Physics HL Chem HL Econ SL Math SL English Ab inito Spanish Any advice or anything you may help me with such as notes? Books to get? Advice on passing the class? Also any advice in general on what to do during school? Homework wise and time management? General advice on organization? + Anything else you recommend for me! Thanks!
  9. Delnatour

    Review Books or Videos for HL Physics

    I start Year 1 HL Physics in August thus following the new syllabus. What books should I get or videos I should watch, and should I do something over summer? I am stuck on whether to get the oxford one or the KA. Toskos one that comes out August 31st. Also, any advice to do well in that class overall because I heard it is the hardest course of the year.
  10. I have never done Spanish before. Should I get some sort of book or watch some links or something? Should I start over summer? Thoughts?
  11. Which of these classes is having a syllabus change? HL Econ HL Physics HL Chem SL English SL Math Abn. Spnsh Are any of these classes having a syllabus change? I start IB in fall this year as a junior and take exams 2016 if that makes a difference.
  12. Delnatour

    Advice, Books to Get, Help

    Hey Everybody, This might be in the wrong place but I really need help and advice for next year. I am taking HL Physics HL Chemistry HL Econ SL English SL Math Abn. Spanish What are the best books for the classes above in terms of the syllabus changes as well for 2016 for some of the classes? I can only find books from 2012, 2013 for some of them, but how often does the curriculum change were people shouldn't buy outdated books? Any advice on the classes above, things to do, how to be organized in that class, studies, etc. Anything from those questions and your advice will be great! Thanks!

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