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  1. Choose subjects you're good at and that you actually like. Do research into Psychology (not extensively, but a bit so you actually know what it's about) before you choose it as a subject, let alone at Higher Level. I'm doing English Language and Literature, and it's a lot, but if it's your best subject, you should be good. I have friends who had little to no previous experience of studying English Literature at the level we're doing it at (or at all), and they're doing perfectly fine. If you have no interest in Math, please opt for Math Studies unless you absolutely need it later in life. You'll save yourself time and stress, because there is a massive gap between Math SL and Math Studies. I can't talk too much about Chemistry, but from what I know from friends, it's hard, and I wouldn't go for it unless you need it for university/love it. In the context of your SL subjects, it doesn't matter too much whether you'll choose it later in life or not, because most people typically have one subject (or multiple) that's not related to what they want to pursue in life later on. If you like art, go for it. But yeah, choose subjects you're good at and that you love, because intensively studying subjects you don't like at the extensive level that IB requires is actual suicide if you're not fond of them.
  2. Above 40. Based off my current, first mid-term grades (which may improve), I'm still aiming for a 39. That's enough to get me into most British universities.
  3. I don't take Geography so I can't comment on it, but I would argue that History has a heavier workload than English HL. In fact, I wouldn't advise you to take History at all unless you're genuinely passionate about it. You can get away with more in English (if that makes sense). Then again, I take English Lang&Lit, which is significantly easier than English Literature. I see that you're from the UK - British medical schools don't really care about much else than you having Chemistry and Biology at HL, so neither would hurt your chances. I'd take the one you're the most interested in. Having that said, 13% managed to get a 7 in Geography during the May 2015 examinations. 2% managed to get a 7 in History, whilst 3% managed to get a 7 in English Literature. I wouldn't take either History or English lit on a hunch. I'd go for Geography, since it appears to be easier to get a good grade in it, and you don't really need either for university.
  4. beth-

    Edinbourgh Law

    I know people studying at Edinburgh with 35 IB points. Medicine and Law are typically competitive, though, so you should try to get above 37+.
  5. It may affect your predicted grade, but it won't affect much more than that, as the best FOA is the one considered, which means that if you were to not do so well on this particular one, yet do well on the next one, that's fine. Vice versa, if you did well on the last one but didn't do well on this one, the initial one that you did well on will be considered. It's also only 15% of your grade, so don't worry too much about it.
  6. You didn't specify what country you're applying to, but for UK universities, it's based on your predicted grades and the final ones. In some instances, you may get an unconditional offer and in those cases, it doesn't matter what you grade you receive on your finals, you'll still be accepted to their university based on your predicted grades. American universities rarely give conditional offers and it's typically based on ACT/SAT scores and your predicted grades and your extracurriculars and a range of other factors. I see that you're Polish, and I can't comment on Polish universites, unfortunately. But, predicted grades do matter - some students even argue that they're as important as your final ones or even more so.
  7. I think you should do Math SL if you think you're capable of doing so. I'm in Studies, but that's only because I'm genuinely awful at maths, I'm good at English/History/essay-based subjects, but any type of math grosses me out and if I know that I would get a 2 if I tried studying Math SL. Having that said, Math SL looks better and more academic and I'd recommend you doing it. If you can't cope with it, you can always drop to studies later.
  8. Universities do not care as long as your subject combination meets the entrance requirement for the course. Definitely definitely definitely take the subject you believe will get you the highest grade, especially if you're going for Law where no subjects are required for admission.
  9. Switch to SL. Don't do 4 HL's for your own sake.
  10. Most universities in the UK do like seeing Math SL due to there being a major component of statistics in Psychology. For Edinburgh, for instance, they require either Mathematics SL at 6 or Math Studies at 7. Some Cambridge colleges even like seeing Math HL, though this usually isn't required. I wouldn't do Math Studies unless you genuinely risk failing your diploma because of Math or if you're going for a humanities subject like Law or English Literature. I'm doing Math Studies, but the only reason for that is because I would, without doubt get a 1 or 2 in Math SL and I plan on doing History at university. If Psychology is what you're truly passionate about, don't do Math Studies, just spend more time on Math.
  11. French B at SL/HL. English B at SL/HL. Swedish B at HL/SL. Spanish B at SL/HL.
  12. Unless there are underlying problems (mental health, a death in the family) then a) probably and b) you probably won't be able to handle university in the us either.
  13. I believe in the idea of feminism. However, saying that you believe in the idea of feminism is like saying that you believe in the idea of communism and completely dismissing and ignoring how time after time after time after time it has failed to be implemented. The same thing could (on a smaller and less serious scale) be said about feminism. Obviously, I believe in the idea of equality between men and women. And that makes me a feminist... right? Except that feminists just take it five steps too far and focus on the female perspective in gender neutral issues and ignore the fact that there are no domestic abuse safe houses for men despite accounting for 40% of all victims, or the way young boys are forced to become child soldiers in the Middle East, or the fact that 80% of all suicides are men, or that 89% of all men will be victims of violent crime at some point in their lives, or the fact that men get 63% longer time for the exact same crime or the fact that 60-80% of all homeless people are male. Feminists continually ignore this and focus on the wage gap, a phenomenon which has been proven to be a total nonexistant myth. I can't call myself a feminist because of these reasons. I believe in equality, not superiority.
  14. I don't know exactly where you want to study, but in the UK at LSE (great uni), the only requirement they have is Mathematics at HL. Also, universities in the US (and the UK too) tend to look more at your HL's than your SL's, so it probably won't be detrimental for you to do history if that's what your interested in. I also can't speak too much about Actuarial Science, but it may be beneficial to do a science. You're already doing physics though, and universities tend to like well-rounded students. Bottom line is that it probably doesn't matter what you do, so I'd go with the subject you're more interested in and you think will get you the better grade (a 6 in History looks better than a 4 in Chemistry). Also, I don't know about your school, but some time has elapsed, and I recently changed Swedish A SL to Swedish B HL, but the only reason I was able to do so was because of special circumstances. Chemistry probably has an extensive workload (a lot of Chem students tell me that it does at my school), and would you really be willing to work hard to catch up for a SL subject that probably won't matter all too much for university applications, seeing as you're already doing Math HL and Physics SL?
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