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  1. Scribblefish

    Help Writing Rationale for English SL

    You may want to consider the following: Your task objectives and how you have attempted to achieve them You may find it helpful to include specific examples to show how your task (You've mentioned that you're writing a pastiche, imitating Kareem Abdul-Jabbar's style. This is your task.) was achieved. The purpose of completing your task: Eg. Why are you writing a pastiche? What are you hoping to achieve through writing a pastiche? Why are you imitating Kareem Abdul-Jabbar's style instead of someone else? You may wish to talk about challenges you have faced, and how you have overcome these challenges The points I've listed above are by no means the only ways you can approach writing a rationale, they are merely pointers to get you started (:
  2. Scribblefish

    Predicted grades importance

    Yup! If you receive a conditional offer, your place at the university is confirmed should you meet the requirements of the offer (Though there may be some leeway should you not meet the requirements, but don't count on this). The requirements of the offer are your final grades - either your overall final grade, or subject-specific grades, or both.
  3. Scribblefish

    I.. HATE... ENGLISH!

    This reply might come a little late, since you've mentioned the assignment was due Wednesday, but just for future reference - You have evidently not spent 3 weeks doing 'nothing' - the 3 weeks were spent selecting a poem, which is progress! I would say to look for resources, such as analyses of poems if you're really struggling, it might allow for a few ideas to pop up. Try looking for overriding themes in the poem, and then see how each line, each phrase, each word used contributes to the theme you've identified. What is the poet trying to say? What sort of tone does the poem have? Feelings the poet is trying to evoke in the reader? How does the poet achieve ___? These are not the only things you can use in an analysis, it's only to get you started (:
  4. Scribblefish

    Math SL or Studies? Psychology at Unimelb

    I'm not too familiar with how Australian universities view maths studies with respect to psychology, though I do agree with terribletouw and am going to echo all that was mentioned above. If your school permits you to switch subjects midway (At our school, we were allowed to change subjects before the report cards were out for IBDP year 1), then go for maths SL. If it doesn't work out, drop to studies after - after all, you never know how badly you'll do (Or how great you are at it!) before you try it! I'd definitely give a shot at maths SL if I were you - although this isn't a prerequisite in the course, it can't hurt to build a little more foundation to what you may need in the course - while I don't take psychology, I do know psychology involves statistical analysis, and having a stronger maths background could come in handy.
  5. Scribblefish

    Help with handwriting

    I know you mentioned that switching to print made your handwriting worse, but I feel as though writing in cursive won't help your handwriting much! I know lots of people have difficulty when it comes to reading cursive writing (myself included!) so although you may feel as though writing in print made your handwriting worse, give that a shot! Writing in print is slower, but once your print writing has improved, you can combine cursive and print together (I know that sounds absurd, but that's how it is), which isn't too slow. My own handwriting is a mixture of cursive and print, and I would believe it to be legible! Also, handwriting can change based on how you write it. I know someone who writes their "d"s by first writing a "c" then adding a line next to it, their "d"s are often confused with the letters "cl" if not written properly. Perhaps get hold of one of those alphabet tracing guides and see if the way you write is any different from the guide, then try to imitate the tracing guide's way for a while? It'll definitely take time getting used to how you write, but the results may very well be what you're looking for!
  6. Scribblefish

    Research advise on psychology EE

    Aside from the "-word wanted to be omitted" trick apoello has posted above, you can also type in the words you definitely want to be in the search results in quotation marks when searching on google. If you type in "By searching like this" (With the quotation marks) on Google, all search results will have the words "by searching like this", in this order (In order words, the exact phrase will be searched for) If you want specific words to be in the title of the website, type in intitle:texthere That should hopefully narrow your search results a little! Don't forget that the internet is not the only source you can use! Go to your local library and look up books there!
  7. Scribblefish

    Extended Essay

    Aside from that, hopefully your EE supervisor has a decent amount of knowledge/expertise in what you're doing - make good use of what you've already got! Ask your EE supervisor for advice and direction. I don't take psychology, though I feel as though your EE topic is still too broad. What sort of school policy are you looking at (Policies related to ____?)? How do "Chinese-Filipino" school policies differ from other school policies? By "student" - which age group are you referring to? Primary school children? Teenagers? I wouldn't be too worried about what topic your question falls under first, but rather, ensuring your question is one that you can answer in the maximum of 4,000 words you are given - Trust me, 4,000 words may seem like a lot, but you'll soon find yourself struggling not to go over the word limit if your question is too broad! After you've done that, you can start looking at the evidence that can help formulate to what extent these school policies do affect student behavior - knowing what psychology topic your EE topic falls under may be helpful, but ultimately, it's the evidence/information you want to pry out.
  8. Scribblefish

    Quick survey regarding a video platform

    Completed! Haven't got the full picture yet, but already sounds like an interesting concept!
  9. Scribblefish

    Homosexuality and Religion?

    We all hold our own beliefs and preferences, and I believe we should not force what we believe onto others. Just because a religion we believe in forbids us to be homosexual, we shouldn't frown upon those who are homosexual and hate them, for we barely know them otherwise beyond the fact that they are homosexual. If someone's sexual preferences cause no harm to society, I see no reason why we should hate or punish. I am not religious, though I believe if you are Christian (I'm not as familiar with the Islamic view), you are taught to "love thy neighbour as yourself". I'm sure there are similar views in other religions. No matter what the others' views are, one should learn to respect their beliefs, or have a civilized argument. We should debate ideas, not debate people. Aside from that, is not killing someone who is homosexual even worse a crime/sin than being homosexual? After all, you're taking away life from someone! Two wrongs never made a right, and this case is no exception.
  10. Scribblefish

    IB Art Help

    This is super late, but just in case this might be helpful to anyone else. The IBO website provides a descriptor of what needs to be achieved for the comparative study/an explanation of what the comparative study is. Follow those guidelines and you should have no problem achieving a high grade! https://ibpublishing.ibo.org/server2/rest/app/tsm.xql?doc=d_6_visar_tsm_1408_1_e&part=4&chapter=1 There are also examples (linked) on left side bar to give you an idea of ways to approach this.
  11. As others have mentioned above, it would be difficult to do so, and whether or not it is possible depends on what your current situation is, though I think it may be possible given that you are asking this question. I'm assuming you are not wanting to take an extra year, and are already taking 5-6 IB subjects (that fulfill IB diploma subject requirements) (If not, it may be time to admit that you probably are not going to be able to switch to diploma from the certificate program, it'd be extremely difficult to cram 2 years worth of knowledge in such little time and perform well at them). Depending on your subject choices/current knowledge on subjects, current grades and your work ethic, I would say it is hard, though not impossible to do so. CAS isn't too hard to catch up to, though if you haven't done any CAS at all at this point in time, staying in certificate might be a better option. Raising SL to HL in a language subject, provided that you are performing decently at it, shouldn't be too much of an issue. TOK would take a bit getting used to, though I wouldn't worry about that too much compared to IAs and your EE - Ask yourself: will you be able to complete this all in time? If you're not already taking 6 IB subjects that meet IB diploma requirements, you'll also have to study a subject at what takes 2 years to do. If you're a little into year 1, I don't think it would be too late, but if you're in year 2, you'll have to seriously consider whether you'll be able to finish all this. However, all this comes down to the school: Ask the IB coordinator at your school/relevant people whether or not you'll be able to make such a switch.
  12. Scribblefish

    Subject choice for medical

    HL chemistry is generally required when it comes to medicine, and biology and chemistry complement each other nicely for medicine as well. HL maths isn't required, but you should at least take maths at SL (Not studies!). If you're wanting to get a scholarship, taking more vigorous subjects might be the way to go. Different scholarships may have different requirements in order for applicants to be considered, so you might want to look into some scholarships related to medicine and look at their requirements. When it comes to medicine, you really want to maximize your points, so keep your weaknesses in mind when choosing your subjects.
  13. Scribblefish

    Is www.reddit.com a Reliable Source?

    I wouldn't say Reddit is a reliable source, but since you seem to be fairly certain that his identity is what he claims to be, it may be that there may be exceptions to your instance. Check with your teacher. However, to be on the safe side, I would recommend you either ask the chemistry professor you've been conversing with for sources he could link you to, or look some sources up yourself. What the chemistry professor has said may be easily located on other sources as well. Last thing: Don't completely discredit your friend just because they've confused the demand and supply curve in economics! While it may be that you know your friend better than I do, I personally don't think it's reasonable to completely dismiss a friend's opinion on whether a source is valid for an academic paper - solely based on the fact that this friend is confused with a couple concepts in a subject.
  14. Scribblefish

    IB Courses and Workload!

    Hello! So I take biology HL, and I do agree that you'll need to spend quite a bit of time with your nose in the book if you want to do well in biology. It helps majorly if you enjoy the subject, or are interested in it! I am a procrastinator as well, but am coping decently in biology. Ultimately, with any subject, persistence and consistency is key: You won't "struggle completely" in Chinese, biology or maths if you put the necessary work in. Consider your interests and select your subjects accordingly from there. Not only will you be more motivated when it comes to studying for exams, you'll also have a better idea of what you want to do post-IB, and changing your subject selections will be easier as well from there. You've expressed that "I really do not want to be spending my time on Bio for the two years". Well, if you've chosen biology, tough luck! But it's not just biology. Any subject you choose you'll have to stick with for two years (unless you do decide to switch mid-way or other exceptions!) so ensure you won't come regret your choice - if you've already decided you don't want to do biology, perhaps consider something other than biology? (Note that it's also best if you check out a few university degrees you're interested in. Some universities may need you to take biology as an entry requirement for a specific course) If you need more of an idea on what each subject is about, look through the current syllabus as well!
  15. Scribblefish

    Yum or Yuck

    Yum! Poutine?

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