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  1. Musicalhearts

    What to expect in HL history?

    Hi, I'm starting school soon, and the one subject that I'm most scared about is HL History. I don't enjoy the subject at all, and have horrible memory. So obviously, none of those things are going to help me succeed in HL history. I was wondering what I should expect in HL history. Debates? Essays (oh I know about the essays...)? Presentations? Etc etc. Also, if any of you have any tips for succeeding well in HL History (especially with a terrible memory), I would be so grateful for them. Thanks!
  2. Musicalhearts

    Should I take HL Business or HL History?

    Would SL history be as easy as another SL group 3, like ITGS?
  3. Musicalhearts

    Should I take HL Business or HL History?

    Yeah, definitely! IB's currently in grade 11 have all heard of how torturous and hard HL History is; but take it regardless because the program is so well defined and organized; and because the teachers who teach it are really good at their job. That's one of the only reasons why I'm even considering HL History. But I'm sort of leaning towards double HL Sciences now.. so I'm hoping I make it out alive
  4. Musicalhearts

    Should I take HL Business or HL History?

    Wow really? I never really considered that. I thought bio labs would be more fun; though labs in general are my worst nightmares. And how in the world did you manage to get 7's in HL bio, chem and math? What kind of mastermind are you omg
  5. Musicalhearts

    Should I take HL Business or HL History?

    Studying can never be fun, haha! But yeah, thats true. I'm all in for bio but chem not so much, which is why I'm discouraged to take HL chem.
  6. Musicalhearts

    Should I take HL Business or HL History?

    The transfer credit would definitely be a bonus too, but I heard that it wouldn't be wise to take the credit, since universities do teach new content in first year bio and chem so you should probably refuse the transfer credit. But, double HL sciences still sounds appealing since I can get out of business/history :')
  7. Musicalhearts

    Should I take HL Business or HL History?

    I'm not completely sure, but apparently universities around here don't look at whether you take SL or HL, so taking two HL sciences wouldn't seem much different to the university. The only benefit from taking two HL sciences would be to prep more for university...
  8. Musicalhearts

    Should I take HL Business or HL History?

    Yeah, I see how that makes sense. Thanks for helping, you probably just saved me from death in the next two years. :')
  9. Musicalhearts

    Should I take HL Business or HL History?

    Thank you for your input! I'll definitely take it to consideration. But, yes, I did originally plan to take HL Bio and HL Chem, but I spoke to a guidance counsellor and she said that doing double HL sciences was "the suicide route" because there's simply too many labs to do. I personally have a hatred for labs, but I know that if I take SL Chem there's still going to be quite a few hours of labs anyways so it might not matter? So I don't really know right now. I'm confused and hoping that some more input and experiences from IBS will help me decide. But for now, I'm thinking of switching to HL business or taking both HL bio and HL chem. Which one do you think would be the better route? :/
  10. Hi, I'm sort of having a dilemma with my courses for next year. I'm currently in pre-IB (grade 10) and am entering IB next year. We already picked our courses, but there will be a day where changes to our courses can be changed. So currently, my courses for the next two years are: HL English (Lang/Lit) HL Biology HL History SL Chem SL Math SL French But, the thing is, I'm debating on switching HL History to HL Business. I'm going into sciences, so neither will really help me. I pretty much have no interest in either business or history either, but they're the only HL humanities that my school offers. Now, HL History is a hell lot of work. That I know. But the History program at my school is really good, and the class average coming out of exams is usually a 6-7 (97% avg). But I have no interest in history, as it bored me to death this year, and I really have no time or patience for the amount of work that HL history is perceived to have (essays every other week..? No thanks) But I do think that it might be worth it for the 7. HL Business is a different story. It has less work, and I'm slightly (very, very slightly) more interested in business than history. But, the business program at my school is horrible--since the course is new. It's disorganized and the marking system is messed up. The average coming out is usually really low. Really, I just need a placeholder since I have one HL left. And I have no clue which one I should chose because they both have their pros and cons. I know I won't be happy in either, but I have no choice. So which do you think is the better choice? Which option would I benefit most from? Which has less work? Which one did you enjoy more? Thanks!

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