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  1. I recently got a written task idea on the viral video "Slap Her", and my teacher is a polyglot so we enjoyed watching the video together and after hearing my ideas for it he told me to go ahead and write up an outline. I was talking to my friend about this and she mentioned that you can only do your written tasks on english-based texts. Now I'm confused and I'm wondering if my teacher overlooked the verbal language aspect (there were English subtitles) and whether it's actually possible for me to do my critical response on that video. Here's the link: “Slap her": children's reactions - YouTube. To be clearer I indeed do English L&L HL
  2. Hi everyone! So the EE process has started in my school, and my supervisor wants an outline and focused topic and research question for our next meeting in a few weeks. Year 1 finals start soon though, so I want to figure this out before diving into revision mode. The main reason I picked English was to research something related to LGBT characters in the media, because the topic interests me a lot and I'll most likely enjoy doing the research. There's a lot I could potentially do, but right not I'm thinking of looking into queer coding, which is a phenomenon where a character is given stereotypes associated with gay/lesbian people without explicitly mentioning sexuality. I think it'd be interesting to take a look at how villains are queer coded in Disney (inspired by a post I saw on Tumblr). To do so I could take a look at how Scar, General Ratcliffe, Ursula, Jaffar, etc are portrayed, and why this could be done. The main thing I want to talk about in my EE is how queer stereotypes are often associated with villainous behaviour in the media, and its history and impacts. To do this I'm thinking of focusing on one movie. I'm wondering whether this is too broad/vague, or if I won't have enough content to write about for my idea so far. I don't know if it needs more development either. So basically; 1) Should I focus on one villain, or more? Which one(s) do you think will make for the most interesting analysis (maybe two I could contrast)? Should I find a focus beyond Disney? 2) Am I headed in the right direction with my research topic or do I need to shift course a little to find a more valid one? How much potential does this have as an extended essay? Any advice would be much appreciated!
  3. I received my first MacBook today, shame you didn't post yesterday! NP is in love
  4. Yes, you can do a group 1 subject in the place of a group 2 one
  5. I'm pretty sure it is allowed. Maybe if I make myself familiar with the technique of literature, I'd be able to do it then? Thanks everyone!
  6. What's the verdict for Natural Sciences (Biological) and Biochemistry / Molecular Biology? Thank you Economics I've studied it before, enjoyed it and did well enough, I think GCSE is about enough for one lifetime haha! I'm pretty fluent, but I've never studied literature before. Would it be a considerable disadvantage?
  7. If I've got the info right, universities make offers based on individual HL subject performance as well as total score. What I'm wondering is, does that mean standard level subjects are not taken into account at all? In terms of university application. I went ahead and picked the subjects I thought I'd enjoy, but now I'm considering switching out a of them for less workload-intensive ones. History with ESS maybe? I hear Eng L&L is easier than Lit too. Would it make a difference? Thanks
  8. I used to be obese myself haha. These days (in theory) I do this 20 minute home workout nightly, but I've fallen off track with Ramadan laziness. This post reminded me to be a bit more diligent though, so thanks for putting this up!
  9. Well, for the fun of it, my personal disaster combination would be: French Literature HL (My french is basic) Music HL (Nil background) Further Math HL (I don't even want to know what people learn here) Physics HL (My least everything science) History SL (Reasons described above, I also happen to have minimal background) Mandarin a.b. SL (Unrelated to any of the languages I speak, whole new alphabet)
  10. I don't think the new syllabi are a big deal really. I certainly don't think of it as being a lab rat Any changes to the syllabi would be made if the experienced educators over at the IBO thought it was an improvement and would work well. So don't worry! Then again, maybe I'm one of the enjoy-all-things-new types you describe haha
  11. Thank you! So so far I'm leaning towards bio chem math HL, and lit french history SL
  12. Well, I'm mainly interested in US colleges, but the NatSci programme at Cambridge has caught my eye recently, and they have an Earth Science option. Would UK universities have a different view? While Math HL isn't completely relevant to what I intend to go into, it'd still be my best option for my third HL right? What are your suggestions? Thanks!
  13. Hi guys So I'm quite sure I'll be going into biochemistry/microbiology/immunology... etc at university level. I'm also pretty interested in doing geology related minors along the way. Still the latter is just a small interest I have, one that I'll likely take on at college level though. So I need a bit of counseling about subject choices. What I'm thinking is: Literature SL French SL Geography SL/HL Biology HL Chemistry HL Mathematics SL/HL So the main question is about Geo and Math. I know the IB Geography course has a small element of earth science, but would it be a significant advantage to my higher ed plans to take it at HL, or even SL? Because if it won't make a difference at all, I think I'm more interested in doing history (in which case I'm not even going to consider HL haha) Maths is one of my better subjects and if we look purely at what I'm mainly interested in going into, it's the most helpful HL, that's for sure. But it's more a bonus than a necessity I guess. I'll admit, the notorious difficulty of the course scares me, but I'm sure I'll do well with my work ethic. So which would help me in my case the most? Should I do both? I'm pretty confident in my ability. Any help is appreciated
  14. I think if you consider yourself fluent in English, you shouldn't have to worry. You seem confident in your ability, so I say go for it!
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