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  1. stress

    Is 2 Ib classes hard ?

    Maybe. It would 100% depend on you. IB and AP are essentially the same, but IB generally includes the analysis of multiple perspectives, making it a little harder. The hardest part of the IB is the project-essay base. Most of the IB looks like this: project, project, essay, presentation, essay, project, exams. However, you are not in full IB, so you don't have to worry about this aspect. So, in short, no.
  2. stress

    Source evaluation in history EE

    I agree with Emmi. Not every single source, but if (in MY opinion) you use a source more than twice, you should explore the limitations and values. However, you can briefly talk about them after every source if you want. For example: "Mary Sirvaina states that the typical teenager experiences stress everyday. Sirvaina lives in Finland, and her study could potentially only include Finnish teens, or N. European teens. However, her study included a large enough pool of teenagers, which helps us make this generalization in this case." On the other hand, make sure your evaluation only makes up a small part of your 4,000, or else the examiners would deem you lazy (haha). Good luck on your EE!
  3. stress

    How can I form this into a thesis?

    No, because she has been on maternity leave for so long, our history teacher (English minor) became our Lit supervisor, but he has no idea what he is doing.
  4. Hi Blackcurrant! I am sorry, but I don't understand what you mean by "off the top of your head." Can you clarify?
  5. stress

    Can someone review my EE?

    If it isn't too late, I can help too!
  6. stress

    Choosing a topic - HELP!

    Basically, to do an EE in anything but Language A1, you need research. You cannot write an essay on yourself, so she might be trying to protect you from realizing that after writing 2,000 words, you have nothing more to talk about (like my cousin). Choose a different topic.
  7. I'm sorry that it seems like I'm flooding this forum, but, as mentioned before, my EE advisor is terrible. I asked him if secondary sources were required for a Lit EE, and he literally said, "I don't know. Maybe?" So, yeah. Are they necessary? This will probably be my last question for a while because I don't want to distract from more important questions. Thank you!
  8. My points are: -Character development -Plot progression -Social setting
  9. "What is the importance of letter writing in 'Pride and Prejudice' by Jane Austen?"
  10. "What is the importance of letter writing in 'Pride and Prejudice' by Jane Austen?" Is it narrow enough? Too broad? Too narrow? Thank you!
  11. Hello! I am writing my extended essay on "Pride and Prejudice" by Jane Austen, and I want to argue that letter writing is important. My reasons are: they describe character development, they advance the plot, and they set up the social setting. I asked my EE advisor, and he said to ask my Lit teacher. She has been on maternity leave for the past 3 weeks, and won't be back until next year. I want to get a jump start now because we have a draft due in a month. My Lit teacher isn't answering her emails. Thank you all! A thesis formula would be fine. I have written a thesis before (IB duh), but those seemed more obvious to me. Again, thank you! Second Question: Do you have a structure that could help me with the EE? Thank you!

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