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  1. Hey guys I am currently in the process of writing my WIT, however after a few conferences with different teachers and past students everyone said that my thesis was not very clear. I managed to change it slightly and now my thesis looks at how stage directions reveal the marital discord within A Doll's House (not my complete thesis, but I don't want to put the full one in case some else uses it, plagiarism etc. -- i know, i'm really paranoid about that kinda stuff..) However, one of the students said to break down the idea of marital discord and examine it. I.e. he did something about juxtaposition of freedom and belonging in the Novel 'We', and he said examined this in terms of working place and political. I'm not too sure how to break down the idea of marital discord into 2 smaller ideas -- any clue??? Sorry if that sounded completely confusing
  2. Hey guys I'm thinking of basing my maths IA around the Gabriel's Horn. Over the next two months, we have to come up with an idea to do for our IA and I was thinking of showing how the paradox can be explained by proving that the volume is finite and the surface area is infinite etc. I'm just not too sure whether this might be a little advanced for SL level? I'm currently on a 6-7 for maths consistently and find it quite enjoyable, however I wasn't too sure whether picking an overly advanced topic may pull me down. It's just that I remember my teacher saying that we need to clearly understand and explain all of our calculations so I want to make sure it's a doable topic. Also, I realise that I will have to show the calculations for both parts of the paradox (finite volume and infinite surface area), but how would I be able to take this further / extend? Any opinions? Thank you
  3. luckymousey

    Do you guys use a notebook or a laptop?

    Personally I think using a laptop is much better than taking notes with pen and paper. One of my close friends using to switch constantly between the two, for example in languages she would take notes on paper and then for something like biology she would take notes on the computer which not only messed up her organisation, but it also slowed her down A LOT when she wrote it out. Computers are much more efficient, however be sure to back up!!!! You don't want to lose any important documents when you're doing the IB
  4. luckymousey

    Subject Query

    Hmm the thing is you have two totally different options with biomedical engineering and medicine. For medicine, I pretty sure that most if not all unis don't require maths HL - SL is fine. However, for engineering they strongly recommend you do Maths HL. Just because it's biomedical engineering it does not mean that it focuses any less on maths or physics - technically, most unis especially ones in the UK require you do HL physics and maths, however unis in the US don't put up too many specific requirements. However, there's also the case of grades and overall scores. Whilst not doing HL maths and applying for an engineering course may rule out some universities, it won't be a life or death situation, you can still do engineering however you will definitely need to be looking at getting very strong 7s in SL math. It's not impossible to do SL math and do engineering, as there's always bridging courses if you need to take them, however think of the fact that you may be competing with students who do HL math and score very well. I know your position quite well because engineering and medicine were two of the options I was aiming at and I did HL math for nearly a year before I dropped to SL. I got around 5-6 in HL but I got very strong 7s in SL which personally I thought was better. Whilst it's your choice I think it may be better if you check out the specific pre-requisites for certain universities. I know in Australia that whilst many of the universities recommend doing something like HL math, there are bridging courses you can take or other options to still do engineering with SL math etc. Hope that helped!! I think I drifted off too much sometimes
  5. luckymousey

    Extended essay high score

    What subject are you doing your EE on?
  6. luckymousey

    Should I choose Math SL?

    Hmm for maths, it's a subject that's relatively easy to improve on if you do lots of practice questions and dedicate a set amount of time each night into working out different types of problems so that you're more prepared for exams. Personally, I think it's doable - maths SL is not rocket science, and many students do it, even if they may not be the best at maths. I know someone in my class who was getting 3s in SL maths but managed to push it up to a 6 over three terms but they put in a lot of work for it. It is slightly concerning if you got 0% on your exam, but that doesn't mean you can't improve over the future. Anyways, if they offer maths studies at your school, then you can always do maths SL and if you find it too hard, just drop to maths studies SL (because studies is actually Maths Studies SL).
  7. luckymousey

    ENGLISH A1 HL is suicidal..?

    Hey I guess it's not too late to reply now but I do HL Literature and I absolutely love it! It's actually my easiest HL and believe me, it's not as hard as many people make it out to be. The key to getting a 7 is be organised, manage your time well especially for big assessment pieces like the IOP and IOC, have a love for reading or literature and you should be good to go. Don't take statistics or what other people say too much into consideration because you may have different strengths or talents than others. I know one of my friends who thinks that Business and Management HL is the easiest subject ever but I personally hated it and still do (which is why I changed to Economics). If you like English and feel like you would be willing to dedicate time to the subject (not much, even a consistent 30-40 mins per night can do the job) then you will do fine in the subject.
  8. luckymousey

    English A IOP Presentation Help [URGENT]

    i just saw by the date that you're probably already done your IOP but for future reference don't ask for other people's work to copy off or for "reference" because believe me, plagiarism is the last thing you want to do in the IB. Doesn't matter even if you submit the worst essay or assignment you can because you might fail, or you might just pass by 1 mark but at least you don't get caught for plagiarism and get the whole grade withdrawn and your diploma rejected. Please please please keep this mind!!!!!
  9. I find it rather weird that the teacher has given you a list of topics to choose from because that's not the purpose of the IOP and it can disadvantage you if you haven't thought of the topic yourself. I'm pretty sure you're supposed to think of the IOP topic yourself however you can approach the teacher for guidance or if you want them to check whether your topic is feasible etc. If you can, find your own topic because you will be able to find something you actually like rather than choosing from a random list. About reading the books, it really depends on what assessment you're doing. I remember for my IOP, we did 4 different types of texts: Stolen by Jane Harrison, Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe, Martin Luther King's letters and Carol Ann Duffy's poems. I actually didn't even read the first text or do anything on MLK because I was already sure I was going to do Things Fall Apart. So no, I didn't really read any of the books except for the one I was sure about. Personally I do recommend reading all of them just incase but you don't need to vigorously make notes on all of them if you know you're definitely not going to do one of them. It's different for IOC though where you do have to read all of the texts because you're not too sure which one you will get.
  10. luckymousey

    Are these good topics for my WIT?

    Hmm both topics are ok but I have heard (if I'm not wrong) that WIT topics need to be very focused and narrow, because you're only writing 1500 words. I feel that the two topics you've suggested maybe too broad?? For example, for the first topic rather than just "How does the author use The Metamorphosis to critics society" you could do something like "How does the author uses the symbolism of ____ to highlight the theme of ___ / to critcize society in The Metamorphosis"?? I haven't read the book before so I'm not too sure on what exactly you would use, but narrowing down your topics tend to produce a much better WIT essay than leaving it broad and general.
  11. luckymousey

    Starting English Literature HL

    I do HL LIT and personally I find it my easiest HL....Believe me I'm not kidding but I've got straight 7s and it's not as hard as people think - you just need to work smart. Firstly my biggest advice I could possibly give you is don't take what other people say into your mind too strongly. Everyone has different talents and different strengths or weakness. I actually did Math HL for a few terms before I dropped it and picked up HL english about 2-3 terms after DP1 had started and literally everyone was strongly trying to discourage me from doing it because it was "too hard" and the world load would be intense. It's not. An 88 in Grade 10 English is very good and I don't think you'll have problems doing HL as long as you're very organised and keep on top of things, especially with the big assessments like IOP, WIT and IOC. For Paper 1 commentaries you should be aiming at doing one a week and getting it marked by the teacher if possible. I truly still write a commentary once a week under timed conditions and get it marked and it helps you so much in identifying your weaknesses, improving time management and just improving the general quality of your writing. Also whenever you get assessments back be sure to go through the feedback very carefully and pick up your weaknesses - I usually see that a lot of people lack in Criterion B (author's choice), and knowing this info is vital because in later exams and assessments you'll be aware of what you need to work on the most. I've probably just went off randomly there but overall HL lit is not at all hard. I'm no genius and didn't get 100% or anything if you're wondering, but I remember being organised and managing my time properly and that helped. For things like WIT if you haven't done it I strongly recommend keeping a journal with things like important themes, stylistic aspects, information on the author etc. so you can keep track. It's things like these that build you up towards a 7. And no, you don't need to be an avid writer or anything to get a 7 in Lit. I hate writing stories because every time I tried I got writer's block and I just never enjoyed it. However I do recommend reading a lot, whether it is fantasy, fan fiction, literature, poems or whatever suits your fancy because the more you read, the more creative you become and you can start to look at literature in many different perspectives. I guarantee you that anyone can get a 7 provided they put in work and effort.
  12. luckymousey

    IOP help needed

    Yeah whilst we're not allowed to suggest topics considering it is your IOP (sorry...) I have seen from experience that doing something with symbolism is a good idea. The best idea would be sticking to the appearance vs reality theme but if you really don't like it i guess symbolism might work????
  13. luckymousey

    4HLs - how is it?

    Hey everyone! Thank you so much for spending your time and giving me some really valuable advice I feel a bit better now. Just asking, if someone did the same combo as I'm doing (HL Maths, HL Chemistry, HL Physics, HL Economics), could you please give me any resources, documents, tips or anything I could use to improve myself (especially for HL maths)?
  14. luckymousey

    4HLs - how is it?

    Hey guys, I'm currently doing Pre-IB (or foundation) work in Grade 10. We will be starting the actual IB program in Term 4 this year, however, next term (term 3), we will be sorted out into our HL and SL classes just to get into the feel of it. When we had to chose our subjects, I chose HL Maths, HL Chem, HL Physics, SL Business, SL English Lit and French Ab Initio. However, our school just decided that since only 7 students from the whole grade want to do SL Business, they will be taking it away. Our school only offers HL Business, SL Psych, HL Psych and HL Economics now - no SL (for group 3). Since I couldn't do SL Business (and they didn't have enough space in HL Business), I'm going to be doing HL Economics (which starts as a new subject in Term 3). This now means that I'm doing HL Maths, HL Chem, HL Physics, HL Economics, SL English Lit and French Ab Initio. (4HLs). However, this is only a trial for term 3 (before the IB). If I can't do it, I'm thinking of going to HL Maths, HL Physics, HL Economics, SL Chem, SL English and French Ab Initio. I want to pursue aerospace engineering in university, and from all the pre-reqs, they say HL Maths and HL Physics is necessary. Does anyone have any advice for what I should be doing? Has anyone done HL Maths, HL Chem, HL Physics, HL Economics before? Any advice? Plus any advice for m future universities (both in Australia and overseas, like MIT, Stanford....)?

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