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  1. No its removed since 2014, but u will need to know it if u were to do the option
  2. By setting y = vx, we can also derive dy/dx = v + xdv/dx. For the original equation, by dividing every term on both the top and bottom by x will allow us to substitute v = y/x hence obtaining dy/dx = (4-v)/(2+v) Equating the two together, v + xdv/dx = (4-v)/(2+v) then separate the variables should lead you to -∫(1/x) dx = ∫ (v+2)/(v^2 +3v-4) dv
  3. i) Since cos2x = 2cos^2x -1, expand it out to obtain the quadratic 4cos^2x -7cosx -2 = 0 then solve. for ii), you also have to find a way to factorise. ie. -1 + 2sinxcosx + 2cosx - sinx = 0 2cosx(sinx +1) -(sinx+1) = 0 (sinx+1) is a common factor so (sinx +1) ( 2cosx -1) = 0 then solve for x, noting that is is between 0 and 2pi. for the last one it is the same as ii), Find a common factor and factorise further by finding another common factor the first step is: √2sinx ( tanx -√3) -(tanx -√3) = 0
  4. I know people who got int biz for hk uni with studies and those with hl math who didnt so yeaa
  5. SYL

    Physics HL/SL Help

    Since transfer of thermal energy = change in internal enetgy + work done by system, i.e Q= U +W . In an Adiabatic expansion Q=0( see definition), so U =-W whcih is negative so <0, and Work done un an adiabatic expansion will be less as it is the area underneath the curve, which curves below the isothermal one
  6. To be honest, IB actually does not make it "easier" to get into unis, and it definitely does not make you superior to other candidates in the eyes of admission officers, regardless of how much one might want to believe. UK unis still prefer the A levels or see the IB as equivalent, and US unis put higher priority on SAT, APs and ECAs. Besides most other people in the world dont even do the IB program and get into unis. It would be the best choice since you save so much on time, unnecessary effort ( CAS, TOK) and money from parents and yet still recieve the same consideration or else you might watch your friends get into your dream uni when you were the one who scored 41-45 and took the risk and challenge to complete the program. Unless you have a scholarship the benefits are not too worth it. IB may make you well rounded but in the long run that becomes less and less significant and more moot of a point as you develop skills and invest effort during college for a specific major.
  7. I think that Math HL is definitely conquerable, personally i prepared for the topics in advance with tutor so didn't have much trouble for the majority of IB. That said, the exam questions definitely require you to think broadly and apply concepts in unique ways. In class, we used the Cambridge book. Its pretty good in that it includes color codes to indicate difficulty of questions, with the hardest being close to the medium to hard question in the exams. Overall, you have to continuously practice on the past paper questions and familiarise with the style and flow of such questions.
  8. HL maths is a challenge but you can succeed if you keep practicing the more challenging questions and from my experience I found the cambridge hl math textbook by Paul Fannon most helpful amongst many other resources like the Oxford textbook. And Yoo I live in Hong Kong too and I happen to be doing tutoring
  9. Yes not only does the Cambridge one color code the questions, it even demonstrates difficult concepts such as the options through examples and exam styled questions. It also has all four options if you are interested in learning that too . All in all its an amazing book. For cambridge the full book is quite pricey eg. on amazon, so if you only want to bother with the core, you can buy from me instead for like half the value if you are interested in the Cambridge book. You seem very passionate and capable to do HL, im sure you could negotiate with your teacher to study HL individually and attend the SL IA sessions since the IAs are similar to SL only with a bit more advanced math
  10. I have two great textbooks, for HL business and management Peter stimpson's book, and the Cambridge 2012 HL math (ALL options), that i can sell for 50% of the original price. PM me if you are interested !
  11. I have the Cambridge 2012 textbook with all four options, do you still need it?
  12. I've used the Cambridge book for my HL math core option, but the book contains all four options. And the amazing thing about the book is that effectively explains and goes through examples of challenging concepts from all four of the options ( i tried the other ones just for fun lol) it also has questions that are similar if not harder than the exam questions. Since you can't buy the cambridge book on Amazon for just the four options(i.e. you have to pay for the full core+options), I can sell it to you instead for the options PM me if interested please
  13. I highly recommend the Cambridge book, not only does it effectively explains and goes through examples of challenging concepts from all four of the options, it also has questions that are similar if not harder than the exam questions. I can sell the Cambridge at 50% the price listed on amazon, http://www.amazon.com/Mathematics-IB-Diploma-Higher-CD-ROM/dp/1107661730, or just for the option you're doing for the course PM me if interested please!
  14. What is the exponent next to a? Since its been replaced by a thumbs down hahah..Anyway I'll tell you tips on each of the questions. For (a), just use the fact that un = Sn - Sn-1 (b) Substitute n = 1 into Sn or un (it should be the same) and common ratio r is just u2/u1. © (i) for the sum to infinity to exit, -1<r<1 (ii) simply use the formula for sum to infinity If you've got anymore questions, feel free to ask!
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