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  1. Anachi75


    Gys for my MATHS IA i have taken the topic below. I have staistical data for thier past 200 matches for both th players and number of matches where they scored goals and upto number of matches where they scored 5 goals. I want to know the possible mathamatics prccess that can be done. Thank you “Who Is the most consistent player Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo†?
  2. Anachi75

    TOK Presentation

    hi guys, i actually am planning to do my final topic on anorexia nervoso and my RLS is about furious pete, no i want help with the knowledge question and the basic topic i can take with this RLS, and the WOKS and AOKS Thank you
  3. i think this is a nonsense. please stop putting such idiotic questions. total nonsense site. hahahahahah
  4. Anachi75

    Just Something to Think About

    seeehawks see all people arround the world who are doing ib are closely related and should take care of each other thats why ibsurvival is even here
  5. Anachi75

    Is this okay

    it is ok if u made a single lab report bad u can improve in the upcoming ones and do well in the G4 project which will fetch you lot of marks (6 marks )
  6. Anachi75


    according o me yes aoks are the subjects we study as advertising ia aslo a subject it can be considred
  7. Anachi75


    the movie was amazing and if you are science person you will fall inlove with it u just have to see it
  8. Anachi75

    Can I change school ?

    i once had a friend from korea he was with us in india as soon as his parents got transfer back to korea he is now studying in china. so u too will face difficulties. and if the teacher hates you means there might be an reason, go personly and find out why she is angry with you solve the problems and be confident best of luck
  9. Anachi75

    Extended essay RQ choosing

    hi rustam, what i know is they wont give only 15 days for roughdraft they could have given u months, you should have started working earlier. at this point of time this going to be very hard. anyways best of luck sorry for not helping but critizing
  10. Anachi75

    ECO IA

    http://www.businessweek.com/articles/2014-11-18/us-beef-supply-will-fall-again-in-2015-chicken-demand-will-rise i need help and ideas on what to do with this article thank you
  11. Anachi75

    ECO IA

    http://www.thehindu.com/todays-paper/tp-national/tp-tamilnadu/fall-in-crude-oil-prices-hits-knitwear-exporters/article6480100.ece this is the article i choose i want hel on how to proceed further
  12. Anachi75

    TOK Presentation

    guys i planed of doing my tok mock presentation 1 on the topic child labor i need a bit of help wih this the aok i am connecting is with ethics and reason maybe emotion what do you guys feel
  13. i wish i could have taken sports or any group six my school doesnoy offer group 6
  14. Anachi75

    Searching for Job in Dubai

    hi sandy i am an indian. i have been living in dubai for the past 15 years and according to whati know there is lot of politics in engineering jobs coz the local people the arabs do mostly engineering and they have an advantage over you you might try to apply for the indian real estates rather than arab local ones. i hope it helped you
  15. if you are a hl student then you will have to do primary research at leat 90% and you should get the permision from both the companys stating that they dont have any problem in you doing your ee relat ed to their business. moreover never go out of scope and make the question more narrow. and u start working even in the last day of submission you can change your RQ accrodingly. hope it helped dont foget to like the post. thank you

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