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  1. risi kesauv

    B&M IA

    Hi Guys, This is my B&M IA for which I got pretty good grade. If any of you have any doubt, take a look at it. Thank you
  2. risi kesauv

    What is your dream IB score?

    Hey guys I think i could live with a score of around 35+
  3. risi kesauv

    What computer do you guys use for school?

    Hey I would go for a mac as the simply are one of the best.
  4. risi kesauv

    Hardest IB subjects?

    I must say that Math HL is very tough
  5. risi kesauv

    Do you find (your/the)Extended Essay Fun?

    I must say that EE is one of the biggest challenge in IB. I have started mine too. I am doing it in economics.
  6. Great to know that you have compleated your extended essay. Congratulations.
  7. risi kesauv

    Genius vs. Hard Work

    You kidding? Messi is the Genius while Ronaldo was the Hard Worker. Messi was selected by Maradona as his successor when he was 18, while Ronaldo lacked the skills apparent in Messi when he was the same age. As Pique said, "Cristiano is a perfect machine, a natural-born hard worker who always wants to improve. He demands a lot from himself, something he showed at United. What surprised me the most is that Messi won four consecutive Ballon d’Ors and he still maintained his level, to continuously try to beat him.", while also saying, "Leo [Messi] is different, he’s naturally talented. Maybe he isn’t as obsessive or hard-working as Cristiano, but when he has the ball it’s impossible to stop him. You think you can steal the ball from him, but Leo is a genius. He has been since childhood, the best player in the world." Which would make the Genius the winner, then. But I think they are both winners in this occasion. But if you see his body, it looks like he is made for sports. Take sports like basket ball. His jumps are as much as an average basketball player. In soccer his speed, skill, height makes him a genius at this sport.
  8. risi kesauv

    Genius vs. Hard Work

    Hard work in a clear winner in this discussion. I must say that hard work is very very important to attain success in any field. It is like cristiano ronaldo (Genius) and lionel messi (Hard work). The more successful palyer is lionel messi as he won FIFA Ballon d'or 4 times.
  9. risi kesauv

    What does your username mean?

    Hi My name in my user name 'Risi Kesauv'. It's an indian name. when my name was to be registered my dad forgot the spelling of my name and gave the present spelling of my name. It is actually supposed to be 'Rishi Keshav". Well this is my story. :geek: :guitar:
  10. risi kesauv

    how do I get over this issue?

    I agree
  11. risi kesauv

    Self Defense

    You guys could watch some movies like the 'karate kid' released in 2010 and watch some sport that involves some fighting. 'Never back down 2' and 'undisputed 3' are also good movies for martial arts.
  12. risi kesauv

    Using IB survival as a blind person

    An amazing blog. I was absolutely impressed by your work and beautifully written too. I am really inspired.
  13. risi kesauv

    how do I get over this issue?

    So why don't you try to get over your anger by doing something. Like go hit a wall or something. You don't have to fight with him.
  14. risi kesauv

    Just Something to Think About

    What I would suggest is to utilize websites like the ibsurvival.com usefully. It will be very very helpful.
  15. risi kesauv

    How to deal with corrupt teachers !

    Ya then what you have to do is report it to your headmaster.

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