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  1. You are definitely right in saying that history HL is really hard to get good grades in (I'm a history major right now and the history courses I'm taking at university are easier than history HL though still difficult to do really well in). It's going to really depend on the university honestly. What universities are you interested in? Because if you know what schools you want to apply to, it could help you make your decision. History HL would probably be an excellent choice for law because you develop some really valuable critical thinking and argumentative skills in history. I can't really speak for business, but if you choose to go that route, I think Econ would be more beneficial? Another thing you should consider is your own interests. Do you like history more or econ more? History HL is especially tough to get through if you despise the subject. I can't really speak for Econ because I've never taken it. Hope this is at least somewhat helpful!
  2. No problem One more thing to add: I remember my English teacher telling us that it will look very impressive if you can remember small stuff like chapter numbers.
  3. As @voh26 said, you can never be too prepared and stay calm in the exam room. This is hard to think of now but it's not going to be as scary as you think it will be. All you can do is familiarize yourself with the works. Another thing I suggest doing is create some outlines of possible commentaries for your passages so that you can practice structuring your ideas. Also, see if there's a friend in your class who you could practice with! I did this back when I was in IB and it was super helpful
  4. Even though you want to use this quote, it would be a lot better to not cite it because you don't know the origins of it (there could be something very sketchy about the person/work this quote came from).
  5. I am pretty sure we got around the same amount back when I was in IB. It is a lot, but look on the bright side: that means you have a lot more options Just start prepping early and you'll be fine
  6. Check out this website: https://sourcebooks.fordham.edu/index.asp (one of my former history profs would use some of these sources in his lectures)
  7. I think limitation of content means talking about where the source you're looking at falls short as a historical source. Think about what the source is missing (is it a primary or secondary source?) and also see if there's anything about the source that would make you doubt its objectivity (look at the author of the reading, the kind of source it is, its purpose etc.) Also disclaimer: I did history HL before the curriculum changed, so expectations might be a bit different, but that's what comes to mind when thinking about a historical source's limitations.
  8. Hey! This sounds like a really interesting topic, but unfortunately, I THINK you'll have to analyze a text (double check your EE guide for this). With EE's, always think of a subject before you formulate your topic.
  9. Hey! Congrats on getting into U of T Depending on how competitive your program is, you can still keep your offer after losing a few points (as long as you get your diploma I think). I am currently in UBC Arts, and all I needed to do to maintain my offer was get my diploma
  10. First off, congratulations on getting into the U of A! I THINK it is a conditional offer, but you will have to check your admissions letter to make sure.. I remember when I got my acceptance two years ago, I had to have a certain score to keep my offer (though this is for my regular curriculum which I took along with IB). I am sure you will be fine though as long as you pass IB
  11. I think the topic is too broad because the Roman Empire lasted for centuries; you can write an entire book on the role of warfare and militarism played throughout the time the Empire existed. I would suggest looking at a specific period of time (maybe a time where there was a particularly heavy amount of conflict and warfare?)
  12. I would email admissions to ask what's going on because usually when they're done reviewing your application, you should be getting an email immediately (at least that happened with me when I applied there)
  13. I think it might work if you focus on the more on the historical events than the comic books. However, I would also run this topic through with your supervisor to be sure of things.
  14. I would suggest talking to your teacher first about your concerns and asking him about how you can improve You're only in your first year of IB, so don't give up yet! You still have so much time to improve and the transition into IB is a huge shock for anybody.
  15. I think it really depends on where you live.. Here in Canada, your IB marks don't really matter once you get to university. If employers are looking at grades, they will be looking at your university grades and grad schools also look at your university grades

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