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  1. I think you are definitely on the right track by looking at the tone, vocab and style because your RQ talks about looking at the rhetoric (which "the art of speaking or writing efficiently"). When analyzing the speeches, ask yourself about Trump's agenda in those particular passages. Ask yourself why the language of his speeches has such an appeal to the people who support him. This is an English EE, so try to not stray into a discussion on politics too much (even though it's really tempting considering the terrible things he's said). Hope I helped a bit
  2. Just give it time and see what area you're most interested in. There's honestly no rush at this point. Like what @IB_taking_over said, you don't need to declare a major until the end of first year or the end of second year (depending on the faculty you're in, and in addition the US, this also applies to Canadian universities).
  3. ¡Hola! Yo hablo un poco de español. No comprendo mucho. Cuándo estaba en escuela secundaría, yo aprendí español. En universidad, yo aprendo japonés. Japonés es muy interesante pero japonés es más difícil que español.
  4. You still can't discuss the exam (24 hours have not passed yet).
  5. All I had to do was apply and I got in (there weren't any entrance exams at my school or anything and anyone can take full IB literally) I went to public school I didn't need to pay for the IB program itself because the school covered it all (when I was in high school, I just paid my regular school fees and I think the only IB-related thing I had to pay for was a study guide which is optional anyways)
  6. I'm not sure because I already graduated and I have a really vague memory of the actual deadlines. Also, deadlines are set by your school
  7. You should follow the formal rules for the IA's as well and having in text citations lets the reader know where you got specific parts from. If you don't follow the formal rules and neglect adding in-text citations in the IA's, you could be tagged for plagiarism.
  8. This isn't really that bad, but rather annoying So during my first final exam for uni, the fire alarm went off twice within like 20-30 minutes of each other. Thankfully, the prof gave us extra time to make up for the time lost. Also I haven't personally witnessed this, but someone I know said that back in high school, in her chemistry class, a girl cheated on an exam and my chem teacher caught her. He spazzed at her and she was reduced to tears at the end.
  9. To be honest, I think you do have a pretty solid chance. No guarantees of course, but I think you should be fine if you can maintain your mark and have a solid personal profile
  10. I can speak a bit for UBC (current UBC student here) and U of T With UBC, I am not too sure about how they look at SAT scores since I'm a domestic student, but I can speak in terms of grades and extracurriculars. Depending on the faculty you're going into, 35 is solid marks wise, and with your EC's.. it all depends on how you wrote about them and you also don't just talk about your EC's but some questions also prompt you to bring in some other life experiences. You will have a decent shot at getting into UBC if you maintain that IB score and if your personal profile is up to snuff (they want to know what you learned from your EC's/other experiences rather than a description of what your EC's are). With U of T, I don't think you need to worry about bringing in EC's unless you're going for Engineering or Rotman Commerce because those have supplemental applications as well. If you're not going into either of those two faculties, then I would focus more so on marks. Again, I can't speak SAT-wise so sorry about that again Hope I helped a bit!
  11. hot because you had your exams in 2016 too
  12. survey

  13. Yeah I think that's fair game as well so good to look into that and do some annotations No problem
  14. Wow you guys are reading the Antigone (I read it for first year poli sci and wrote my term paper on it) Ok so since you do get the question on the spot, your teacher will consider the time pressure. I would look at key themes (for example, you have the conflict between divine law and state law, you have family loyalty vs. loyalty to the state, you have gender) and also examine the development of major characters such as Antigone and Creon. Mark down key quotes that pertain to key themes and motifs and also quotes that pertain to the development of Antigone and Creon as individuals. If you can, also look at minor characters because minor characters could be fair game for an IB English essay.