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  1. For the first RQ: It definitely sounds interesting, but it might be too broad and you'd be in danger of touching on current events, as there have been comparisons drawn between Trump and Nixon. For History, you should you be talking about stuff from 10-20 years ago. It might be good to focus on a specific timeline so that you're not talking about really recent events. Also, this is minor, but it is "To what extent did…" rather than "To what extend." For the second RQ: This topic might be too narrow, but I'm not completely sure. I would do more research for this topic to see whether this is too little to write on for such a short paper. If it is too narrow, you could also focus on multiple views about how Alexander the Great died. Another comment about grammar: it should be "To what extent is the hypothesis about Alexander the Great's murder in 323 BC in Babylon justified?" Again though, that's a very minor mistake. Hope I helped!
  2. Hmm I liked The Communist Manifesto (I read this for another class and keep in mind that I'm pretty left leaning in terms of politics, so of course I'm biased), The Republic (also read this for another class, but it's really deep and it messes with your mind so much at the end) and anything by Foucault if you're up for an extremely difficult read.
  3. We read works on political theory/philosophy in general (like Foucault, Rousseau), plays (Life of Galileo, Oedipus, Hamlet), a graphic novel (Watchmen), and a bunch of other cool stuff. It was this 18 credit course that lasted the whole school year.
  4. You can get it at your local Chapters/Indigo/Coles (I've noticed that you seem to be from Canada). Yeah it was a fun class! We got to read a wide variety of stuff!
  5. It was a really good translation! Super easy to read (some translations of books can sound incredibly awkward :/). I found out about this book from a course I took during my first year of university. I had to read it for that class so yeah.
  6. The Three Body Problem is an awesome book! It is the first book in the trilogy Remembrance of Earth's Past.
  7. I am sure that will be fine (check with your teacher though to confirm).
  8. It really depends on what you're interested in. My classmates and I focused on modern history, as that was what we did in class for European and North American history (like 19th-20th century).
  9. Hey! I am not sure if the rules have changed, but when I did IB History, it was totally fine to focus on stuff that you didn't learn in class. I would ask your teacher just to be sure of things. My IA was on Japanese history and I know other people who looked at Japanese/Korean/Chinese history even though we focused on Europe and North America in class. I got a high 6 on the IA, and I think the others got a good mark on it too!
  10. I think you have a good chance for English B because it's more subjective and I've definitely heard of people going up quite a bit for English in general.
  11. I think it's definitely worth a shot especially when you're this close.
  12. I think that's good Just remember to justify why you're focusing on that particular time period in your intro and/or abstract
  13. In terms of finding the best primary/secondary sources: see if your school has access to your local university library or any databases! Those would be some of the best places for primary and secondary sources (especially for secondary sources). Also, see if this site has anything that might relate to your topic. For the first RQ, I would definitely do some research first to see how that fits into a 4000 word paper. It does sound broad to me, so maybe focus on a particular timeline (as the One Child Policy has ended quite recently and I don't know if this still applies, but there was this rule for History where you should just focus on events that are at least 10-20 years old). Also, it's "affect" not "effect." Regarding the second RQ, "original goal" sounds really vague. It would be good to be explicit about what you mean by their "original goal."
  14. You are definitely right in saying that history HL is really hard to get good grades in (I'm a history major right now and the history courses I'm taking at university are easier than history HL though still difficult to do really well in). It's going to really depend on the university honestly. What universities are you interested in? Because if you know what schools you want to apply to, it could help you make your decision. History HL would probably be an excellent choice for law because you develop some really valuable critical thinking and argumentative skills in history. I can't really speak for business, but if you choose to go that route, I think Econ would be more beneficial? Another thing you should consider is your own interests. Do you like history more or econ more? History HL is especially tough to get through if you despise the subject. I can't really speak for Econ because I've never taken it. Hope this is at least somewhat helpful!
  15. No problem One more thing to add: I remember my English teacher telling us that it will look very impressive if you can remember small stuff like chapter numbers.
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