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  1. Aishalol

    When will you start school?

    Hiya 👋 When are you going to go back to school? I'll go back the 21st of August and I'm soo exited! Can't wait to see my new classmates and teachers! And all of you that already started school , when did you start? I hope that everyone has had a amazing summer holiday and that all of you will have an amazing term of school and do your best guys! 😄😄 Bye ðŸ˜ðŸ˜ƒ
  2. Hello! I was in that same position as you're in right now and I know how it feels. I didn't know what I wanted to pursue in my education life because I as split in the middle of 2 completely different subjects. So what I did was that I grabbed a coffee and went to the quietest place I knew, which is the library. I went there with a notebook and just thought about it really, really hard. I wanted to make sure that I knew and was 100% fully decided on what I wanted to to with my education life. The thought of me not knowing what I later wanted to do after IB was not sitting with me alright. Maybe that works for some people and I'm not saying it's wrong but it was not something I wanted to put my self though. So I really suggest you to do so too. Just sit at a quiet place and think. Picture your self as a engineer or a doctor and see what job would make you feel happiest. I choose to study medicine at the end and I'm really happy now. So to sum this upp , instead of you choosing the "wrong" subjects in IB and having the 50/50 % chance of you changing your mind in the middle or at the end of IB please think about it really hard. Just make sure that you go into the IB program knowing what your goals are. That is how you will succeed, with goals. Set goals in life and reach them. Simple as that. I hope this helped.
  3. Aishalol

    What does your name mean on Urban Dictionary?

    Aisha "Beautiful, elegant, philospher, a woman with beautiful brown eyes. one that exhibits altruist behavior, loving ,kind, free spirit. Amazing wife, girlfriend and mother. She has such an Aisha way about her. I want an Aisha for a wife!" Hahaha wow. Well thank you
  4. Aishalol

    Interview the person below you

    Pizzaaa ! But due to diet noooo. What is your biggest fear?
  5. Aishalol

    How many days a week do you workout?

    ahhhhh I hope you're doing fine bro! I'm really sorry for the virus and I hope you'll get better soon! Just be careful and watch what you're consuming. Eat alot of nutrient dense foods and just rest! We are the same age and is taking our exams at the same time! So just revise for the upcoming term , drink a lot of water and again don't eat foods that will cause you harm later such as sweets and a lot of carbs. I actually heard that you can cure every disease with food ( good food ,mostly raw foods ). But have a great summer break and look up towards the sky bro! I hope you will heal and feel amazing in the near future!
  6. Aishalol

    How many days a week do you workout?

    Hiya! Working out is very important part of my everyday life and I visit the gym 6 times a week and stay there for about 1 hour. ( yes, during normal school weeks) Haha and yes some people call me crazy but the fact that I used to overweight and not thinking about what I eat at all and very happy that I got back on track. I'm a fitness freak and I make sure I move my body and eat as if my body is a temple haha. My question to you is how many days a week do you workout on a normal school week? And is it different if you have a summer holiday as we do now? Do you workout more or less during the holidays? or do you not give a **** about working out haha? sorryif I've put this on the wrong thread.
  7. Aishalol


    I want to study medicine later on too and I'm starting IB in august this year. I would strongly suggest you do chem HL and bio HL . If you can't do them both take the chemistry though. It will help you soo much later on in medicine and most of the universities require it (in the UK and Sweden) so yeah. I'm thinking on taking HL chemistry , biology and English. SL math , Swedish and history AND physics and Latin in normal Swedish courses. Yeah good luck though!
  8. Aishalol

    How well do you know the 4th of July? (Quiz!)

    I got 43 and I gussed on all of them haha! I've never even been to america either. God enough though.
  9. Yeah this sounds very intersting really. I think that the other suggestion of "What caused The Torsåker witch trials to become the biggest in Sweden" sounds much better of a research quiestion than the other one. I really think that you should take advantage of the summer break and start on it, rather than later on when everybody is rushing and it will sort of make you stressed out. But good luck and follow the IB curriculum on the EE and you will do fine! Good luck! Lycka till du!
  10. Aishalol

    Easiest subjects get a 7 in...

    The ones you enjoy and think that you can bare by studying alot in. IB is demanding but quite fun as you learn alot of stuff so please don't think of choosing your subject that way.Just don't. Hope you choose your favourite subject and not the easiest ones! Good luck!
  11. Ask your CAS-coordinator. It's that the only way you will know for sure because all schools have thier own rules for this HL English Biology Chemistry SL math Phycology swedish
  12. Ask your CAS-coordinator. It's that the only way you will know for sure because all schools have thier own rules for this
  13. Aishalol

    What subjects to study medicine at oxford?

    You'll have to do psychology. You can't do 3 sciences unless you absolutely need them for university, and for Oxford you don't, so you have to do a Group 3. Ahh thank you! But the thing is that I live in Sweden and if I now don't make it into oxford (😔) then my plan is to attend Swedens best university for medicine course which is located in the city that I'm currently living in. And the thing is that sweden is I think THE ONLY haha country that requires you to have ALL science subjects if you want to study medicine in the country. This sucks sooo bad and I feel soo unlucky but what can I do? Exactly, nothing. Soo I have to do them and suck it upp. And the IB school I will be starting soon offers that kind of offer. Yupp. I have to sleep now. It's 06.08 in the morning here sooo goood nightyyy! 💤💤🌇🌆
  14. Aishalol

    What subjects to study medicine at oxford?

    Yepp thanks! I have read that part like 10000 times haha.
  15. Aishalol

    What subjects to study medicine at oxford?

    This is accually really true! Yeah I know and it's because of that reason I'm not having my dreams up to high! But yeah I do have other goals but oxford is my like highest "dream" haha. My brother attends cambridge so that's why I have so big dreams but yet again thanks! 😊 and meee tooo we're on the same boat accually! Have the time of your life! #aimforthebest too 😂

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