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  1. Hey everyone! So, after much procrastination and headache, I think I've finally arrived at a topic for my Math IA. I want to use polynomial regression to find the equation with the lowest r^2 value modelling a road in my city. I'll then use the equation to calculate the length of the road, and compare it to it's real value (Which I'll calculate with an app on my phone). However, I feel that this topic might be a bit too easy for a math IA. What do you guys think? Is there any thing similar to polynomial regression for sqrt(x) or ln(x) equations? I ask because there was another road I found that I feel looked like those equations, but I don't know how to model them. The only curves I know how to model are polynomials that have x^2,x^3, etc. Thanks in advance
  2. Yes, they do! I live in Abu Dhabi, and as far as I know, NYUAD and NYU follow the same procedure when reviewing applications. On NYU's website it says "If you take the SAT multiple times, we will only review the highest Critical Reading, Math, and Writing scores you submit, regardless of test dates, creating the highest possible composite score for you in our evaluation process." Mind you, they only do this for the SAT, not the ACT. Hope that helps
  3. Hi all! This fall I'll be applying to many universities in the U.S and was wondering if I need to take the TOEFL. My mother tongue is Persian, and I speak Arabic and English too. However, I have a Canadian nationality and consider English as my first language. When universities say that international students have to take the TOEFL, am I considered part of that group as well? Does it depend on where I apply from? Or does it depend on my nationality? I honestly wouldn't mind taking the TOEFL, but I see no need in taking it if universities won't require it. Would appreciate any past experiences or advice. Thank you in advance
  4. Thank you so much for your answer! I really appreciate it I was stuck on doing something with the airline industry and was furiously reading as many books as I can regarding airlines that were recommended by my EE supervisor as I told him I was interested in the industry . But I now see what you mean about choosing a concept first as it would also save me a lot of time and make a better EE. Also, I keep going back to the "What market structure characterizes this industry" route for my RQ. I was thinking of many industries after focusing on this economic concept and type of EE and was wondering if you could answer a few of my questions. Thank you so much in advance Q1: The reason I initially had chosen the telecom industry in the UAE was because their annual reports (and thus revenue, costs, and profit) were easily available online, but if I want to change my RQ to something related to, for example, the movie theatre industry, how do I get the information about revenue, costs, and profits if they're not available online, and I don't have someone to trust me on the inside? Do I count the number of people that enter the cinema and calculate the revenue myself using average values for the tickets? Q2: One word that I always hear being thrown around is that EE's have to be original. But If for example my RQ was "What market structure characterizes the movie theatre industry in Abu Dhabi", is this original enough? Other people might have written about the movie theatre industry (I'm not sure), but no one has written about it in Abu Dhabi Specifically. Q3: You mentioned that it's alright if the industry is not local. But wouldn't this affect my grade on the personal engagement criteria? I was so glad you wrote this because the most annoying thing about writing Econ EE's in the UAE is that almost everything is owned by the government and the competition between firms is usually trivial, as they're all owned by like the same family . So.. If I were to chose an industry outside of the UAE, how would I be able to justify my decision? Is saying that I like an industry enough? Thank you again
  5. My math teacher requested the class to give him our topics for the IA before the summer break and I said that I would do a mathematical investigation of Apollo 11's flight path and other things using calculus. I chose the topic hastily as everyone else seemed to have a topic but I was so lost. I thought about using the golden ratio in beauty and cosmetics (but that's so overused). Plus, my math teacher really wanted me to go for something great and interesting as my grades were good and he didn't want the IA to bring it down. He's asked the class for a first draft by the beginning of twelfth grade (2 weeks), and said that If we don't deliver, he won't help us with the IA and will be really disappointed. The thing is.. I've only started being serious about it now because of travels, internships, and most of all, procrastination. I'm kinda freaking out as well because I just saw NASA's flight plan for Apollo 11 https://www.hq.nasa.gov/alsj/a11/a11fltpln_final_reformat.pdf. Even just by reading other things about space travel I realized It's really complicated and don't think I will be able to write about it without it a) Being oversimplified to a point where my investigation is useless or similar to those you find in the physics HL book or b) Using too many topics outside of IB Math HL and not making sense or understanding any of it myself. The main reason I haven't changed it thus far is because I don't want my teacher to know that I procrastinated and left the IA till the last minute, as he is pretty strict. I'm also a really indecisive person and procrastinated a lot and am under stress. And to top it all off I kinda lied to him in the beginning of summer emailing him saying that the IA was going great... So, I wanted to ask if you think it will be wise to carry on with this topic or at least where I could go from here. Thank you all so much and I would really appreciate any advice you could provide.
  6. Hello everyone! So my RQ for my Econ EE was "What is the market structure for the telecom industry in the UAE". But then I realized that the answer was pretty obvious as we only have 2 companies that are both (pretty much) run by the government. It was pretty obviously an oligopoly (or duopoly), so I thought it be a waste to write about something so obvious. That's why I've decided to change my RQ. I'm interested in the airline industry and thought I could change my RQ to "What is the market structure of the airline industry in the UAE". There are 4 airlines (Two low-cost and two regular)... but still seems so obvious that it's an oligopoly. I don't really like my RQ but I'm interested in the industry. What are other interesting areas about the airline industry that would be interesting to write about and relate to what we take in IB? Thanks in advance
  7. What I used was http://www.timwoods.org/2013/09/13/how-to-structure-a-theory-of-knowledge-presentation/ and I got a 9/10 (A)! Most of my friends used this as well and got high grades
  8. Hey IBSurvival! So we meet again, and now I have my mocks in just over a month. I have started revising Math, Chemistry, Physics, and Economics. However, I'm a little confused as to where to start studying for English SL Lang and Lit. Our mock will be a paper 1 style exam (Possibly paper 2 as well, but hopefully not.. ). I have a list of literary devices and a resource on how to structure the Essay (paragraph by paragraph), but I feel like I do not have that good of a command over language, especially when I'm under stress of timed conditions. The thesaurus is my best friend, and I won't be able to use it . I'm more of a 'math person' so my sentence structure and word choice is also occasionally repetitive. Do you have any tips on how I can improve my skills for the paper 1, and when I should start? Thank you so much!
  9. I just started my second month of IB, and I still have about two weeks to drop or raise my subjects between HL and SL. I've already done two tests in Math and physics, and got a 7 in both of them according to their scales. All in all, I'm taking: Math HL Chemistry HL Physics HL Economics SL Arabic B SL English Lang and Lit SL I'm planning on studying computer science in university, and chemistry HL seems rather unnecessary. When I started IB, people were telling me how much work I would get, but so far i'm on top of my schedule. But I really don't want to regret not listening to their advice. So i'm thinking of switching chemistry and economics, to reduce the workload. I can't drop any subjects altogether, so what would you guys think would be the smartest switch to maximize my IB score? Any comments would be much appreciated.
  10. Thank you so much for the quick reply! I'll definitely look up the syllabi for my subjects, and i have a meeting with my IB coordinator on Wednesday, so i'll ask him then about the CAS. Thanks again
  11. Hello IBSurvival! I just registered and i'm already really into the site , I'll be starting the DP in september, but have not taken the MYP. I'll be changing schools, and my old school had IGCSE's but i only took math, english as a second language, and computer science. I got an A* in computer science, which i did in grade 9, and haven't received my grade for the other two yet (but i'm pretty sure i got A* for math and A*/A for english. I'll be taking Math HL Chemistry HL Physics HL English A SL Arabic B SL Economics SL (Most Likely, not really into Psychology or History, which are the other options at my new school). I'm pretty good at math and the sciences, but my english is a bit rusty as my old school rarely focused on writing essays, and it was only memorizing vocab and grammar rules. Is there any way i can start preparing for IB from early on? What books could I buy from now so that I could read through the material i'll be covering at IB? Also, how will I be reporting my hours for CAS? I heard about ManageBac, and my new school uses it, but will i be able to start from now, even before school? Any guidance would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance
  12. I'm starting IB in september as well and started reading 1984 by George Orwell. You should definitely check it out
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