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  1. How's everyone going with preparing for exams? Personally, I don't even feel close to ready
  2. Hey guys! So the idea I had for my CAS project was to create a website that would help new IB students with their transition into the program by offering tips, study techniques and other helpful bits of information. I thought it would be really nice to get IB students from around the world involved to see how people from different countries are approaching the program study and extra curricular wise. If you are interested please PM me and I'll add you to a Google doc I made so we can all exchange ideas xx
  3. misstery_

    Topic help

  4. The only problem is our school limits everyone (regardless of what subject you're doing) to 20% so I think I might try and bump it up to that by adding more quotes and stuff
  5. I guess I'll stop worrying then. Thanks
  6. It's an English A essay and I did reference some of the ideas I used but it still came up low
  7. So I just put my EE through turnitin and it came back with 9% similar. Is the fact that this percentage is low compared to the 20% that we're allowed to reach something to take note of because my supervisor is constantly stressing the fact that this is in the end a research essay and the low percentage could mean a lack of evidence and quotations?
  8. Yeah I think I might look into getting a tutor. Thanks!
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